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The Seaquarium is owned by a guy who honors his nickname "Dutch" by working in the best of pirate traditions. He just puts up buildings and builds islands in the sea without any permit whatsoever, figuring that he'll get it later (if needed at all) anyway.
And so he does.
In the 1990s, he got a ship to suck away sand everywhere from the sea-bottom around the island, and had it all stacked up on his property. Since then, he sold a lot of it to cover up more beaches - most of it to the government he practically stole it from in the first place. With the very next storm, this sand is moved from the beaches to a really great tourist attraction, the coral reefs, suffocating them. They then put new sand on the beaches.
Marine biologists tell me Dutchie has a special license to catch all sorts of protected fish, as this is such good food for the animals in his tanks. They will get pretty spoiled on a diet of out-of-season lobster. Oh, by the way, you know there's a restaurant at the Seaquarium? They also serve lobster.

cute dolphin
cute dolphin from South Africa

Dutchie's latest undertaking has been a 'dolphin academy'.
This is where it gets really serious and we have dedicated another page to it.


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