Curaçao: the original CinemaScope island!
But since Soublette there have been precious little efforts to record that.
We're trying to do something about that. Alas, a monitor is far from ideal to enjoy this form of picture.

Soublette et Fils
early 1900s

Willemstad, Curaçao, Soublette et Fils, ca. 1900

These are some early efforts I am still working on. The best way to present them on the web, I feel, is to have you pan along. But that doesn't approach the impression you get by viewing the entire strip at once. So I've started out like that. Later I'll add more views.
The disadvantage is, they're much too small - to see them more than screen-filling, click on

Come back & check!

panorama Kenepa

panorama San Juan

panorama Shete Seru
... and wider

The next series dates from October 2006 - digital originals:

Rainy Hills

Hermanus - Jan Kock - Rif St. Marie

Saliña Daaibooi

Saliña St. Marie from San Willibrordo

Saliña St. Marie from Jan Kock

all these were assembled from up to 7 photos each
with Autostitch - not perfect, but it works and is free!

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