and here they are:
the Clowns
maybe not so funny

Curaçao Island

the 2021 Cura硯 political circus

"A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation."
James Freeman Clarke

"Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."

"It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions
than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong."
Thomas Sowell

Not Nearly Good Enough
Curaçao economy will grow by 6.5% next year (really?) and a bit slower in years coming later. As we have been shrinking for at least 10 years, that's pretty bad.
IMF says we'll grow, or shrink, by 0,0% this year. I say, we'll shrink. Inflation is estimated at 2.8%; I say, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Tourism needs 4 years to make a come-back. They predict.

50 new cases, 4 imported; 30 in hospital, 17 in ICU.
89,000 total vaccinations; since the pandemic start, 1775 children below 18, or, depending on who's counting, 469, have been infected.

Take a Good Look
Some replies to our Staten members questions on the Dutch Coho demands. (There are nine in the original but who's counting?)
Pension age must go up, SOW directors salaries must go down, and economy must become less dependent upon tourism. Oh, where's that Master Plan now that we really need it?
Island parliaments can still discard all Coho arrangements: they haven't been fixed by law. Shiver my timbers! That's bad, and so thinks Holland. Hey, it's their money!
But if an island refuses to accept Coho, all money must.be paid back instantly. We all know, that can't be done. But some of our Great Leaders still hope to convince Holland that in that case, "our dushi people" will sink into poverty. That's at least one thing they got straight. And whose fault would that be?
If they never cared, why should the Dutch care?

Holland Yes, Islands No
While efforts are being made to open so-called coffee-shops, where very strong kinds of "tobacco" are sold, on the BES-islands (just like you find in Holland all over the place), the Dutch want to stop that.

CMC Reaches Out
CMC new hospital's management has advised Dutch parliament (2e Kamer) that it can't agree with staatssecretaris Knops is wrong when he claims that the precarious financial situation can be solved by cost monitoring.
They're probably right. Costs should have been monitored when the Beast was Built; now it's too late.
CMC needs 21 million now or treating patients will grind to a halt.

I Was Wondering, Yeah
With all the Virus hysteria, we've been hearing very little about dengue, Zika and chikungunya. So, small wonder that we're now told Curaçao is unprepared for a new outbreak.
What with the rainy season starting in say 6 weeks from now, and piles of trash accumulating (no matter cleaning actions) that's pretty worrisome.

They Agree. Me As Well.
I admit I'm vague on the exact number, but when IMF predicts Curaçao unemployment will rise by 24.3% (such precision!) and Central Bank agrees, I tend to go along with the trend.
My own guess is, it might well go up to 24.4%. Let's all pray for only 24.2%!

Alas, Elias?
Parman International, owner of Ennia, claims Central Bank CBCS does not have the authority to sell Banco di Caribe.
Makes me curious as to what happens next. In any case, Aruba Central Bank is of the same opinion.

Too True to Be Funny
Almost random quote: Funny how 'green' power is never a backup for coal and gas, only the other way around.
And don't forget oil, nuclear and hydro.

I'm Gonna Move
All I had insured with Ennia was a WA gezinsverzekering [legal liability family insurance] but I'll take it away from there and move to another company. Reason, Banco di Caribe, which includes Ennia, has been bought up by United Group Holdings, of mr. Elias. I just don't trust that guy and what he's involved with. Strictly personal, sure.

Thanks, All You Swindlers
CMC hospital's present budget shows a deficit of 5 million guilders/month. For you who didn't pay attention at school, that's 60m/year. CMC wants 21m now.
No need and no wish to delve into the reasons, I did all that already.
So CMC operations will stop treating SVB social insurance patients from September 21 to end this year. Not good; I have an appointment there on September 21 by a not-so-happy coincidence.

Too Bad if They Kilt Ya
Only victims are allowed to file complaints against police violence.

Is That All?
I guess not. The 2022 Curaçao budget shows a 262.4 million guilders; great improvement on a former version with a 364 million deficit.
But at the same time, finance minister Silvania tells us that there will come another supplement. No doubt.
Deficits will continue until 2025. Much longer, judging from history.
Last year's deficit was 719m, this year 823m.

That's Asking Too Much
Corc, candidate to take over Isla refinery, asks for confidence. They merely need to find, in 3 or 4 weeks, an investor willing to put up over a milliard dollars. They have 3 groups interested, but can't name any.
And watch it: yesterday a Government Agreement was reached, swith arrangements on the Hinderwet [nuisance law].
Uh Oh!

They're Joking
CTB has announced a new campaign: Kòrsou ta dushi i limpi. Good thing no prospective tourist will understand it: "Curaçao is sweet and clean." If you don't mind the atrakos and the piles of rubbish.
Oh wait, I got it wrong. It's meant not for the tourists but for our own people. Well, Good Luck getting them to accomplish that!
"Together, we'll keep it clean!" Wuddayamean, "keep"?

Sorry, Forgot
I asked "what export?" some days ago. But we all know: cocaine and criminals.

Here's Your Answer
Gerald Schut asks in TechWeek.nl why there are so few solar panels on Curaçao? Apart from machinations and what amounts to taxes, the answer is that they're too expensive, 1, and that you have to get rid of them after 20 years and nobody knows how and where, 2.
Gerald says, if he lived here he'd know what to do: buy solar panels with "a small battery" to run an airco on at night. The guy ought to check how much those batteries cost before he started writing nonsense. Big ones, because you can't run an airco all night on a small one.
And great timing too: just the other day I read that energy prices in Europe are going up to ANG3/kW (about 4 times ours, which a few years ago were about the highest in the world); and why? Because €urope is getting rid of coal and nuclear energy. Gerald is a genius!

Try Again
The new parliamentary year has opened, and we're just drowned in a deluge of good intentions. One of which is, the country's rebuilding must start! I hadn't noticed we even had done some real "nation building" up to now, except for waiving flags and singing hymns.

More Tax Paid
Because of new introduced measures. Like, hiring more Spoiled Brats. That will help. Also, of course, the discount which will result in less taxes in the long-run. Way to go, Silvania!

No Empathy Here
At least, not much... 140 of the 151 Virus patients in hospital didn't bother to get vaccinated. So they got what they risked getting.
We last counted 73 infections, 2 imports; 35 in CMC hospital, 16 in ICU.
Sure, I know not everybody agrees on the vacc's value. You get overflown with contradictory info from all over the world. Still, I did get my 2 shots and a few weeks ago was infected. A couple of days with a running nose and a hangover-like feeling, then I had beaten it off. Just anecdotal, you don't need to tell me.

No Doubt
Corc, candidate for Isla refinery take-over, would love to go ahead. Sure. Their great chance to make some money.
Only, where will they get the crude to fulfill all their promises?
Corc hopes for October 1. Wanna bet?

'Course Not
Amigoe newspaper has an item on the implementation of the NES-report; which mainly is on improving Curaçao's export. (What export? you ask. Shut up.)
Fact is, the report has been sitting in desk drawers for 3 years before it occurred to anybody to take some action.

They Listened!
Imagine, if you can. Work has started to correct the roadway deficiencies at the new road through the mangrove wood. Would be too much to ask them to listen more often, and earlier. Sigh.

Yes, But Why?
Court of justice has decided in favor of a lesbian couple, that the provision that only a man and woman can marry is unconstitutional. Even getting registered as a couple is impossible.
I fully agree it's not good, but why the gays wish to marry while less and less heteros do is a riddle to me.

Police chief Ilario has been kicked out by his boss, commissioner. Reason, he performed as singer at an international band's show last week.
Now the musicians' club want to know, how come those guys got a permit while they are forced to stay at home and be hungry?


Plus? More Minus
29 new Virus cases, 5 imported. 32 in CMC hospital, 14 in ICU. 1 more death, now 155.
Amigoe newspaper carries an editorial fulminating against the authorities who don't lift a finger against the large parties in popular tourist resorts, like (without naming them) Mambo Beach and Jan Thiel, but rather keep hassling small tokos and snacks.2021-09-14

No Need for That
Here, we'd better reverse it. In Denmark, immigrants/refugees have to work 37 hours/week to receive welfare benefits.
We'd better apply that to Yu'i Korsows.
If they get any welfare, there's that.

Come to Think of It...
Whatever do you think happened to that proposal M*F*K PM Prickie was supposed to send to Isla workers? In the first week of September?
Yeah, right, it's only the 3rd week now, nothing to get worked up about.

Shut Up and Work
Hardly any of the immigrants (sometimes or often illegal or undocumented, just words by now) is unemployed. This while the official unemployment rate has gone op from 2019 17.4% to 2020 19.1%.
Makes you think a bit.

There We Go Again?
The name of the new downtown parking management is "almost known". Rejoice! With the receipts, Willemstad will be upgraded. Mudbelly Cooper says so, at least. I can't wait.

Still Coming
17 new Virus cases, less than 1% of those tested; 5 imported. 32 in CMC hospital, 14 in ICU. 1 more death, total now 154.

Bodes Bad
SMOC is moving again. They're getting worried, as we should, because the present government acts just like the former: all correspondence is moved on without getting a decent reply. That's the classic way of Curaçao's bosses: postpone and delay until they figure everybody's forgotten about it.
But that doesn't work with SMOC, thankfully. They are now pointing at Dutch-British TATA steel concern, where economic priorities were canceled in favor of public health.
SMOC suspects the government is planning to just extend the hopelessly obsolete 1997 nuisance law permit (which wasn't enforced anyway) and enable the refinery to continue business as usual.

Better Leave It Alone
Former minister candidates Chong and Braam will be in court in a fight against formatteur Chesterton and M*F*K PM Prickie. They want to clear their names, after not passing the screening.
That could be fun to follow.
Cases will be heard on September 13 and 20.

But Will They?
SVB social insurance must cut internal costs, says health minister Pietersz-Janga. Like, cut the director's sumptuous salary, given to him by her predecessor auntie Sushi?

Shouldn't surprise me: they're politicians, which is practically a synonym. The complaints of MAN and PAR about only cash transactions at the tax office conveniently say nothing about the fact that this started when they were Boss.

Promotion Day
For Curaçao as diving attraction for tourists. I guess, to make sure that what still remains of our coral reefs will disappear ASAP.

Oh that Sushi
This time we don't mean Auntie, but the amount of litter you can find on the island. My personal idea is, this sloppiness was taken over from (Dutch) sailors, who always were in the habit of throwing it over the side. "That's gone!"
To fight this habit, the "World Cleanup Day" compares us with several other countries. One is Japan, which is the cleanest country in the world. It's a tradition there! Another is Singapore, also very clean, where they chop off your head when you throw a cigarette butt down on the street. That's not so good. Then, Rwanda is mentioned; another bright example of freedom and democracy.
Not the way to go.
Every last Saturday of the month there's an Umuganda cleaning action in Rwanda, and you're fined for not participating. Just lovely.

Pupils at Marnixschool had to lower their pants for the police to inspect their crannies. I don't remember for what they were searching. Now those pupils are mad and accuse Aubrey Wiels (yes, another brother) of being a pedophile who got the police to insist on that action, while he stood around watching their bare asses.
Meanwhile Aubrey has filed a complaint for libel. We watch future developments with considerable interest.

You Think that's Funny?
There's a strong popular superstition around that plastics will last forever; or at least 1000 years; or maybe "only" 500. Well, they don't. That's good!
Except for the Tula statue at Rif. It looks like bronze, but in fact is made of resin and fiberglass. So it may disappear in 50 years.
Definitely Not Good, no matter how you look at it.

So What
Jason Vic, who has been collecting money to fight the Virus problems, is accused of stealing 47K guilders from that amount. He doesn't deny it; no, but he does deny he has a gambling problem.
So he spent it instead on drugs or nekkit wimmins, who cares.

Same All Over
No surprise at all: not only have the subsidies been cut, the institutes who receive(d) them make as big a mess as the government. They should deliver yearly accounts, but can't be bothered.
Small wonder, with that example.

Still Around
47 new Virus cases; 36 in CMC hospital, 14 in ICU. Two more deaths, bringing total to 153.

Cash No Good
M*F*K finance minister announces that from now on, it will be impossible to pay your taxes with cash money. Only plastic can be used.
Too bad if you can't afford a bank account. Who cares? Not Silvania.
This may bring in a lot of extra tax money. Many people are convinced much cash disappears at the tellers' windows. Don't blame me for their paranoid ideas.

That's Not New News
The Dutch are champs in European drug dealing. As if we didn't know already. In Rotterdam and Antwerp alone, last year 100,005 keys of coke were intercepted, of which 60% was for Holland. 4 times what it was 4 years ago. This year looks even better!
Small detail: it is generally estimated that 10% of drug transports is caught. So the street value of €10 billion may really well be €100 billion.
Small problem is, we here get blamed. Not that we're innocent—far from it.
Also blamed is corruption in harbor, customs and police. You think?

The new road, against almost everybody's wishes leading to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel on Rif, turns out to have no decent drainage: rain water collects in places and remains standing there. Which spells no good for maintenance.
Worse, the "Group of 6" complains that drainage of the mangrove woods doesn't work. The place still stinks. Also, they question if the pedestrian bridge isn't too steep for wheelchairs.
Altogether, the road plus has cost 3.7 million guilders, but that's only a small part of the total 29 million already gone to the Rif area..

Virus News
44 new cases, 38 in CMC hospital, 15 in ICU.
Two more died, total now 151. Every 2 days, 1 death now. All unvaccinated.

Not to Malta
And certainly on our costs not in business class, finance minister Silvania. That's the good news.
The bad news is, our Great Leaders want to turn the gambling "industry" into an economic pillar for the island. That's even worse than tourism, "sustainable" wise. Gangster and Mafia "regulated".

Here's Your Chance
M*F*K PM Prickie says that, if anyone can prove that he said Coho should be taken of the table, instead of being renegotiated, he'll take his leave as PM.
Come on! Unwrap the fish from those old newspapers! Here's your chance!

That's No Lie
For once, ex-M*F*K PM Shorty told the truth. He commented on the verdict that he had to pay 2 million back "It's not easy."

No Junk: Art
The Brionplein junk market which is being rebuilt, will not sell tourist junk anymore. Instead, it will be turned into a 'Boulevard of Artists'.
What's the difference? you ask. Hey, don't ask me!

Ho Boy
Just what we need right now. CMC hospital doesn't want to work with ADC medical lab any longer. This while ADC acquired a terrain near CMC to build new facilities. "It came as a big surprise to ADC." CMC claims it's a matter of invoicing. Who knows?

Yes, We Know... Sigh...
Newspaper Amigoe's headline is: Government consultancy policy is a mess. Yeah mon. At least 22.3 million guilders have gone to the Bermuda triangle: without a trace. Worst sinner is GMN; hey, would that be auntie Sushi?

Tough, Shorty
Supreme Court has decided that ex-PM M*F*K Shorty must pay up: 2 million guilders which he got in bribes, but claimed he had used them to promote his party.

95% of Virus patients in CMC hospital have not been vaccinated.

Voter Fraud
A popular word these days; except maybe with voters. Because M*F*K/PNP without a fight decided to agree with the Coho conditions for Dutch support, while during elections they were screaming and yelling "Never!"
And they blame PAR ex-PM Bhillenaath.
In effect, the Dutch just say "the islands must undergo significant reforms, to build up own reserves and get a stronger government and economy." Which to many of us sounds merely reasonable.

All's Well?
Depends on whom you talk to. M*F*K PM Prick Pisas's government is thinking about attracting a "headhunter" in a maybe last effort to find a take-over candidate for Isla refinery.
Looks like Corc is out, because their Brazilian partner gave up. November seems to be the end date for a solution.

A Good One!
And new, in the long and ever-growing list of words designed to make you tear your hairs out because of the predicted climate problems. Are you ready? Climate Despair. They even have a Good Grief Network to make one another still more hysterical; sorry! to provide "social and emotional support to people who feel overwhelmed about the state of the world." An important member is Lise Van Susteren, also the founder of the Climate Psychiatry Alliance.
Sorry, poor freaks. My heart bleeds for you, really; but for different reasons.

We Knew They Was Crazy There
The UN, reacting to a complaint by St. Maarten, tells the world that Holland is colonially discriminating against the "ethnic minorities" on the independent Caribbean islands, by way of their Virus support.
What ethnic minorities are meant? Certainly not the blacks, who are a definite (over 80% at least) majority. So don't ask, because the UN couldn't explain anyway.

The Virus is definitely retreating—for now. Still, 1 more death in the past weekend, total now 149. 93 new infections, 1 imported; 34 in CMC hospital of whome 14 in ICU.

We Hit the Big Time!
The Central Banks CBCS has been the subject, if not the victim, of a large-scale cyber attack. They're trying to find out whodunnit and for what.
Just as and probably more serious may be, for us at least, what prof. Kunneman in Antilliaans Dagblad writes: in fact, the way the new CBCS board is illegitimate, whatever Uncool IJs says. Legal recommendations, serving to keep an essential distance between the Bank and the island governments, have been disregarded; which opens the door to further future transgressions.

Good! Fine the Bastids
The illegal "Diving School" at Daaibooi Beach has finally been closed. First they chopped down some who-needs-them trees, then they started building without a permit—on stolen government terrain marked as "Conservation Area".
Something funny? As there was no rental agreement the government cannot charge them for rent. Even more funny? The proprietors did have a permit from Environment ministry GMN. Wonder how much they paid to whom for that.
That minister was auntie Sushi, not so much by-the-way.

One More
40 new Virus infections; 36 in CMC hospital, 13 in ICU. 1 more death, total now 148.

They Agree
The tourist junk sellers who were temporarily forced to move away from Brionplein agree with the new locations for their stands, one of which is under the monster-viaduct in Breedestraat, Otrabanda. But first, they may move back to Brionplein. So don't ask what will happen later.

They Stay
The FOL [Forward Operating Location] agreement between the Kingdom and the USA has been extended for 5 more years, which means the Hato airport base will stay. Great. Let Maduro come (if he could).
Warlike words? To be sure. I don't trust him anymore than I trust Biden.

Aww, Please Shut Up, OK?
After all protests our government just signed the Coho Dutch support agreement. Now the Dutch say our PM can't be trusted. Whatever do you think gave them that idea?
Well, that's our finance minister Sylvania, who suddenly traveled to Holland to spread the idea that our government could not agree with the conditions, and had been blackmailed to go along. Silly 455. He also wanted to have the proposal sent back to Raad van State [council of state], to which Holland said "No." Then, our Great Leaders decided to go for the money anyway.

Wait for It
Not only can we necessarily and surely look confidently forward to an inflation, joining the former Greatest Nation leading us, complete with $-devaluation against the € (and our humble ANG tumbling down along). Also, it has been going on for several weeks already: ocean transport is becoming unbearably expensive, fast. We overheard some merchants discussing container prices: last week one MIA-CUR cost 2,000 guilders; now it's 10,000.
And Amigoe newspaper writes that $isation is so good, we must do it! As if, that's one good thing about it.

Boring Clowns
Now that the Dutch money is safely in, our Great Leaders and MPs, naturally! start nagging about needing more time to look at the COHO proposals.
The Dutch would have put pressure on the Curaçao politicians. Uncouth bastards! Just put up, pay up and shut up!
Let the robbers in Fort Amsterdam eat mud, okay?

Super Dumb
CHATA hotel club, always an eye peeled for new stupidities, wants to promote "medical tourism" to Curaçao. To a hospital that can hardly keep its head above the brackish bankruptcy waters?

That's Good?
No Siman di Kultura [cultural week], Sinterklaas [saint Nic] arrival, and next year's Carnival will be postponed. To when, I can't say. For one year?
But the Gay Pride festivities go on!
Emergency Law has been extended for 90 days, and curfew for 3 weeks.
2 more Virus deaths, total now 147.
At least, this year not so much you-get-used-to-it nagging and whining about Zwarte Piet.

Strange? Not Very
Raids on construction companies have resulted in "many" illegal workers. Of course, not paying any taxes nor social security.
But not strange. For some reason, contractors much prefer using imported workers, and that's not because of taxes and so. No, there's a superstition those guys work harder and better.

Finito... Kaba....
As from today, internet transactions via bankrupt Girobank will not be possible any longer.

Hope and Pray
Uncool IJs tells us that Central Bank CBCS has been completely rebuilt; the board now has 3 members, not 5 any longer. The bank is going for a "overall transformation". Hope for the best...
The leaving board has re-established central bank's reputation, we're told. Fancy that.

Costs 'em More
PdVSA has lost the appeal against the Refinery, and is now obliged to pay backward rent since 2018 ($20,000,000/year; used to be peanuts). In the process, Venezuela spent 28,130 guilders/15,623 dollars on legal costs and lawyers.

40 new Virus cases (out of 1835 tests), none imported. 34 in CMC hospital, 16 in ICU. One more death, total now 145.

Hmmm... Something in That...
IMF warns that both Curaçao and St. Maarten are vulnerable to "additional" shocks, besides world disasters as the Communist Party Virus. Tourism just doesn't make it as an economy pillar, IMF says.

Now It's Carmabi
People of San Willibrordo are angry about Carmabi (Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity), who are said to planning to build a bridge from Hermanus to Rif St. Marie, plus camping facilities. Carmabi have all licenses and permits, and it's all government terrain anyway. So the Willembrordians know where they can put it.
But I must admit, I think Carmabi is pretty kosher; but this high-handed approach is not making them any more popular with me. And other people.
Some people just don't want to turn the island into a giant tourist Disneyland. Got it?

In that Case: Forget It!
For the dollarisation, a "strong supplementary policy" is called for. Wel, that would be a first time, for sure.
Good thing is, budget deficits become less or even not at all impossible. You can cut me of a piece-a-that, but we never had a government that could contain those deficits.

Sad: One More
The Virus, of course. Brings the total of deaths to 144. 32 in CMC hospital, 17 in ICU.

Don't Spend It All in One Place
And I mean, Fort Amsterdam, AKA Ali Baba's Cave. The Netherlands have paid out the sixth part (or is that 2nd?) of liquidity suppport for Curaçao, to wit 95.5 million guilders.

Get That Shot, Willya?
Please? Of the 117 Virus cases of last week, 110 were not vaccinated. In total, 86,170 persons have been completely (hmmm?) vaccinated.
6000 people lost their jobs since Virus-measures started, March 15 2020.

Picking Priorities
Dutch government will spend 6 to 7 billion to reduce badass CO2 emissions. And half a billion to fight crime.

Same Sh*t
Algemene Rekenkamer [Court of Audit in Googlish, fine with me] has to say that consultancy fees and all that haven't improved one bit, no sirree! Big surprise. Get me my pills.
2016-19 were just as bad as 2011-15. That's comparing Shorty to Bhillie, or as it once more turns out, poop to crap.
Only the amounts differed considerably, 47.4 versus 8 million guilders. AR's main conclusion is, government doesn't follow its own rules. What else is new?

Plum Hard
... to come by. We need confidence for the Coho Dutch support deal! Confidence what/where? In our Great Leaders? Not so much. Of our Great Leaders in Holland? Even less, maybe.

All in the Game
Many millions of tax have been avoided by musicians via the so-called Antillenroute. Follow the Money found groups like AC/DC, Rolling Stones and U2, plus ABBA, Julio Iglesias, Robert Palmer, Eurythmics, Placido Domingo, Riccardo Cocciante, Vaya Con Dios and Giorgio Moroder tended to have, next to their companies in Holland, another company in Curaçao to sluice their money away.
No doubt Elias (also involved in the Isla refinery machinations) had some fat grains to pick there.
Makes me also wonder about Dutch "Kolden Ierrink" and their singer Barry Hay, who has had a quite luxurious home down here for many years already. Of course he's welcome to it, don't get me wrong.

They Won't Like That
The Brionplein tourist junk sellers will not move to the ex-Floating market, but to the viaduct in Breedestraat. An unappetizing location if I ever saw one, but that may be me. We'll see.

How Dare They!
Our minister of education has applied for money in Holland, where else? He resents the fact that there are so many negative statements on our schools. That's all good for negative emotions.
Between you, minister, me and everybody else here, what else is the present state of our educations good for?
The minister wants to have a zero measurement of the state of affairs, whatever that means, but he wants Curaçao to do that, and avoid negative results. Really!

Going Down
32 Virus plussies, 3 imports. 33 in CMC hospital, 18 in ICU.

Oh Those Airlines
Now Girobank has to pay back 1 million dollars (plus interest) to Korpodeko which was meant to help the bankrupt DAE, who, just like InselAir and Tiara, kept on flying to Venezuela without any guarantee at all that the dollars would be paid out by Venezuelan Cadivi. They weren't.

Well May They Wonder
Near Bottelier, close by the salt ponds, work is going on preparing the terrain for an "agro-eco resort". But the neighbors are worried. They wonder if owner Rozier has the proper permits (which was denied last year).
Neighbors now have built a wall across a road to stop building traffic. Rozier claims right of way but the owners say the road, and wall, are on their properties.
You know what an "agro-eco resort" is? Neither do I, but sounds good, right?

Plenty More Where that Came from?
PM Bhillenaath's government spent 9 million guilders on rent for the old hospital. The idea was to treat Virus patients there.
However, not a single one has actually been treated in it. Not only I did get 2 vaccinations there, though.

Sure Babies, We'll Pay
Isla refinery workers have gone to PM Prick Pisas to claim what they feel's coming to them, money-wise. Prickie will present a proposal next week. Let's hope it's not an indecent one.

Virus Woes
37 new cases, 2 import. 32 in hospital, 18 in ICU.

Guess Who Gets the Blame?
APC pension fund (for Spoiled Brats), while still able to pay out, has a deficit; just like last year. It's the Virus! Sure.
Everybody's aware they've been spending money like maniacs for years, and buying up properties all over the place, though.
Like, what price the Plaza Plans?

Taxi War
The taxi drivers don't like the new system, where clients are informed in advance within the air terminal how much a ride is going to cost them. They much prefer the old (much more expensive to the customers) system, and complain about losing their precious independence.
They don't seem to have found out yet, just like many voters, that independence comes expensive.
Tell me about it...

Another Flop
The tourist stands on Brionplein are a disaster, totally rusted down to... yeah, what? and in actual fact, dangerous. So they must all be taken down and the merchants must move to Sha Caprileskade, formerly known as Handelskade or Floating Market. Only they don't want to. (There's only 5 of originally 13 left, anyway.)
Remember how Pinhead Martina wanted to concentrate all tourist junk sellers there, like in a ghetto? At least he finally got his nightmare fulfilled.

Way to Go, Bonaire!
The Bonaire government has decided to spend $44,000 to give the national hymn an earlift. Critics desperately ask themselves if, in these hard Virus times, they are out of their collective minds; and admittedly they have a point.
Gee, I wonder what committee that money is going to.

That's Something
The Pisas government, such as it is, finally came to its senses, such as they are, and accepted the candidates for a new Board of CBCS central bank.

Down a Bit
48 positive Virus cases, 1 import. 36 in hospital.

Ho! Not So Fast, Folks
The IMF warns that a dollarisation, something we hear more and more loose talk about, of the Antillean guilder is not as easy as it sounds. "Without supporting reforms it will be a very risky strategy" warns IMF. It will not help a bit to solve the ongoing financial problems. In fact, those measures are needed anyway. So there.

O Geez, Just Watch Them Tourists Go Come!
In Israel, it's been discovered that certain sunburn protecting proteins improve the sex drive for humans when they take a sun bath. Next, we'll have "Adults Only" beaches yet—they just can't stop themselves! I can only hope that stuff doesn't kill the corals.
As if we needed those proteins; the sun itself is hot enough.

Good Answer to Good Question
We hear the Greenies and Warmists going on full-steam (oops, wrong expression) about the 3.5+, but who's counting? trillion dollars needed now to save the Climate (and with it, the World; only, not all of us, more's the pity).
So here's the answer to the question, "how big is a trillion?"
Almost unimaginably big. As one example, a million seconds is 11.6 days... and a trillion seconds is 31,700 years.

Drugs Galore
HM man-o'-war Holland, right before it sailed for Haïti to help with the recent earthquake, seized 2160 keys of drugs, in a combined action with the US Coast Guard. They nabbed some go-fasts.
Too bad they're not telling us what market those drugs were destined for.

So Am I
Isla Refinery is looking for 27 million guilders, which are needed to pay workers. Should be easy, as Isla last year seized 105 million worth of petroleum products. But they are discussing the possibility of selling those with the government.
Maybe in ten years or so?

43 New, 3 Imported, 142 Deaths
Is really all you need, and more than you want, to know about the Virus.

That Sounds Idiotic
Amigoe newspaper, in the very same issue, first quotes mr. Martis of Curaçao Meteo. He says, in the past ten years the average world temperature has gone up with 10.7 Centigrade. But then, on a following page, European researchers are quoted as saying that the past century gave us a 1.2 degrees higher average world temperature.
Come on, let's try to keep serious. At least one of those can't possibly be correct.
Apart from the fact that "average world temperature" is as meaningful a figure as "average number in the phone book."

Always Surprising
Even while I can vaguely understand it, after a fashion (who else to call?), it still comes as a surprise. We've had some pretty heavy rains and wind gusts which caused a lot of trouble. So the fire brigade has been kept busy with calls for assistance.

Fly the Flags!
The new export strategy, after two years of preparation, is ready and will be presented to the minister of economic development in September. (I steadfastly refuse to spell the capital letters.) And I here not even knowing there was an old strategy. No doubt it had grown pretty old, anyway. Good Luck!

Oh Yes, that Virus
Bores the hell out of me, tell you the truth. If all those asses who think they're Untouchable would just wise up it would be over in a jiffy.
48 new cases, 7 imported, 37 in hospital of whom 20 in ICU. 93% not vaccinated. 1 more death, total now 140.

And STAY Out!
462 Spoiled Brats have grabbed the opportunity to get out by VVU. This will happen in phases over a 12 month period. So, for now we're still stuck and saddled with them.

I'd Rather Say...
Some of those Big Bores, and I don't mean caliber-wise, have come together in Ali Baba's Cave to ask Holland to: ""Respect our autonomy!" (As if over there they didn't, to the point of falling on their backs.)
How about for a welcome change, you dumb bunch of meatheads, to respect OUR voters' rights?

Another Wonderful Mess
Two years ago, scuba school Scubacuraçao started "planting" what they call coral gardens near Marie Pompún beach. These have now all disappeared. As it turns out, they're in fact illegal and from what I read, the guy responsible for disappearing them is another one of those nature-loving scuba clubs, Seatrek Curaçao.
Another garden near Mambo Beach, planted by Curious2dive was illegal as well, but now seems to have collected all necessary permits (by way of Pinhead Martina, which explains it). Seatrek claims they needed the spot for their activities. Cooperation seems to be hard to get. Besides, Seatrek say they have all permits while declining to show 'em; later on, they came with the message they don't need any permits. The devil only knows what's going on elsewhere (and she may not want to).
Ain't tourism great?

But I Don't Carry Cash
There are fake 100 guilders bills around, we hear from tourist center Jan Thiel. In darkness, they are hard to distinguish from the real ones. We are warned there may be more around. Ya think?
The fake notes lack the gold foil, serving mainly to prevent acceptance.

Now Tell Us How It Really Is
Ex-MP Omayra Leeflang published a book. From what we get to read, her main question, and a good one too, is: how is it possible so many millions are spent on election propaganda? Our democracy is held hostage! Omayra writes.
We all know the answers, but that doesn't make the question less good.

Still Worse
The budget deficit over last year is, again, even larger than figured. The country collected 90 million guilders in taxes, but expenditures were 170 million.
They mention more figures, but they all amount to the same: deficit.

Virus, Cont'd
25 positive, 36 in hospital/19 in ICU. 3 imported: that's 10%. Who knows how many they infected. Total deaths now 139.
Majority of cases has not been vaccinated.

Rains Come Pouring Down
Now before we were ready for 'em... 76mms yesterday. That's 3 inches! It's expected to go on all week, so it might well be over and done with by tomorrow.

"Police intercept drone with drugs" we read in Curaçao Chronicle. I didn't know drones could get hooked! But turns out, it's just a bit clumsily expressed. The drone had drugs aboard and the cops intercepted it; we're not told how.
Two pilots hiding in a van to steer it were caught as well.

Good Idea; But How?
The relationship between the Spoiled Brats and the Government must change, we're told. And I thinking our tradition here is, the Spoiled Brats are the government, and vice-versa.
During the past years there were conflicts and misunderstandings between the two partners. These should be made to disappear ("with extreme prejudice" in CIA terms?) The Spoiled Brats especially resent that they accepted salary &c. cuts, and then the government decided to lower taxes. Funny, I can't say I remember that.

Oh, Great
The Tax Office is getting rid of "some" (unspecified number) temporary workers. Which will save them 1.77 million guilders/year.
Which they will use to hire more Spoiled Brats.

49 Virus Cases; 1 Death
4 imports. 35 in hospital, 20 in ICU. 95,000 vaccinations.

Don't Count on That
Government coalition partners M*F*K and PNP don't want to give CMC hospital 2 million guilders before its own reserves have been spent; reportedly 5 million. Also, they want a "thorough investigation" of the hospital's finances.
That would be great!

Higher Taxes Attract Crime
Police remark that more and more liquor and cigarettes are being stolen. Seems like a natural and only to be expected consequence of the high taxes our Great Leaders charge to balance their budget (NOT).

No Vigilantes, Please
The people of Bandariba (to the East) are so sick of criminals that they want to start a crime-fighting action themselves. But the police don't like it.
After all, they do their job so well! And "only the police may use violence against suspects."
Many cops have left the corps with the VVU arrangement.

We'll Be in More Trouble
The CBCS board should have a say in who's gonna replace it, says Uncool IJs. The board advises on the candidates for the functions. But the present government couldn't care less; they just want to go ahead and put in their choices.

Got 'Em
After over 2 years of investigations, five people have been arrested for drug dealing for the US Homeland Security Investigations. 3 from Curaçao and two from Jamaica living here.

Tell Us About It!
Food prices are going up, we read. Yes, we noticed. We didn't even need the Biden-Debacle for that, our own Great Leaders were busy at it all the time.
In fact, this started years ago when all of a sudden the traditional Christmas hams went up 100% in price. That was because the Greenies thought it a good idea to use corn to make car gas instead of feeding it to pigs.
Do you recall how nobody bought them in protest, so they kept 'em for a year and then tried to sell them next season? By then, they stank like hell and nobody, again, bought them.
Who was it said "sustainable"? Shut up!

For Starters
Bonaire, the island wanting to become "the second circular economy in the world" has instead seen "sustainable" energy go down from 33% tot 25%. So they need 32 million dollars more to build more wind generators and buy more solar panels. Need that from Holland, of course; where else?

Sounds Familiar
The politicians want to replace the Board of CBCS central bank. They say their contract has elapsed. Quite possibly, says the board. Problem is, the politicians want to replace them with their own bunch of Nodding Nogoodniks, which the board finds unacceptable.

Far Ahead
Saba now has a composting facility in "the Gut". This while here, for years some people have been trying to arrange for that, but thanks to (again!) auntie Sushi they got nowhere.

No Vacancy
The ICU of CMC hospital is full up. No new Virus-patients need apply. Some can be moved to "Short Stay" dept. And good luck!
As from tonight, all curfew conditions are back full-blast.
136 deaths now.
But some hotels are doing better than even before the Virus broke out! Ray Ray Ray!

Count Them, Weep and Worry
The USA is down and out, for now. So is the anti-semitic €U. Canada dropped it long since. Who do we have left to stand up against the Raging Tide of Savage Ragheads?
Japan; South Korea; India; Taiwan; maybe the Philippines. Possibly, still, Australia. South Africa just might make a come-back. Then there's Hungary and Switzerland. And, of course, Israel and its newly found Abraham Accord friends.
That's All, Folks!

Poor Baby
Ex-director of CTB Pennicook writes a long letter to the press, complaining about his dismissal. He hasn't been able to discuss this with the minister. But it boils down to, he had passed the "mandatory retirement age for the Director of the organization." So what's his problem? Except missing out on more years of a fat salary.

82 of the 88 Virus patients in hospital have not been vaccinated.
So there.

That Would Be Nice...
A St. Maarten MP proposes that the Dutch be crazy enough to give us all that Coho money free, "just like they did in 2010." And look what happened since!

Nagging Troublemakers
Staten parliament members have 3 weeks to study the Coho deal for Dutch support, but they don't want to wait that long. They want it explained now! Small wonder: can they read and understand it in the first place?

One More Dead
Brings the Virus death count to 135. 36 in hospital, 14 in ICU. Of the 5 imported cases, 1 was incorrectly counted. Has been corrected. Big deal!

Raped Anyway
Since 2013, 3 years after our glorious independence, it was decided by those in Power that AOW welfare pension would not be raised per year following inflation. No doubt our Great Leaders figured they could apply the money to other purposes.
But now it's really getting too much. Or too little, how you count. After all, we did have inflation and that crummy AOW isn't worth the paper it's printed on. So we had a proposal: no more taxes would have to be paid on AOW. You mean those old farts had to pay taxes on that dole? Yes, is what I meant. And it remains to be seen if they don't have to go on paying them.
Instead, casinos would have to pay 9% sales tax. Wanna bet that never happens?

See Why Not?
A new complaint has been filed against our honorable gambling institutes. This time, again, it's Cyberluck, who thought it a good idea to just confiscate $255K from an Israeli who'd won them.
Interestingly, Cyberluck has moved its tents away from Curaçao on June 2021.

Suckers Keep Coming
The number of tourists canceling their reservations is very small indeed, in spite of the latest curfew measures. No doubt they figure they'll get away with it, and they definitely have a point.
We now have 134 Virus deaths.

We Knew It All the Time
Antilliaans Dagblad tells us once again what we knew all the time: in the 8 years following our precious and oh so desirable "independence" our income went down from 35K tot 33K guilders/year.
Then came the Virus and now it's 25K.

Quick! Get Downwind!
There was a fire with enormous smoke development on Rooseveltweg, leading to Hato airport. An enormous drug catch of 1325 keys of drugs was burned. We're not informed if the illegal immigrants accompanying the drugs were burned as well.

Now Start Spoending
A guy de Bruin has become the new director of CTB. He's inexperienced they say, but little the minister cares. And she has a point. Don't make no difference anyway, mon.

That's Enough
M*F*K finance minister Silvania says that, thanks to the discount, the Tax Person will collect 20 million of the 5.4 billion that are outstanding.
Silvania seems to be satisfied with that. Not the brightest bulb in the shop, are you, Silvania?
Three quarters of asessments are paid in less than a year. The rest, never? "They can't say." Really.

It's the Law? So What!
Notwithstanding a 2020 verdict, the court has now decided that the minister is free to change the EOP destination plan. In 2014, she (I seem to remember it was auntie Sushi) did so to change the destination of the new hospital terrain from "city center" to "urban residential area", which made it possible to build CMC there.
This has far-reaching consequences for the power of the government, to just change the destinations determined in EOP island development plan when they feel like it.
Er... does San Willembrordo ring a familiar bell? Just one out of many. A project developers' free-for-all!

Here's One More
Most of us are not old enough to remember the nuclear shelters popular in the 1950s; not only in the USA. Even in the late 60s, the Dutch still built one in the Waalsdorpervlakte. Happily needless to say, they were never used; thanks to wildly different characters like Lord Bertrand Russell and President Ronald Reagan, de world finally came to its senses and stopped the proliferation, even turning it around.
Except for wacko places like Communist China, North Korea and Iran who are still at it.
Now, it looks like those shelters are growing popular again. People are so scared by the latest IPCC reports, warning us we'll all drown in the sea or getting burned to cinders by the heat, take your pick, that they consider building (and paying dearly for) such shelters to escape. Now, to me, that's frightening.
People just don't seem to realize these reports are political, not scientific. They're put together by a bunch of politicians, hungry to augment their power. And as always, the media help the politicians instead of trying to check their lust for more power.
It's of very little comfort now that in a few years those shelters will become even more ridiculous than the nuclear dug-outs.
Just one fact: that latest report doesn't mention the Mediaeval Warm Period, when wine was grown in Greenland. Much warmer than it is now.

Hey, this Is Curaçao!
Except for those people who appeared at beach clubs with falsified vaccination documents, it has now become clear that the guys who controlled admittance just let them in without showing any at all; they just needed to pay up. All in all, this resulted in 40% of infections.
One of the visitors turned out to have three (3!) falsified documents on hir/hes person. But what for? Seems overdoing it.

The problems at Playa Piskadó keep growing. More and more tourists come there to swim with the turtles, which are attracted by the fish offal the fishermenpersons dump in the sea. After all, the beach was supposed to serve as a fishing boat harbor.
But now, it's as good as solved! CTB tourist bureau and the government will look into the problem. For that, a committee has been installed.

2 Haïtians
The guys who "cleaned" the terrain near Groot St. Joris were 2 Haïtians, who had planned to commence agriculture there. They were both fined for 2500 guilders, which is absolutely ridiculously low. It was government terrain.
It's a habit... A tradition.

Now That
Coalition partners M*F*K and PNP are still not convinced about the Coho-deal with Holland, with conditions for financial support. They have asked 14 questions of PM Prick Pisas.
Aw, please shut up and go home to spend your money.

The Latest
1 more person has died from the Virus, total now 133. 36 in hospital, 14 in ICU. Going slightly better...

Taxis Fined
The Fair Trade Authority Curacao (FTAC) has fined the Dutch Caribbean Taxi Association (DCTA) for violating the obligation to cooperate; ANG 68,600. DCTA failed to comply with a request for information. It's more of a cartel than an association.

Fucking ants, is what the Dutch call making a mountain out of a molehill. M*F*K finance minister Silvania says that while it may be true that the Tax has 5,4 billion coming in officially, that's not realistic. Only 700-800 million of that is collectible.
That's approximately 19%.
Says Silvania, the Inspector must be faster in impose tax assessments and collecting. Ya think? But meanwhile, the Tax Person wastes its, and our! time, with going after those people who have very little to pay, and in fact often have done so already, anyway.

Or Longer
IMF estimates that Curaçao's economic recovery can last ten years. My guess is, it can last much longer, as we have been going downhill for that long and more before the Virus even happened.

That Will Help
Except for a curfew for 00:00 to 04:30, beach clubs and all those other super-spreading centers may not let more than 100 customers in.
And while CMC hospital is desperate for money and need 3 million instantly, the government fobbed them off with 2 million.

Yes, I Remember... Vaguely...
M*F*K Maria Nita has been asking questions about, howzit with the Masterplan? Good question. Answering it must be harder. The dreaded thing dates from 6 years ago and, as we confidently predicted, never amounted to anything. But it sure cost us.
Now, of course, there's no money at all to set those great ideas in motion. Maybe just as well.

The illegal Piscadera builders are now reputed to have applied for a building permit. Why no try, after all? A bit late? No problem, mon. Just pay up.
They may well get it anyway, because the location is full of abandoned projects, after the government invested many millions in development.

Bloody Foreigners
A "multidisciplinary team" went out to check work on a building at Rooseveltweg and arrested 16 of the 18 workers, who were illegally occupied. That's only one location, though; in total, tens of workers have been arrested. "Like this, Curaçaoans don't get a chance to work." True, but the other side to the question is, how satisfactory are Curaçao workers on the job?

Get Lost
An outfit Limestone Holiday which has been exploiting a Spaanse Water beach for years has now been ordered by court to leave the premises and demolish the buildings etc in less than two months. The terrain is part of property Brakkeput Arriba, owned by Foundation Johannes Bosco. If they don't comply, they'll have to pay ANG1000/day, max 100,000. Plus they have to pay back rent, 57,000/year from 2013-2020 plus 4,750/per for remaining months.
But the exploiters hope the Foundation will be "merciful" and gives them a chance to sell the resort instead. It's a "nice, small location" they say. Sure.

Oh, Really?
Our sinister of health declares "vaccination works." So why doesn't she come out and tell us she herself has been vaccinated?

No Joke
The mini-pandemic has grown to a full-fledged maxi. 123 new cases, hospital full, ICU full. "The vast majority has not been vaccinated." 8 imports.
Some nitwit got the bright idea of naming new variants after astronomical (in fact, that should be astrological) constellations. At least we've got plenty of those; more then letters in the alphabet. My idea is, why not name them more appropriately after dictators, past and present? We've got plenty of those as well. Alas.
Napoléon, Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot... see? All killers!

Worked! For Once
An illegal construction at Piscaderabaai, which just continued regardless efforts to stop them, now has stopped. Only a few pillars remain. Wonder if they'll be removed by the "owners" (who're not owners).
They'd better, or the government will charge them for the costs. Which will certainly be much higher. Heh.

Black Thursday
Next Thursday, the government will announce new measures to stop the mini Virus pandemic. Because the population doesn't seem to care much, and many act as if there's no danger. So anorther lockdown? curfew? Who knows. Thanks, boys and girls!
The schools will reopen on the same day, regardless. But lower classes (1-6) don't need a mask.

They Agreed!
All governments involved have, finally, agreed on the Coho law regulating the financial support by the Netherlands of the islands. That took some time and needless spitting and yelling.

One More Story Coming
Holland is totally in panic. Oh, the dykes will run over and the country will drown! And the IPCC is, once and twice and (I stopped counting) again predicting that Greenland and Antarctica will lose all ice before the end of the century, resulting in disasters all over. Temperature will go up by 2 degrees! As if that's bad: good for e tera friw, I'd say. And it's not happening, anyway. Well, go ahead and turn yourself into a nerve wreck for the umpteenth doom story. I won't join you.
Another thing is, a crew has been measuring microplastics hanging around in the seas bordering us, and other islands. Amigoe newspaper (paywall) runs a story about it. The researchers claim it's the first time proof is collected for the existence of a "plastic soup" around here.
As the photo credit is given to the expedition, I figure I can use the pix without infringing copyright. Well, here's one:

microplastics sieve

Judging from the size of the fingers holding the sieve, most of the plastic particles seem to be less then 10mm2 large. They show about 50 of them, with 2 larger ones; one about 1x2cms, and one say 4x6cms. They all look extremely thin, maybe 0.1mm. So all in all, maybe 75mm2x.1mm=7.5mm3? Average size 7.5/60=0.125mm3. And I take it as read that they're not showing a sieve that came up almost empty.
Hey, they're not telling us that; only that they found 5.09 particles per m3 of water. That's .06mm3 of plastic stuff. And this was in Panamá where the pollution was worst. Now 1 cu.m. of water contains 100 million cu.mms., so go figure how serious that can be. The amount of plastic is so small, you need scientific notation to express it properly. 6e-010 if you want to know.
Is this "proof"? If this was soup, I'd jolly well send it back to the kitchen. The chutzpah to give it that name.
And finally, we're told that almost all of it comes from "marine" and "tourism" sources. Well, that definitely ends all my concern with it. Ain't tourism great?

Electro Buses
Naturally and of course ABC bus with TNO are looking into buying electric-driven buses for Curaçao. One problem is, they only drive 200 kms on one charge while diesel buses get 700 kms out of one tank. Which is filled in like 10 minutes at the most, while charging takes a long time.
The distance Otrabanda-Westpunt in about 40kms, fairly guessing. So a bus could drive back-and-forth maybe 5 times; while on diesel it would last all day. Apart from other considerations. Like, they have been taken out of service long before their projected lifetimes in several places: they just don't make it. Not to mention they tend to be awfully expensive.
Besides, nobody ever seems to think of where the juice for battery charging comes from. Next black-out, we won't even have buses.

Scairt, Huh?
All of a sudden, last weekend about 1000 people got their Virus vaccinations. The hospital is "almost full".
We also got 34,000 stay-overs last month. Good?

The Bottomless Drydock
Both Damen Shipyards and co-owner CDM (read, the government) will have to make investments to keep the docks afloat. Where did I read such stories before? Too often to mention.
So Cecilia will have to come out after all and tell us the government will pay up. With Coho Dutch support money; what else?

I Know that Problem
Finance minister Silvania says there's not enough money for the government to fulfill all its obligations. For the rest, the outstanding invoices will have to wait. They're only from 2019, so who cares.
Also, social funds (what else?) will get less money.

The Champs
We amateurs down here may have robbed the till for ANG6 million of Virus money, but the Dutch did much better: €7 billion they grabbed while the going was good.

The new CMC hospital can't handle a new influx of Virus patients. So director Martina says the government must start measures like another lockdown, curfew and all that.
Yesterday, 67 persons tested positive (2.8%), of whom 8 were imports. 28 in hospital, 9 in ICU. One more died.

Selikor is running behind their garbage collection schedule. They have problems, they say. Sure. Past weekend they'd catch up; but not in our barrio.

Even Worse?
Spoiled brats Union Abvo boss says the VVU, where they get out with money in their pockets, will result in even worse service for the people. Which truly boggles the mind.

Ex-finance minister Gijs & Bertha's daughter had been hired, for ANG23K/US$12650 per month, to set up a new tax system. Now she's kicked out, but if that hadn't happened Mudbelly Cooper would have put her to work on upgrading Hato Airport's status. "We now will have to use existing personnel" says Mudbelly. Good grief, no matter how you look at it.

That'll Teach Them—NOT
Again, 2 terrains have been denuded, sorry "cleaned". The 2 perps got a fine of ANG2500 each. Which will make 'em laugh all the way home: "If you want to rent an 80 horsepower bulldozer for 4 hours, this will cost you around $595" USA-price, 1100 guilders.
The terrains belong to the government.
As from 10-10-10 the laws on this sort of thing arrived on the "negative list" and there we go.

Damen Is in Trouble
Damen Shipyards/CDM is in trouble, because they get no repair jobs. Now we may have to pump more money in there, but minister Larmonie-Cecilia doesn't want to tell of the government will do that.
Which means, to my suspicious mind, they will have to.

Just What We Needed
In Amsterdam it's estimated that 36% of outward flights have someone with a Virus infection on board. 4 of those arrive here daily—at least.
And from Dutch RIVM national institute for public health) we hear anti-Virus measures here and on Aruba are insufficient and new outbreaks are related to the tourist season "which is currently running at full speed and leading to increased social interaction." RIVM is worried, but CTB shouts out loudly "damn the torpedoes!"
The number of cases here in hospital has tripled last week. Only because so many people have been vaccinated it still is a mini-pandemic. Still, before you know it we'll get a new curfew.

Same There
WEB, the Arubian counterpart of Aqualectra, has decided not to apply the 12.6% (yes, .6 is what I read, not .5.) discount on workers' payments. Instead they get less holidays and 6% salary less. This will give problems with Holland.
So WEB is a real counterpart in more than one sense.

Virus Woes
Epi Izzy announces there will be no new measures (maybe next week). 72 positive tests, 1 import. 23 in hospital, 4 in ICU. Especially beach clubs are blamed, but all nightlife will be more stringently controlled.
The mini-outbreak seems under control, thanks to the number of vaccinated people.

One More
Now it's in Koraal Tabak, where a terrain belonging to the government has illegitimately been "cleaned". Which means, rücksichtlos denuded of all vegetation, leaving a barren ruin behind. Efforts are made to find the irresponsible project developer.
Does make you ask yourself, how much of that sort of thing goes undiscovered?

FKP social building has over 25 million guilders outstanding. 20 million on mortgages and 5 on rent.
No wonder they got problems.

He Got that Straight
M*F*K finance minister Silvania wants more transparency on SOE management salaries. About time, too. The public has a right to know about them, he says.
To wit, in 2019 SVB social security has received 29 million guilders. Where did it all go? How much of that was spent on salaries? Good questions. Then, SVB also charged other funds for 45 million.

That's who are working on mending Curaçao schools. No money to pay professional workers, "there's no budget" and that settles it. Meanwhile clamoring goes on for more education money.
Gee, I wonder if those volunteers have pay for paint etc. themselves.

What a Laugh
The integrity of workers at DOW public works will be investigated. On the principle of "innocent until proven guilty". I'm not pointing fingers here, got enough, and hopefully better, things to do without being sued for slander.

Changing Colors
The Netherlands, Virus code Red it?them?self?ves? gave us Code Yellow. But the USA makes that code Red. Meanwhile, the mini-pandemic goes on. 3 people have died recently, 1 in hospital, 2 at home. 21 patients in hospital, 5 in ICU.

Why Bother with Papers?
Police say more and more car drivers don't have any papers with them in accidents. Like license, car tax, inspection and insurance. I got news for the police: more and more drivers don't have them, period.
Also, this got slightly better during the Virus roadblocks, but now we're back at 1 in 5 cars at least having darkened windows, which is a legal no-no.
Between you and me, I don't see a real problem with that. After all, sunglasses are allowed—what's the difference? Except the cops can't see what's going on inside. Which is none of their business.

MAN Wants Voters Back
Of course they want that, after the recent elections debacle. But how? My advice is, get rid of shady characters, which will remain unnamed. But MAN wants to become "strong, stabile and democratic to help Curaçao grow." That would be a change.
Help Curaçao still further than it did when they were part of the past governments?

So What's the Use?
40% (yes, forty fornicating percent) of the world's online casinos is registered in Curaçao. Now new laws are being proposed to regulate all that, but SER social economic council wants the government to look out for over-taxing, which will result in those crooks leaving for greener pastures. On the other hand, SER wants to increase government income.
So how, SER?

Absolutely No Good
An article in Antilliaans Dagblad extensively quotes Dutch prof. Leo Stevens, explaining how finance minister Silvania (maybe not the brightest bulb, heh heh) is in the wrong when he offers people who pay off their tax debt. There are plenty of ways for our government to forcefully collect; only, they don't use them. Silvania is, quite illegally in fact, taking what looks to him like the easy way out. This looks like another dead end.
Or rather, they don't apply those rules uniformly and consistently. Tell us about it.

What a Jolt!
Who could possibly have expected it? One quarter of the good honest entrepreneurs who made use of the NOW support (for the Virus) have abused the system. 6 million guilders of the 135 distributed will have to be given back.
Here's an idea: give 'em a discount when they pay back now.

Unpleasantly, I Guess
SVB social security is "surprised" by minister Silvania's FakeBooc posts. Normally, this should be kept between the authorities, not published openly. You bet!
Also, SVB claims that director doesn't make 100,000/month as Silvania states. Too bad they don't tell us how much he does make. That would be telling! Not in public!

You Must Have Patience
Investigations of the illegal building activities at Jan Sofat are still going on. This while it's become clear that the guy doesn't even own the beach he started enlarging. Maybe they'll wait until we've forgotten about it? It surely is a thought.
And now they'll start a pilot project to register the situation around Spaanse Water, so they will be able to see what's going on. This should have been done a long time ago; long before May '69.

Strange? Not really
The balance of payments over last year shows a strong positive effect. In fact, looks like a record. In such a bad Virus year, too!
Simple solution: it's because of Dutch liquidity support.

Yeah, I guess
CBCS central bank director Doornbosch warns that the Virus will do permanent damage. Not to health; we knew that already: no, to the economy. Private investment will go down, followed by production.
Investments in education are called for, labor market must be relaxed and digital technology must become more accessible. I seem to have heard all that before, oftentimes.
He also blames the bad Venezuela economy for our problems, which is at most partly true. And only when the governments really want to go along with the Coho reforms there's any chance on success. Hear hear.

Anti-Drug Action
The police finally say they will do something about drug use and, naturally, drug dealing at several popular locations. Has been going on for years and years. Jan Thiel and Bapor Kibrá are mentioned. How about Mambo Beach? Story is, you can simply buy them at the bar these days. And why not, taking a line through alcohol?

Airport Parking Disgrace
It happened before, and will it happen again? But the parking automats of Hato Airport gave up the struggle. Everybody had to pass by the window to pay. Long lines ensued... Only after passengers stuck there started to call authorities the guys behind the window decided to open the gates.

One More
A COVID patient has died in CMC hospital, which brings the total to 127. 83% of the people have now been vaccinated, which hasn't stopped the recent new wave of infections; not really.

Better? NO, Not Good
Central Bank estimates a 2022 economy growth of 6.2%. What a laugh? No, it's sad. After all those years of shrinking, it's a question anyway what they base this upon. A spreadsheet, right?

Good Plan
M*F*K finance minister Silvania has reacted to SVB's statement that last year they've lost 53.5 million guilders (US$29.5m). So they must lower their operating costs with 23%, says Silvania. About time, too. They'll get an audit as well. Long overdue.
Now wait for the yelling protests. No doubt they'll come: SVB has already announced plans, to save money, the Christmas bonus for AOW welfare pensions will be scratched, and that the widow's allowance will be reduced with 10% (it's now 400 guilders/$220 per month). "No way" says Silvania: the SVB director earns 100,000 guilders per month, and Silvania "only" 8000.
See? He's just jealous! Remember though, the SVB director was installed by auntie Sushi.

CAP Hato Airport appealed to the court order that the airport tax may not be raised. By 300%, remember?
The appeals court repeated that.

Too Late? Good!
Tenders can now be submitted to turn the Marie Pampoen beach, which in fact hardly deserves that name now, into a real one. Here's manybody's chance to make some real money! Remember this was one of ex-PM Arsjes's dreams, after he had paid a visit to Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana Beach? "Paid" by us of course.
But he doesn't need your compassion, he's made plenty of money anyway.

A Bonaire guy claims that the Dutch Virus support has been distributed irresponsibly, without proper attention to receivers' proofs that they actually qualified. "Millions have been wasted." Of course it's denied. And of course it rings a well-known bell.

Chong Out
Ramon Chong is definitely out as a minister, says PNP party leader. Oh yeah? What price his "assisting" that same minister he won't become?

Curaçao Chronicle gives a link to a government site where it shows how we arrive at a new, of course higher, price for car gas, diesel and more such. Kinda inneressin'. On a gasoline import price of 1.1026 (all guilders) is added (among others) excise tax 0.4134, wholesale trade turnover tax 0.1111, dealer trade turnover tax 0.1291; total tax 0.6536. Price at pump 2.281; so we pay 28.7% of pump price in taxes. I wouldn't mind so much if they used that for road maintenance. But obviously they don't. In fact, they don't even use the car tax for that.

What a Big Deal!
Central Bank director Doornbosch predicts that this year GDP will show a growth rate of 0.1%.
All I can say is, we won't even notice.
Doornbosch also says we must invest more in education, and attract private investors by reducing red tape and bureaucracy. Our successive governments have been promising all that since long before 10-10-10.

No, He's Worse
Mudbelly Cooper says that "he's not the same guy as ten years ago." No, he's much richer, but still up to the same tricks. Only more so: now he wants to build a yacht harbor near what's called the Koredó; just what we needed. But it should be good for a lot of kick-backs.

We all knew that; the only surprise is, it's not government workers who have the best conditions. No, it's the utility workers; and the utilities are owned by the government anyway.
No wonder we pay about the highest rates in the world.
Only in countries like Germany, where they thought it a good idea to change to wind generators, you pay more per kW.
59% of the people earn below 3000 guilders/month; 23% have no income at all. Average income has shrunk with 32% between 2011 and 2019.

Once Is Not Enough
Again, arsonists have set trucks and equipment of Rodricon Transport ablaze. The mystery is who, not why.

Just Like That
SVB social insurance has cut the budget for Betèsda nursing home with ANG 700K (on 10 million total, unchanged since 2012). 9 million is spent on personnel costs only, already.
SVB claims there are 5 patients in Betèsda who are "too well" for the home. That depends on the moment you measure, says the home's management. But as SVB is in the red for 54 million guilders, small wonder.

All Go
All CRU personnel agree with the conditions for their dismissal (2 months of salary extra). So that's over.

No News, Still Not Good News
Curaçao's economy has shrunk with 18.4% last year. To nobody's surprise. Some shrunk a bit less, some a bit more. That's the fifth consecutive year we've grown negatively. The Caribbean's average was a 7.7% shrink. We're the champs!
CBS statistics seem to consider agriculture and fishery to be an industry. Well, in other countries maybe, but down here?

What else to call them? Since the lockdown is over, the number of road accidents has gone up like crazy, no other word will do. "They drive too fast, have no patience, don't yield or simply don't follow traffic rules."

Old System Never Dies
The M*F*K/PNP government has already hired 40 (forty) new people as "cabinet assistants". The list has just been (?) leaked. It's not at all complete yet, only listing contact persons and not their staff members. A lot of old well-known names we find there, with for starters Ramon Chong.
Gee, I wonder how much they pay these assistants. And no, I'm not forgetting their staff members.
It's 42 people, all from their own parties. Personnel stop has ended. As if we didn't saw it coming. 2021-07-29

Most trucks and equipment of Rodricon Transport have burned out. Gasoline jerrycans have been found, so there's a suspicion of arson. Ya think? As Rodricon made an offer to work on the road repairs, it may have been the competition.
We're really sliding down the slippery slope to the proverbial shithole in hell.

No Drunks on Beaches and Roads
The police will start acting firmly against drunken parties in public. Also loud music is, as always, a complaint. You may only play music in public when you have a permit, so who cares? And drunken beach parties start molesting other people there.

Boggle My Mind
Not really... Karibe Hulanda, the owner of Kur´ Hulanda, is out of money and can' t pay their 47 workers.
All's well that ends well, you say? Hopefully. The place has just been taken over, by a group that plans a thorough renovation.

That at Least Is Something
SVB social insurance is in the red. Aren't we all by now? The Visum, you know. Only the AOW social security pension premiums keep going up. Amazing, that! Are you sure? Or is your bookkeeping just such a mess as the Tax Person's? I shouldn't wonder.

Say, Mudbelly?
PAR wants to know where M*F*K Mudbelly Cooper is getting the money from to repair the roads (means, fixing potholes—which doesn't last long). Last year's budget went to fight COVID, so it's a good question.

Back at Stage Two
Which means, moderate virus risk as advised by the US CDC center. But the Dutch still maintain we're under code 1, "low". (Compared to Holland? It's a thought...) We have only 4 patients in CMC hospital now. From now on, only the Pfizer vaccin will be used; Moderna is O.W.T. out.

Maybe That Works
But probably not. Why should it? Extra newspaper starts making noises about the trash on the streets and trash dumps all over. It's bad for tourism!
Why not about the deplorable roads, dead palm trees, stray dogs... No need to go on—or I'd mention the road safety barriers. Look, the Dutch seem to come anyway. After all, they keep visiting Cuba, not noticing a thing.
Between you and me, those tourists often do not really embellish the street views either.

Rah-Rah-Rah Ramon!
Don't give up, Ramon Chong! He still wants to become a minister! Hey, that's where the money really flows, after all. So he's prepared to go to court for it.
Please excuse me for my dumbness, but I thought we already had a cop, Cijntje, in that desired function, but now I read it's Larmonie fulfilling it. Oh how my poor head throbs.

New Sédula!
Let's all rejoice: soon we'll all get a new ID, this time with our own country's name Curaçao on it, instead of the Netherlands Antilles; which expired 11 years ago. Yes, those spoiled brats surely are on their toes!

One More Flop?
Nothing more has been heard about the fanfare-like announcement of the "Pact for Punda". In which it said the government must get to work. So, small wonder: "the rest is silence".
Gee, I wonder how much CTB tourist board (=you and me) paid for those grandiose plans.

Better, But Not Good
The August occupation rate of hotels was 54.6%, which is better than the Caribbean average of 48%. Still, for all I know hotels need a much higher rate to make a profit.

Always Thought So
Except for me of course! Curaçao women are smarter than the men. That is, they get better, at least more, education; number of university diplomas 70% F, 30% M (not counting the in-betweeners and outliers) and, fair guess, more jobs.
Hmmm... is that really smart?
Since 2017, there's more emigration than immigration, and the number of students has gone down as well.

Say, How About Curoil?
Good question. My guess is, the company is government-owned so the government makes even more money than I thought per liter of gas. But I may be wrong.

And Whose Fault Is That?
The car gas price must be lowered "structurally", our economy minister supported by that crook Chong tells the 26 gas station holders. Price per liter now is ANG2.22, of which they earn a lousy 17.5 cents (that's $4.62/gallon, of which they make 0.36 cents).
The rest, after what up and above the international market price ($1.17/liter/ANG2.11), goes to the government.
So the government makes 11 cents per liter. Quite a nerve, to ask the guys who do the actual work, to do something "structural" about it.

Welcome Back, Dear Virus
And tourists. Don't forget the tourists. Dr. Izzy announces that new measures may be needed; we now have 310 Virus infections per 100,000 people. That's heavy. Just when I was hoping we could walk around like human beings again, soon.
We may get a new curfew and a restriction on access to beaches, bars, and restaurants. Because the youngsters don't seem to take the hint.

Don't Take This Wrong
SSK trade union has joined the list of clubs complaining about slavery and how bad it was of Holland to exploit and trade in slaves. Of course it was. Too bad they bought the slaves from African slavers, which sort of weakens the argument. Times were rotten.
You know what this sort of thing always reminds me of? In St. Eustatius there is a yearly remembrance of how bad it was of the English, and specifically admiral Rodney, to sack the island after a gun was fired there to greet an American ship. A rich trade center before then, Statia never made it back. Which is deplorable, sure. But hey, it's four centuries ago or so. Yes, many bad things happened in the past. And now as well. Get over it! Please.
Some people will take this wrong, anyway. I know.

If and When, Ced
The National Theater, fruitless discussions about which have been going on for years since the former one was burned down in 2016 by still unknown arsonists, will be named after Ced Ride, an entertainer who died last week. If that Theater is ever actually built, of course. By now, I estimate it would cost 10 million guilders.
For bad understanders, this is not meant as a putdown of Ced, who was okay.

That Will Help
There's an App now which you can use to report potholes, trash dumps and other things marring the cityscape. As if that was the most important aspect of those things. Good luck with it, anyway! Serves them spoiled brats the annoyance of having to listen to phones ringing. If they hear them at all, you're so right.

Now That, Again
The conditions for liquidity support are contrary to Curaçao's independence, says Raad van Advies [advisory board]. You know what? Our own supposed government is contrary to our independence. Nos mes por!.

Sure, So Meet Already
Corc, the supposed take-over party of Isla refinery, wants a parliament meeting. Corc says the Brazilian counterpart has left them in the lurch, with capital and/or crude oil. They're working on alternatives. Sure. What a parliament meeting will help is anybody's guess; besides, parliament is in recess until half August.
I keep seeing photos of that dodgy character Gregory Elias accompanying articles wherein Corc is mentioned. So he seems to be involved? Watch out!

That's Funny!
How could that be? In Aruba 55 Virus infections have been imported via the airport, against 42 locals. As for the latter, infected by whom? Good question, huh?
But tourism in Aruba is going great again. Fine to know.
Here, the Delta variant is going strong as well, test ratio 3.3%. The increase is mainly from Holland and Cuba. It's "alarming"—sure, but unexpected, no.
Clusters are a nightclub, marine base, a student home and several beach clubs. Big surprise.

Get Out While-U-Can
Emigration is reaching record heights again. OK, so maybe not record—yet. But serious enough for CBS statistics to prognose that in 2050, 2 persons will have to take care of 1 biew; in 2015 that was 4. This with a total population by then of 146,270-218,468, of which 50% will be over 60, 65, 70? whatever, "grey".
This is just as doubtful to me as global warming or rising sea levels. Computer modeling. Still, we all do get grey. Still, I, old fart in the wind, am still plodding on.
Then, does this include "illegal immigrants"? Plenty of those...

Wannabet He'll Get It?
That guy in Jan Sofat, who just kept working on illegal mangrove cutting and dumping rocks in the water, has been stopped for the second time. Guess he'll go on regardless. We'll see. But he has promised to apply for a permit now.
Wannabet he'll get it?
He's obviously got money enough to pay for one. There are ways and means...

Club of Cops
That's exaggerated, but it is weird to have, after having ex-police functionary M*F*K Prickie for PM, now a cop becoming minister of economic development. Also a M*F*Ker.

540 Out, Who's Next
As a result of CORC failing to get the necessary funds together, RdK refinery will be forced to fire 540 workers. September 30. Those who agree with their being fired will receive 2 months extra salary.

So What
That guy in Jan Sofat, who when cutting down mangrove trees and dumping stones into the water was summoned to stop. Who cares? He's just going on. Now the terrain is being levelled. It's not even part of the ground he owns.
Mudbelly Cooper, irresponsible minister, was not available for comment.

Good Grief
The M*F*K/PNP cabinet is already trying to get the CBCS Central Bank in its claws. The board members have been told that they won't be reassigned after the present term, ending in August.
Looks like St. Maarten hasn't even been appraised, even though it's their bank as well.

The End
Girobank account holders are advised to take out all their money. If they can.
The bank will soon cease all activities; online banking per September 1. Same for CRU Curaçao Refinery Utilities, owned by Isla refinery; on September 30. In case there won't be a take-over deal with Corc after all; which looks more and more probable.

Original Thinking
Minister Mudbelly Cooper wants the Car Tax funds to be used for road maintenance. What a shame this is not the case automatically, as it should be.
Mudbelly is no innocent here! As a deputy, he has applied the road fund for Christmas decorations.

Not the Same—At All!
The headline in Curaçao Nu says there's 260 million available for road repairs this year. Wow! That should be good for 260 kilometers; at least; 3 times as much as ex-minister Leito tells us needs to be fixed. (But don't trust her.)
But no, it's an error: further on they say there's only 2.6 million available. Of the 16 million 3 weeks ago. Oh, where did it all go?

Kura Hulanda hotel and museum, yes! has finally changed owners. Who supposedly take over a 41 million guilders mortgage. Maybe the long Via Dolorosa is over.
Our best of luck to the new owners.

It Took a Judge
SVB social insurance, read: the Country, must pay CMC hospital 16.9 million guilders, in installments. The government had thought it a great idea to subtract 12.5% from what CMC had coming, just like with the spoiled brats. Only, they never got it subtracted. Ah well.
Not that it really helps CMC, which has a 71.5 million debt right now already.

Tip for Banks—Free!
In South Africa, and possibly elsewhere, ATMs contain a reservoir filled with green ink. When the money holding box is cracked open, the green ink flows out and stains the banknotes, making them unusable.
With all those ATM robberies going on here, isn't that an idea? Would end it instantly.

Sure, Make Them Come
As the Dutch cannot go their usual vacation destinations, all colored bright Virus red, they are choosing more and more for the Caribbean islands.
Too bad, for us, Holland is bright red itself.

Good News
The 2020 complaint against PIN's auntie Sushi is still in treatment with the public ministry. PAR Alcalá-Wallé filed it because she thought the screening law should apply to all ministers. Of course she's right.

Unforeseeen, Oops
Because of the VVU there now is a shortage of teachers. Also because they emigrated for economical (Virus) reasons. Yes, VVU finally went through.

They Well May Worry
SSS union syndicate is worried about the Isla refinery situation. It looks like CORC who would take over seems to have problems, and is not talking.

Mafia at War
Xecutive Corporate Management (XCM), who rented sub-licenses from CEO Angelique Snel-Guttenberg of Cyberluck Curaçao, one of the seven master license holders, have a quarrel. Cyberluck suddenly stopped the services because, as they stated in public, XCM is suspected of "irregularities". So XCM went to court which judges Cyberluck must continue the services.

Not 5% yet, but getting mighty close. 68 new Virus infections in 1520 tests. 86% of those infected in the last 2 weeks were not vaccinated. And our sinister of Health Pietersz-Janga refuses to say whether she has been vaccinated herself. Which means "NO" is everybody's guess. She's suspected of a believer in, let's say, superstitious practices, but shut up about those since she got her behind parked on the plush seat.
Where and how do they find all those types?

True, But
Aqualectra is busy working on the water pipes. The problem is, they say, they have inherited 1800 kilometers of old pipes from their predecessor, Dienst Waterdistributie; and the last couple of years have renewed 300 to 400kms of them. Go figure:
DWD started work in or after WWII. Aqualectra took over not from DWD but from Kodela (which had taken over from DWD) in the 1980s. So DWD had managed to put in 1800kms in 50 or so years, and Aqualectra has not even renewed one quarter of that in 40 years.

Don't Spend It All in One Place
Curaçao gets a 76.5 million guilders liquidity support loan from Holland. Staatssecretaris Knops says the government has fulfilled the 5 necessary conditions.
After they won (after a fashion) the elections by promising they'd refuse to, remember?

That I Might Live to See It
Next week, announces Mudbelly Cooper, a start will be made with filling the holes in " important roads". Three contractors have been hired (we all hope Mudbelly got his kickbacks). And Mudbelly will start this very month with planning "structural solutions" on the most important arterial roads. How much that will cost, which ones they are and when that will start, Mudbelly didn't say.
As if he could.

Oh Those Tax People!
The wifu came back home yesterday to find an envelope on the gate. In Naam des Konings [in the name of the king]! Yessir, a deurwaarder [process server] had left it behind. We were supposed to cough up thousands of back tax guilders in 2 (two) days, or else...
Too much trouble to send us a reminder first. Cost us a couple of hours, again, to figure it all out: we had duly paid all of that long since, except for one smallish item we never had been charged for. Wait, it gets better: we had gone over to the Tax People twice to ask them to correct their crappy bookkeeping. They never did.
So we collected all proofs of payment and such (more work), and went over to their lair. Where we arrived at 15:10 in the afternoon, only to be told that the Spoiled Brats had left already, without fulfilling their daily time until 15:30.
We tried to call the Robbers' Grotto 4 times this morning. They never picked up.
And that's not even what's meant when they talk about needed Tax Reform.

New Burst
The Virus is back! It all started with a party where high school graduates congratulated each other with embraces, kisses and who knows what more. They probably figured, if they thought at all, that they at their age couldn't get the Virus anyway, so who cares?
So they got what's coming to them. Too bad, because we were on the breakthrough point of getting rid of those ridiculous no-good masks.

Weird Liquid
Digging on the Euwensweg, next to the mangrove wood and CMC new hospital, the holes dug kept filling up with a liquid. Nobody knows what it even is. Nor where it comes from.
I think I'll make a detour next time.

Who Cares
M*F*K and PNP deny there are negotiations with KEM party to jpoin them in parliament. KEM has already denied it as well, so why keep those rumors persisting?
Remember, ex-FO&Oslah;L Godett is now a member of KEM. Not in Parliament, though.

CTB tourist board wants to renovate Punda, center of Willemstad. They have lots of plans (in Dutch). "Especially the government must get to work" we read.
Good luck with that.
We also get news about the plans with the old Plaza hotel. It must become "the Curaçao Montmartre." Not a word about tearing it down, though; which looks more and more like the only solution for this concrete-rot ruin. (Think Florida.)
The plans, made up by a Dutch team, are "ready for execution".

Then Again, It Could Not
The gaming tax could earn the government 115 million, even 215 million guilders per year. For them to throw away instead of using for us. Like they did with the oil cash; and the off-shore business taxes.
Besides, look at all those gambling guys moving to greener valleys.

Not so lang ago at all, there was talk of the US Consulate, opened in WWII or so, closing down and getting out. Now we hear a new building is planned, total costs $245 million. So we seem to keep them around for awhile.
Better them than Cubans or Chinese, let's face it.
Newspapers write it will be used as a spy-center for Latin America. Let 'em.

Some Minister—Again
After auntie Suzy and her make-me-more-money policies of superstition, followed by Leito-Jesus who more or less followed the same path, we're now blessed with M*F*K's health sinister Pietersz-Janga, who at least, for a change, used to be an M.D. God help her patients! She doesn't seem to believe in vaccinations, although she refuses to come out and say so. Just what we needed in these Virus-riddled times.

That Girl Must Have Seduced Him
A number of years ago, we had a big scandal at the (awfully expensive) Curaçao International School. A notorious pederast was active there; he's been kicked out since. Now, another educator is in court. He's been raping a girl pupil for 4 years, starting when she was 12. Hey, everybody needs a hobby to relax! He is was head of the Humanist School Erasmus (not Jan, the pirate).

That's Normal
Half of the election candidates haven't submitted their sponsors yet. They should have done so in 1 month after the elections. So, what else is new?

Watch It
The tax holiday policy will be adapted. Which in effect means not only projects meant to attract foreign money, and visitors, will get those advantages; no, almost any project can get a tax holiday! As long as it's big enough...
Not that the policy worked so well before, in the first place.
Finance sinister Sylvania says this will result in 250 million guilders of investments in local projects.
Er, like Willibrordo?

director's pants
Above part of a newspaper photo showing the VIPs of the Central Bank. There's a lot of them! All presumably well-paid. Still, you can't help noticing the pants of the Chief Executive Officer. What can you call them but a disgrace?

Oh Come On
The Dutch DENK [think] party proposes Surinamese and Antilleans must be allowed to change their name, free, if it reminds them of the colonial past. Like, if it sounds Dutch.
The Dutch Dutch themselves are only allowed to change their names, which were forced upon them during the French Napoléon occupation, when they're obscene.

How Fine
CHEATA hotel club announces tourism is coming back! Almost as much as before the Virus started.
I remember, then, they were complaining all the time.

Gimme a Cent
Most important: there's a conflict going on, because some want to get rid of the cent coin. It costs 2 cents to make one, see? So the cash payments will then be rounded up, or down, according to the usual rules; but on digital payments the cent will keep on existing.

No Higher Tariffs
A list is circulating with higher tariffs for mini-buses. But the sinister lets it be known this is unofficial; the mini-buses applied for a raise but didn't get it.
A ride inside town or the 3rd district (read: Bandariba, east) costs 2 guilders; from town to 3, 2.70; from town to 2nd district (Bandabao) 3.80. That's $1.10, 1.50 and 2.10. Still cheap.

Just So You Know
10 new Virus infections; 7 imported. Long live tourism!

Back to Work
Damen Shipyards, formerly DOK/CDM, is working again in all 3 docks; the past half year has led to heavy losses.
Yeah, same here.
No mention of the worker troubles.

Good Point
KEM Martina has been offered two staatssecretarissen jobs in exchange for supporting the cabinet in Parliament. But has refused, saying, this will become a car wreck (we have no trains here): M*F*K/PNP won the elections on false pretences and now do exactly what they promised they wouldn't.
Don't fall into the trap of thinking KEM must then be okay; their flags, which should have been removed 2 weeks after the election, are still hanging by the roadside; for example near Malpais. Hardly recognizable by now, true.

Fine with Me
Looks like Cft financial supervision and IMF have gotten together; they sent as good as the same advice to our government. Both argue for structural economic growth. Yeah, sure. As if.

But, Consider
Most, in fact over 3/4, of that backward tax is uncollectible anyway, so better collect what you can grab. In that sense, that measure is not as stupid as it seems at first sight. Still...

Go On, Send It; We've Plenty!
Unavoidable: after the fire/arson in the Tax building, where only part of the ground floor burned out, they want to demolish the remains and build an entirely new one. Why listen to the experts? The spoiled brats always know better. And we pay, you're right.

About Time
The anti-Virus measures "may be" relaxed today. Away with the masks! Let's see those lips.

Another Good Thing
If you only have AOV welfare pension, soon you don't have to pay OZB real estate tax. Which is good. Many old people who bought, or inherited, a house way back when, to see its value go up when the penshonados and tourists came in, just can't afford those high taxes.

Carnival, our greatest cultural manifestation—really, that's how it's talked about— will have to become self-supporting. Says M*F*K culture (among other things) sinister van Heydoorn.
Now wait for the temper tantrums.

Never Give Up!
The spoiled brats, who just elected a new boss for their ABVO union, are going to look at the law if the proposed 12.5% salary cut is legal. I'm no jurist, but I'll accept bets on the outcome: a big fat YES!
Also, machinations have been going on to pay out their holiday bonus, but finally that's out. No money, and that settles it.
And oh yeah, Dutch parliament does not accept unconditional loan supports. So there.

Hear Laffer Laugh
The idea of US president Biden to have the whole world charge a minimum income tax of 15% has, deservedly, often been met with ridicule and scorn. Many countries point out that, since they lowered taxes, their economies have been growing like crazy.
Maybe an idea for our own unholy tax sinister.

Aren't Cops Smart
A church has been arsonized, if that word existed. Anyway, the police have concluded it indeed was arson, because they found a carton inside with red spray-painted text: "Next time blood will flow".
Or you think they jumped to conclusions?
Like those guys stabbing people like maniacs shouting out loud "Allahu Akbar!", where the cops can't decide if they were indeed muslim terrorists.

He Did It
Who sues first? The government proceeded with their Evil Plans to give a discount on old outstanding taxes if you pay now.
As for me, I'm pissed off that I always paid on time and now am punished for that.

PAR and MAN former government parties are angry with M*F*K and PNP, because their new government has accepted the Dutch condition for new loans; while they campaigned promising they wouldn't, and won the elections.
What else is new, PAR/MAN (and voters, don't forget the voters) suckers? Did you keep all your promises? Not by a long way. Nothing to see here, move on... That's politics, folks!

All Free
The suspects of the giant cocaine theft have all been released from jail. For the time being.

It's Started. Again.
People are leaving the island. In 2020, there were almost 5500 people less than in 2018; that's a hefty 3%.
No telling if that includes refugees or not, and other illegals. I'll tell you again, P.C. I'm not, nor do I want to be a "useful idiot".
Besides, other sources give a contradictory image. What do I know?

Guess Who?
No, it's not the Woody Woodpecker's Song! Once again, it's lawyer Roel Bijkerk, who has now started proceedings to force the OM public ministry to prosecute those illegitimate, if not downright illegal, gambling outfits. Bijkerk argues, Cyberluck, Antillephone, Gaming Services Provider and Interactive Licensing cannot escape co-responsibility for the actions of their customers.
Sic 'em, Roel!

They Found Out
Finally! Two ministers say, although they inherited the deals, they have inherited them and they'll just proceed; because "governing is a continuity". Too bad they won their seats by promising something different; but hey! that's politics, folks.
Why they said it? Oh, about the spoiled brats having to shrink their salaries with 12.5%.

All the Same, Nice Chap
When you get to know him. Says M*F*K PM Prickie about Dutch staatssecretaris Knops, after they together have visited Bandabao, Curaçao west. They even played soccer together; both Holland and Curaçao won.

Sounds Good
Dick Drayer, gradually developing into another national resource, writes about the Italian process against steel group Ilva, where it took five years to convict people responsible to prison terms of 2 and 22 years. These included politicians, spoiled brats and private persons, in total 47 held responsible for the Ilva-caused pollution.
Cancer around the factory location was 30% higher than elsewhere, and workers also ran a fat chance.
Of course Drayer can't help himself: he points to the ongoing struggle of CEA against Isla pollution, and the coming take-over by CORC. (But when?)

You Can Say That Again
Aruba utility WEB tells us that there are "irregularities". Really? There's no electricity and in many places, no water either. Good for just recovering tourism, as well.

Oh, Oh, Domino
In a house where dominoes were played, one of the players got up and returned with an air pistol. A 4-year old kid was then hit with a BB-pellet and removed to the hospital with his mother.
People tend to get very excited during this game.

Gaming Control
Nardy Cramm of Knipselkrant Curaçao reports on an court action by SBGOK (Foundation Advocacy of Victims Online Games of Chance). Hundreds of gaming concerns are sub-licensed by 4 (four) Curaçao licensees, which, says SBGOK, is illegal. This not only results in winners not receiving their money, but also in enormous amounts of tax not paid.

Great. Fine.
The last Virus patient has left the Intensive Care unit. Looks like it's all over; for now.

Big Black Smoke
No, this time it's not the refinery: still not back in action. A very impressive plume of smoke, which thankfully passed to the North of us, has originated from Malpais landfill. Seems a bunch of tires caught smoke; in fact, the story is it may have been started deliberately.

Still, It May Help
Cft financial supervision asks M*F*K PM Prickie to have a look at the drugs/medicine prices. Costs per year are much hire than on Aruba, and forcing the dealers to use generic products would save a lot of money. Yearly care is 451 million guilders.
Which of course is peanuts compared with CMC new hospital costs.

May Be
There's a new taxi service. By calling or apping 9-247 you can order a taxi from Taxi Platform Curaçao. They also seem to have a website, but the address is not given. You can make a deal before the trip starts. Hopefully a reasonable one; when you do so at the airport you pay twice as much than for a deal made before you arrive—easy.
You may pay cash or with plastic; tips are cash only. Which avoids the drivers having to pay taxes.
Best part I can see, at least you can order a taxi now, which was almost impossible.

Children, Stop Fighting... Please?
MAN is angry because the new sinister of finance, M*F*K Sylvania, says that the former government has left with the state coffers empty. But Gijs & Bertha says it ain't so: when they left there were 168m guilders in cash. Only, that ain't so either; the expected liquidity shortage by the end of June was 10m, which is why they asked for another Dutch loan of 187m to cover July-September costs.
Which they haven't got yet.

That's Telling 'em, Knops!
"... there have been delays in many files, including in dealing with financial problems at the Curaçao Medical Center (CMC), the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) funds, the gambling policy and the tax reform." Also sprach Knops. But he hastens to add, well knowing by now how ready our Leaders are to take offence, that "in general, the cooperation with Curaçao is constructive" without explaining how.
And CFT financial supervision says "Curaçao will have to draw up and implement a plan in which the multi-annual budget deficits will be reduced." About time, too, after 11 years. Hurray Today! for the Dia di Bandera [flag day].

They're Back, in Droves
Tourism is going well, we're told. Hotels are almost as full as before the Virus hit. Which really isn't doing so great at all, but I'll stop there. Even that furshlugginer stupid choo-choo train is back on track, obstructing traffic with its 3 mph speed and no room to overtake it.

Never Enough
This time not a rant about the spoiled brats, nor about the Tax Person. For a change, it's about the workers at Damen Shipyard, formerly DOK, who feel they're entitled to more Virus money than they've got.
Maybe they're right, who knows? At any rate they've got more than most people.

4 direction members of political party, now ex I presume? TPK [work for Curaçao] have been removed by the bailiff. They had insufficient respect or something. Only Calmes, who ran out of auntie Sushi's gang, is left. Good luck, Calmes; and I hope never to hear from you again. And that goes for the others as well.

Another Delay
The government has been given 6 weeks more for planning the so-called Landspakket to fulfill the conditions for the next Dutch loan.
Methinks Holland is really very obliging, but no doubt our Leaders may disagree.

Don't Celebrate—Yet
The judge in his almighty wisdom has decided Hato Airport may not raise passenger airport tax (PFC) by over 300%. But, the Country's new government should react "adequately" on a new proposal.
Funny detail: 2 advising experts had diametrically opposing opinions.

This Is Serious, Please Don't Laugh
Surely you know about that condominium in Florida that just collapsed all of a sudden. On second sight, it wasn't so sudden at all. You know what the pundits blame as the cause?
Right, "Climate Change".
And in 1995 that great Newspaper, the New York Times, published a doomsaying article that "25 years from now" there would be no beaches left on the US East Coast. Global warming, you know. Rising sea levels, got it?
Not so fast: it's been 26 years now and they're all still there.

Less than Nothing
Ex-minister Jesus-Leito tells us 90kms of Curaçao roads need fixing. Is that all? Now she tells us! Which costs 1 million guilders/km; but there's only 16m available. Which may not be used.
Is it, for starters, really that expensive? Maybe if you have her family, or Mudbelly's, do the work.

No Progress
Dutch staatssecretaris Knops says that reforming of gambling management goes much too slow. So Curaçao remains vulnerable for malpractice, and (hey, even worse!) misses out on tax income.
And tax reforms stagnate because of government change.
I have my private defamatory thoughts on why this goes so slowly; except of course everything political goes slowly here.

What Now?
Results of a 4-year test with 2-language education are in. I can't really follow it, because they say that proficiency in Dutch, English and Papiamento has improved. Maybe I have to go back to school and learn how to count.

The Prickie government has asked Staten/parliament to make hurry with agreeing to the Dutch loan conditions agreed to by Bhillie's coalition, but never really implemented.
Took some time, but Prickie wised up after all. The government is bashi: empty coffers.

CORC and Isla refinery need more time. CORC was supposed to take-over on July 1st, but this has been delayed for 3 months, during which the refinery will pay the salaries of the 450 remaining workers.
Reason, one of CORC's foreign partners seems not to be "satisfactory"—whatever that means. CORC's not talkin'.
Promising, no?

Count Your Blessings
Many Curazoleños figure they're lucky they haven't gone completely independent, like our former sister colony Suriname. Even though many vote for politicians who... leave it be. Anyway, Suriname has been absolutely ravaged by the Virus, why we escaped relatively scot-free. And now, to top it off, Suriname has decided to order Chinese vaccins which elsewhere have been proved not to work er... so well.

Is That News?
Not to us... alas. Amigoe Newspaper dedicates almost a whole page to showing that from the first so-called execution agendas, "despite all the government's beautiful promises, almost nothing has been implemented."
It has practically all been bulldozed to agenda 2; which should have been implemented between April and July 2021. Small wonder Holland is pissed off and is holding the money flow up. In fact, they share the guilt by enabling our successive governments to get away with it.
All this while it's almost time for agenda 3.

Playing Dirty
Finance minister Sylvania is enraged because at the Tax Office there are 20 workers from an employment agency who have been working there for over 1 year, which is illegal.
So soon we'll have 20 spoiled brats more.
Dirty trick by the former government to play it like this, while claiming they had hired only 6 new spoiled brats.

Tell Us About It
Ex-finance minister Jardim says Curaçao has been hit much harder economically by the Virus than other Caribbean islands.
Because of the "structural macro-economic weaknesses." And the Dutch support has not been applied to fight the pandemic, but largely to cover the government's deficits.
So the new Big Mouth M*F*K/PNP government has no choice: they just have to accept the Dutch conditions.

Kid Me Not?
3 guys have been arrested in connection with the 600 keys of cocaine stolen from a police station in 2018. They're suspected of drugs-dealing. You think? And one has been set free again. Really.
So they weren't cops after all? No info yet.
20,000 guilders was offered for tips, which was later raised to 30,000. That seems to have worked.

Armored Trick
The CEO of Florida armored truck company Transvalue Inc. has been arrested, suspected of smuggling $140 million of gold via his company. The gold may have come from Perú or Colombia, and smuggled through Venezuela (and other SA countries) via Curaçao and/or Chile.

The country lacks 10 million guilders by the end of the month, so there's no money to pay the spoiled brats' salaries, onderstand care and (social) support.
Not one word about ministers' and MPs' salaries, what do you think?

New Plane
Divi Air has bought a new de Havilland Twin Otter aircraft. "New" in the sense of, "another". The plane left the factory in 1974 or so. Talk about geriatric.
But of course, that doesn't mean too much when it's been well-maintained; look at the Dakota and Hercules, still going strong.

Oh Shut Up
M*F*K PM Prickie says Coho with its Dutch conditions is still on the table (good) but a 3rd partner (IMF?) should check the Dutch measures. For what, is not explained where I read it. "Recalculate" is the word; can't he do that himself? No, you're right; I guess not.
And CFT financial supervision says we'll still need support next year. I could have told them that, myself.
Total country debt will be 100% of the GDP then. Ain't independence great?
Finance minister Sylvania says he's got, we've got our backs against the wall. He figures we'll need half a billion by the end of this year, and supplicates MPs to agree with the 25% salary cut. Fat chance.

Cft financial supervision's Gradus thinks salaries in the public sector should be better managed. Also, costs of government's quarters are too high. Then, higher incomes' salaries oops! taxes I meant should go up, and he agrees with Prickie's government that tax income should be moved from income tax to taxes on services and goods.
On SVB social insurance, he says higher premiums are no solution, but payments should go down and AOV welfare pension should be determined by carrying capacity. Too bad the media don't tell us if that's supposed to mean the premiums or the payments.

Winners Have Lost
100 million €uros have been confiscated from gambling outfits. Public Ministry claims they made €250m illegally and laundered the money.
Go get 'em!
This was in Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Malta, Austria, Switzerland and yes, Curaçao.

Staten/parliament members are still fighting over their 25% salary cut. Naturally. Saying it's illegal, who knows? They also deplore Holland saying that, after 10 years, they've proved they can't sustain their autonomy. Harsh words, yes—worse, quite true.
Maybe even worse, their remaining hope IMF emphasizes that no support will be forthcoming from there without the hated COHO deal with Holland.

Court has decided that CMC hospital may not refuse medical specialists to use CMC's facilities, nor can they be forced to pay for them.
There will be a follow-up case, though.

A letter to the Amigoe editors states, among many other interesting facts, that all Caribbean oil refineries have the same problems as Isla: they have been shrinking until you can't see 'em, or have closed down completely. He even includes the Point-a-Pierre one, in T&T, a country with plenty of crude reserves.
Finally, s/he wonders if it's wise to have our government support a reboot, referring to ALM, InselAir, Girobank... no need to go on.

True Words
IMF announces that the supporting deals with Holland are great and have saved us, but what really has priority is to reduce the budget deficits.
So there, M*F*K/PNP. CFT financial supervision agrees; small wonder.

That's Another Story
PAR ex-PM Bhillenaath makes it known that the total number of spoiled brats went up by 6 in the time he was Boss, 4 years.
Your move, Prickie.

New Coin Soon
In 2023. Trouble is, the former printer can't deliver bank notes any longer (since 2016) and another one is hard to find. This will speed up the decision to go for dollarization or a new Caribbean coin.

What Is This?
Maintenance of Julianabridge will start, we read. And that while it already started last year? There was a scandal because the deal went to the sinister's son, and we were even treated to photos of the two, handling brushes. Blue-yellow paint, naturally!

Musta Been a Strong Guy
A man was arrested for vandalism and violence. "He tried to hit his mother with a car."
Or maybe he was driving it?

Goodbye to All €s?
At least large part of 'em. In contrast with earlier news, SXM Daily Herald that Dutch parliament after all has decided that CUR and SXM have not fulfilled the stipulated conditions. "Therefore, the Kingdom government decided to set further conditions and timelines for the payment of the next tranche. As for Curaçao, the Kingdom government decided to split up the sixth tranche: NAf. 75.5 million and NAf. 92.5 million."

Foundation CAE Clean Air Everywhere publishes a list of conditions applying to the coming take-over of Isla Refinery by CORC. Their list contains the very points I made in a comment last February. I see they agree as well with one of my main questions: why should CORC, the license holder, be the one deciding if those conditions are "haalbaar" [achievable]? Asking for trouble.
— 1. There will have to be solid legislation in which the standards are anchored;
— 2. All large companies such as Aqualectra, BOO/CRU and Isla refinery will each obtain a nuisance permit in which the individual maximum emissions for each company are regulated;
— 3. The total emissions of those companies must be lower than the legal established limit standards; this because the Country must also take into account the other causes of emissions, such as shipping, road and air traffic;
— 4. Before the refinery becomes operational again, the standards must be met from day 1, as stated in the nuisance permit of the refinery;
— 5. It is essential that the Country takes immediate action if the norm is exceeded and so there must be good measurement and enforcement.

Sorry, Googlishly translated.

Don't Fool Me
The new government thinks Gambling is highly important, and the finance sinister (don't remember his name right now, but after all, does it matter?) proposes two ontwerp Landsverordeningen [new laws] on gambling games. The second one, tax features, seems by far the most important as seen from here, but all emphasis is on the first one which is supposed to concern "principles of player protection (addiction problems, protection of minors)".
That would be a new, what? a revolutionary approach for sure.

Very Good Question
People ask me if I think Mudbelly even knows the meaning of a 4-syllable word like "quantitative". I get their point all right, who wouldn't?
The come-back of course is, I'm totally convinced Mudbelly doesn't know the meaning of "qualitative".

Here's an Idea! Bright!
Texas governor Abbott has "vetoed part of a bill funding the state's legislature in response to a walkout staged by Democrats last month to block the passage of an election reform bill."
Hey, can't we do this here with those people not turning up for Staten meetings? Hit 'em where it hurts!

Now That's News!
Victoria committed suicide and took her Secret with her in the grave. Happily, while she forgot it, we knew about what the Secret was all along. Will the New Victoria please stand up?
Plenty of 'em where she came from...

All the Same
M*F*K PM Prickie announces they're going to investigate several nominations of people during the last days of PAR PM Bhillie's cabinet.
That's childish; he should remind himself that, despite all promises, Bhillenaath never did anything about Prickie's hiring of umpteen spoiled brats. Hey, they're all in the same game here, right?

Easy as Pie
Make the gambling circuits pay for AOW? Watch 'em speedily move to other places!
Good riddance anyway, you say? It's a point. Then what? Think it through.

Will That Help?
Now that the supermarkets are refusing to go on accepting the karchi soshal the minister comes with a "solution": from now on, the users will get the money on their bank accounts and thus can pay with their debit cards.
As if that's any form of guarantee that they won't misuse their support money.
The supermarkets say they're surprised to learn they agree with this idea. They haven't heard a thing about it.

Saved... for Now
Even though the CUR, SXM and AUA haven't fulfilled the conditions for getting more "liquidity support" from Holland, they'll get it anyway for the 3rd quarter this year. That's 168 million for us. Now start getting ready to waste it, kids.

Just Like That
In spite of a court stopping order, retraction of building permits and the builder/owner threatening his neighbors (with the police right there), a building was finished against all regulations. Judging from the water meters, it contains 5 apartments. (Ain't tourism great?)
Oh irony: the building is in the Kaya Ladronicih, which is a fish name but also means "little thief".

We Read That Before
A "famous rapper" has been arrested upon arrival in Curaçao. Cops seem to have treated him nastily. On the other hand, he did have problems with his passport he couldn't do anything about. But police say he was very rude and nasty, and even used the N-word. (Arriving somewhere with a 90% black population; tactful.) And the expression kankerhoer "cancer whore"; subtle, huh?
Looking at his published photos, the guy looks so arrogant he could pose for a statue and no questions asked.
Why is it that rappers so often stick with the criminal underground?

Good News?
For some people, no doubt: Yes! Like Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association Cheata, still complaining visitor counts were disappointing last month. TUI announced they'll be flying AMS-CUR twice a day soon, or 14 times a week, whichever comes first.

They Keep Popping Up
Here's another one: Fundashon Kas Popular popular housing has attracted the politicians' attention. Many houses are empty, there's a waiting list "from here to Westpoint" as we're wont to say and no buildings going on. Also, yearly accounts are hard to find.
But the ministers need 100 days first, to get oriented. "Wait a bit..."

Yes, But I'm an Old Fart
M*F*K has introduced a law to ease the lives of people like me, as regards tax and premium pressures. As from January 2021, they won't have to pay tax nor premiums over their income.
Best thing is, the money the country then doesn't get will be compensated for by taxing the casinos. Even better, the country will thus get more money, just like the oldies.
As Amigoe says: "if it is feasible". The candidate-minister has announced (Jue 1) that he will not give priority to this, his own party's, proposal.
At any rate, it would save them money to raise the pensions... for now. High time!

St. Maarten Gets It
They're judged to have solved their airport mess and so, will get Dutch support after all.

Language Struggle
Well do we remember that term Schoolstrijd from Belgium, where two languages are in common use. But don't forget it never was a point in Switzerland. Here, though, our leaders keep pushing to accept Papiamento as primary language (so far so good) and at the same time get rid of the hated Dutch. Which they want to replace with English; from now on, Dutch would become a foreign language and taught as such.
Disregarding at the fact that there's a yearly rush on the few remaining schools teaching in Dutch, but can't accommodate all of those candidates by a large margin. That's just the stupid plebs who don't know any better! Too bad it always includes politicians' kids.

All for Nothing
We can well remember how our Great Leaders kept pushing an independency down our reluctant throats, until we finally obliged with a referendum outcome that could be explained the way they wanted to. One of their arguments was that the two layers of government, of the Netherlands Antilles and of the separate islands, cost money and resulted in an unwieldy apparatus.
Not that any spoiled brats were fired when thestatus aparte finally came through on 10-10-10; what did you expect anyway?
And now, our Great Leaders want to bring back the second layer on our island. Sure, they have arguments. But valid ones? What's the use.

There You Have It
The Karchi Soshal [social card] which enable people to pay for shopping at supermarkets, will from now on be refused for payment. Reasons a'plenty: the government is very slow in paying back (I vaguely remember having heard this before), but also, card owners use to them buy whatever and not only primary necessities; which should be controlled at the cash registers but of course isn't; not really.

Good News?
Foreign exchange stock has grown to over 3 million guilders. But that's not because export has grown; whatever made you think that? It's only because we received support from Holland.

Hotel complex Kura Hulanda, much to my surprise, is still around. More, a group of investors is interested in taking over. Kura Hulanda, a legacy of Gelt Dekker, has enormous debts, though.

What We Got
Curaçao unemployment was 19.1% last year. Number of people with a job fell sharply, but job seekers' hardly grew. CBS Statistics calls this "hidden unemployment":in other worse, it's worse; maybe much worse, who knows?

Language Lesson
What Mudbelly Cooper calls "quantitative road repairs", in contradistinction to "qualitative" (he got that straight), is a well-known concept in cinematography, where they call it "pancake make-up": covering up skin faults without really doing anything about them.
In photography spray-retouching is used as well. These days in digital variations, sure. Too bad Mudbelly can't use those.

They Wouldn't Know
Regarding the grandiose project developers Janssen de Jong Groep's plans to develop ruin the Saliña Rif-St. Marie by turning it into an eco-resort, the VVRP ministry says it knows nothing about it. The Group hasn't even applied for any permits whatsoever.
As mentioned before, a petition has been started to ask the government to keep to its legal obligations as stipulated in EOP [Island Development Plan]. Of course they must! you say. Which goes to show you don't know our government.
The petition has been signed 10,350 times, which is 1/6th of the adult population.

Sounds That Way
Roy Bottse, writing in Amigoe newspaper, explains how the Curaçao kiesregelement [voting law] obstructs the people's wishes to who's democratically chosen to be in government. Problem is, it's not the number of votes a candidate gets but rather his place on the list of candidates which gets hir (or hem) elected for parliament.

No Budget? No Problem!
Aruba was supposed to present a 2021 budget to parliament before September 1, 20202. They didn't manage; worse, it's still not there.
No problem, mon! We'll just go on "governing" without a budget! Simple, see? Only problem here, the government may then spend, by law, only 70% of last year's budget. Which has been spent already.

Refinery topman de Lannoy says oil refinery business is as good as over, and we'll have to focus on "energy transition". What could he mean? Good question. Listening to his words, he has drawn his wisdom from the Delft University "Donut" report which has abundantly and satisfactory been put to rest (in Dutch) by yours truly.
For one thing, de Lannoy talks about electrical cars and hydrogen. Which, in that report, is supposed to be produced by more wind generators; without mentioning and even realizing that 100 million of those monsters would be needed to reach the proposed capacity.
Your turn, de Lannoy.
We'll get 15 e-buses this year, rejoice! 5 of those just spectacularly exploded in Hamburg, Germany, causing millions of €s of damage.

Does Not Mean a Thing
M*F*K PM Prickie says he's optimistic about Holland coming through with another loan, even though his government can't meet the needed conditions before July 18. If not, they'll have to find another, internal, solution.
He also forgets to mention his party has absolutely refused to meet those conditions.

Is What He Says
M*F*K Mudbelly Cooper says restoring the road surfaces has the highest priority. In fact, he thinks that upgrading the airport back to FAA category 1 is more important, "but what's the use if all the people are mad?" But means are scarce so he'll try to repair as many kilometers as he can.
Sounds promising, huh? Wait and don't see.
And he'll have only the top coating repaired and leave the foundation as-is. Just what we needed. As always. Mudbelly calls that "quantitative repairs".

Not I
After (part of) the new coalition has been sworn in, governor Wout held a speech in which she said that "Curaçao's citizens count on you!" It depends for what, let me put it that way.
And PAR ex-PM Bhillie said the new law proposals needed to be hurried along. As if his government was in such a hurry.

We're All Dead Here!
In Swiss Bern the authorities have warned the population: temperature will go over 25°C today, so drink plenty and stay indoors. That is meant to teach 'em how dangerous Global Warming... er... Climate Change is.
Happens to be the temperature I run my airco at (77°F, gringo). Temp. outside right now (10:00) is 29.7°C, heat index 33.8°C. I can't breathe!

Good Reason Not To
Police say that the number of car thefts is going up like crazy. It's especially imported cars, not locally bought, that are victimized. For parts; which you can order—they steal and deliver. Kia's are said to be especially popular.
Maybe that will help end the tiresome RHD versus Left Hand Drive discussions?

For How Long?
As from toady, we'll have a new cabinet, sworn in and all. I won't accept any bets.

CORC Knows, But?
RdK boss de Lannoy tells us all that CORC does know about the recent pollution verdict. Sure, but does CORC care?
Good question. The ministeriële regeling [arrangement] still has to be empowered by law, in which the court says it has little confidence. Neither do we.

Old Trick Gets Older
Again, no quorum for parliament meeting; this time on the vacation money for the spoiled brats. Prickie says the financial situation of the country must first be considered.

Two More
Imported Virus infections. That's all.

Oh Shut Up. (Please.)
Comic Jandino, a Curaçao guy who lives in Holland, and about the only one these days who makes movies there that actually turn a profit, is over here and has visited the jail. He tells us we oughta give the jail birds a second chance. Sure, of course, anything you say.
Except for some of 'em. Second chance for another jail conviction? We don't need them clichés.

PNP members are protesting against Ramon Chong's canceled ministerial candidacy. They say it's against party initiator Dr. Da Costa Gozez's principles of "order, decency and disciplin".
Only question remaining, didn't they notice Chong was their party's leader?

Oh, Wait
M*F*K Prickie Pisas didn't hire 64 spoiled brats; it's more like 330, which has now been looked into by some Committee. Who found "irregularities" in 48% of the cases. That's 158.4 cases to be exact. Huh? At any rate, that's ~2.5 times as many.

Not Much
The spoiled brats will get 1/12th of 6% of their vacation money. That's for June 2020. It was taken away from them in July. 12.5%, you know. And so we struggle on.

17-23% of youngsters between 15-24 here have no job, nor do they follow any training. But wait: that's 2,913, but there's 889 more of whom it's unknown. Promising, right? The media say "that's too many" and they do have a point.

Say "Jeez"
That'll make you look like smiling, instead of bursting out in a belly-laugh. Our government is asking Holland for another 188 million extra "liquidity-support" (means: loan). To get through the first three months of the new government.
And they telling us they didn't want money from Holland on Dutch conditions?

What For?
The last fruit stalls of the Floating Market are being restored.
Not that there's any prospect of Venezuelan fruit sellers coming back soon. First they were pestered away, and now... Thank you, pinhead Martina! But we pay for the restoration anyway (last time it was Chávez).

She's Crazy! GOOD!
Dutch crown-princess Amalia, turning 18 in December, has returned her €300K/year and says she will not accept the €1.8m/year until she takes up royal duties, presumably after finishing university.
Who raised this chick? Can't be a member of the Orange family, all notorious money-chasers. A welcome change.

But Can They?
Dutch CPB Centraal Planbureau says bitcoin currencies must be curbed right away; last one to do so is the loser. Maybe so; much too much amateurism around there.
But the whole idea behind it is to avoid all government interference; reading about countries starting their own bitcoin can only make you grin. Makes me really curious how this will evolve.
Read Kevin Kelly's Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, & the Economic World and you'll see what I mean.

Yes, We Remember
Koninkrijk Nu reminds us that in the short period M*F*K's Prick Pisas has been P.M. before, he managed to hire 64 spoiled brats—illegally.
We also remember, although Koninkrijk Nu doesn't mention it, that PAR Bhillenaath, in spite of promising to fire them when he became P.M., never did so.
And by the way you know, because of the Virus the Bhillenaath government hired over 100 spoiled brats extra.

Nahar Hits Back—HARD
A discussion about the ground lease of Isla refinery terrains was started by Marguérite Nahar, whose arguments have since been pooh-poohed by, who else, the RdK officials. But Nahar points at one sentence: Als er geen belangstelling is bij de openbare verkoop, mag de eigenaar (RdK) het terrein zelf kopen [If there is no interest in the public sale, the owner (RdK) may buy the site themselves]. And of course in turn sell it to... whomever.
And there you are, and there we go.
Nahar's main concern is the Bullenbaai oil terminal, but I guess it goes for the entire refinery.

Only Two
Two passengers of the just arrived, first after 15 months, cruise ship have a Virus infection. (All, pax and crew, were vaccinated.) They've been isolated. Otherwise, we've 4 cases, 2 imported, 2 (probably, they say) local.
They had been allowed to deboard in St. Maarten and Aruba. Yes.

Open Those Borders Now!
We now have had 8 new Covid infections, one after another; all imports. Ain't tourism great?

Yeah, Well...
Dutch staatssecretaris Knops announces that Curaçao still hasn't fulfilled the conditions for more liquidity support. So it stopped. Take that, Prick and Mudbelly!
The problem really has been caused by the former Bhillenaath government, who first raised the ministers' salaries to a higher scale before they applied the 25% discount desired by Holland; which resulted in a net salary increase. Nice try, Bhillie! Crook... Good thing it didn't work.
Also, the 12.5% salary cut of the spoiled brats had meanwhile (por fin) passed in parliament, but is not a law yet.
Next October, Holland wants to start discussions on how we're supposed to pay back. Our present Virus debt is 668 million guilders. So that could turn out interesting as well.

So Do We. Not Easy?
VBC entrepreneurs' club wants a "qualified minister of economic development." As for now, we don't even have one proposed by the new coalition.

Back On-Line
No, it's not me; have been back for some days now. Deplorable as some people may find this, sorry kids! What I meant is one of the 10 (so 10%) of the Tera Korá wind generating monsters, which has been out of order for what I figure must have been 3 months. It just went back to work.
Ain't Free Energy great?

News! But Good?
The Freewinds, run and owned by the "Church" of Scientology, has been a regular visitor here for 33 years. Makes me feel old... We have to thank, probably among others, ex-PNP PM Maria Liberia for that. Let's all celebrate!
Too bad there are no mines or submarines around these days.

Haven't Learned a Thing
The spoiled brats have devised a way to get their 3% vacation allowance this year. I won't bother to explain how, only that KEM party calls it a "compensation for what the civil servants have had to go through in the past four years." Poor babies! KEM describes it as a "massacre"—only, none of us remembers any deaths falling. In fact, they've been doing better than most of us.

Mark! Take Note!
Even though I've stopped given daily numbers, there are still people turning up infected with the Virus at tests.
They're all imports. The State of Emergency has been lengthened by 90 days. If parliament agrees.

Whaddoyou Expect, Anyway?
The new cabinet will start off with 7 ministers, lacking one for economic development and for justice. So, no replacements for Chong and Braam.
M*F*K PM Prick Pisas doesn't think lacking a minister of justice is of importance. But VBC entrepreneurs' club, after 3 months, wants the other one urgently.
Yes, despite an "overwhelming" election win, it took 3 months.

For a Price
There's a new 24-7 Taxi Curaçao service now, or there will be shortly. Call 9-247 or use the app/website.
No info on tariffs.

Let's Do It
Sue China directly for the damage done by, as it now more and more looks like, criminal worldwide release of the lab-made CPV or Kung Flu. Where are you, KKN Chamber of Commerce, VBC, CTB and CHEATA? What are you waiting for? We have many Chinese here, right, but not so many tourists from there. Let Beijing put a stop to them coming. Let 'em...

Naturally! Of Course
The maximum amount of 260,000 guilders salary managers of SOEs are entitled to get "has been rounded up."
Say, you didn't really expect it would get rounded down, did you? The government says "it's logical" and, knowing them, I fully agree.

Bad for Tourism
Wow! Then it's really bad. They're still supposed to get an antigen test (for the Virus) after 3 days from arrival. Which they don't like. Besides, it costs 'em money. So, many prefer to keep away.
But medics think it's still useful, so there. (I'm with the medics.)
And parties with fully-vaccinated participants are possible. Will we see an explosion of STDs, like in the USA, as a result?

Please Excuse My Schadenfreude
Ex-PM M*F*K Shorty must pay 2 million guilders back, come September. Shorty appealed, but that didn't help him one bit: the Advocaat-Generaal/Attorney General discarded all his grounds for appeal. In almost all cases, court follows the AG's recommendations.

St. Maarten: No More Money
Well, that's tough guys. As Holland stubbornly refuses to stop its neo-colonial imperialistic attitude and therefore does not unconditionally give away free money, time is approaching fast when the SXM government will run out of the green stuff. What happens next? Good question! I'll bet they don't have an answer themselves.

Isn't On-Line Gambling Fun?
There are 2 illegal on-line "Bingo" games operating from the island. This must stop, says minister Gijs & Bertha.
Only, it doesn't, yet.

Really? For Sure?
Antilliaans Dagblad has asked an ex-notary, who says Nahar may be wrong and probably is: erfpacht [ground lease] will never result in a take-over by the terrain by another owner.
Too bad he then concludes: "It is therefore the task of RdK to set up the ground lease conditions in such a way that they cannot be abused." And there you go. Or might go.
So Nahar may turn out to be right, after all, mister notary?

We'll Find Out—Eventually
Isla's de Lannoy denies Nahar is right in the refinery terrain question. Well, don't ask me. I'm just afraid, very afraid, that this may turn into yet another of those long drawn-out affairs which keep dragging through courts for years and years.

Kung Flu Still Around
Don't write me letters, I know Trump was slammed by using that name for the Virus. Turns out more and more, looks like he was right; just like the Hong Kong Free Press who named it CPV for Communist Party Virus.
At any rate, there are still new cases and people dying (total now 123), and in hospital. Keep an eye peeled! Also when on the road: traffic is back at the old volume, complete with accidents.

Don't See if It'll Make It
A new Screening Law has been proposed. It will take 3 months before it will be ready for discussion in parliament, which makes the whole business appear like a very moot point. Then also, what use is it to us now?

But Whom To?
Central Bank CSBS, we're told, is busy selling Banco di Caribe. The bank was, with Ennia Insurance, in trouble. Both are owned by Parman International of, largely, Hushang Ansary, originally from Iran, who were busy draining money from BdC and Ennia. This has been stopped. What happens next?

Raus mit Ramon
Ramon Chong will not become a minister in the new cabinet. Because of his criminal past. As minister of economic development he might have become a worthy successor of pinhead Martina. If he stays on as head of PNP? I shouldn't wonder.
But Chong persists: he will not retract. Get lost, Ramon.

Hope It Won't Come Back
The Virus I mean. Or maybe an even better one?
Night curfew is canceled as from June 8. But one thing is coming back: the first cruise ship will arrive in Annabaai harbor on June 10.

Does Make a Difference
Braam was an MD, GP, at the time of his crime. Even after reading and agreeing with following quote, c'est pas comme il faut:
"What's statutory rape?" "That's when you're seduced by a girl under 16."
—Tennessee Williams, Night of the Iguana
That doesn't count for Chong though, who thinks he didn't do anything wrong at all. And of course he's got a point, it's how our politicians are used to acting. But good to hear not all PNP-members agree with him. Even better: Formateur Peterson (can't tell you out of hand if that's clown Peppi or Kokki) has rejected Chong as minister.

Ready to Serve Her People
Ain't that Grand? Ex-PAR sinister Jesus-Leíto, worthy successor of auntie Suzy, is not prepared to give up her parliament seat: she has been chosen and will, with her experience and expertise, continue to serve Her People. Include me out.
High principles? And besides, it pays very well.
This is from April 26, but you didn't wanna miss it, I'm sure. Even if it never was news.
The same woman was then still waiting for SOAB advice on the infamous Kenepa beach ramp for disabled persons, but don't worry: those spoiled brats who had been suspended are now back on their seats.

How To Get Rid of Her?
God help us. According to the M*F*K/PNP coalition agreement, they're all for continuing the policy of (guess who?) auntie Suzy! You read that right, even if she hasn't been sinister of health for longer than I care to remember. These Leaders think her holistic approach is the cat's pyjamas. Understandable, because look how much money she squeezed out of it. There's an example for you them!

M*F*K's Prick Pisas (05-21) doesn't understand how people got to think they don't want to talk any longer with Holland. "It made a wrong impression and frightens investors away" (shows their sense).
Maybe people think so because you said so, Prick?

Fine, Get Lost
The carnival's organizers association AGKK says, if the government doesn't come across with subsidies,they'll give up on it. The government shows "no respect" they say. (Where did I here this before? More often...)
So they want subsidies and they don't care where they come from, got it.
This is not a new item (May 15), but I didn't want to skip it.

Is what CMC new hospital, calls the Government's acts. First they cut the budget.. .skip all that, they just don't keep to their arrangements which were necessary because of past government's manipulations. They think because it's "past" they can get away with it. These people are just too obtuse to understand that a government takes over from the preceding governments.
In fact, CMC is just a fake name for HNO Vastgoed en Beheer [Real Estate and Management] which in turn is part of, or maybe the other way 'round, VNO Transitie en Exploitatie. My, a lot of companies. Maybe helpful in covering tracks? It's a thought for sure.

Threw Himself Out
Eduard Braam, M*F*K justice minister candidate, has retracted his candidature. In 2000 Braam has been convicted for fornication with a minor, but he got off without imprisonment. Still, Braam doesn't want to make waves.
In contrast with Chong, who's been holding a press conference in his own defence, yesterday. Keep tuned!
Between you and me, fornication with minors is nowhere as serious a crime as it used to be, am I right?

It's HIS Fault!
PSB Postspaarbank is forced to fire 150 workers. M*F*K Prick Pisas of course points to the former director (do you care about his name?) because he made "false promises". Just like... aww, let it go.

Frustration Builds
Flow may promise what they will, and do exactly that: a week from now, their internet speed is supposed to be doubled. Like the saying goes, "not before we were ready for it." Meanwhile, we're left in the lurch. The Internet hardly works at all since they started "improving" it. Been trying for days and nights to download a short movie of mine which was just finished for theatrical release—no such luck.

So What?
By the end of this month, the country will be 10m guilders (hey, more or less—probably more) short. Let's see if Mudbelly Cooper comes up with a sack of cash hidden in a desk drawer.

After Four (4) Years
That's how long the lighthouse on Oostpunt hasn't been working. Not only was the construction all rusted to hell, the battery had definitely given up. Complaints by terrain owner Maal didn't help, nor supplications by sailors and fishermenpersons. Now, finally, the battery has been renewed and imagine! the steel construction will be fixed.

Pay Up!
Several hotels and room renters were hoping to get exonerated for tens of millions of outstanding taxes. No such luck, decided the judge.
It's always like that: for the Holy Tourism Cow, they think they're also free to use water, electricity and all that, which in practice means we have to pay for the tourists.

Won't Help Much
Court has decided that the sinister of health should not have cut the CMC-hospital personnel's salaries by 12.5%. So CMC will get an extra 16.9 million guilders.
But CMC's outstanding debts total 71.5 million. In fact, they hoped to get 206 million, which they didn't.

We Won!
Break out the Beer—both barrels! The judges finally decided: Clean Air Everywhere was totally in the right, and the government with its filthy polluters in the wrong. By whom, just in case you wonder, is meant the refinery, its Aqualectra CRU refinery utilities and well, everybody involved in oil refining. They just did not care.
More good news: this will delay the take-over of Isla Refinery by CORC.
Against which our National Resource Marguérite Nahar warns anyway, as CORC might use the ground lease as a security for borrowing money; when CORC fails to pay back, the valuable terrain will end up in their creditors' hands.

Tell Us About It
God save us. The new minister of Traffic &c; will probably become Mudbelly Cooper. His old comfy job back. Watch that abdomen swell!
This is not entirely ad hominem, you know. Bellies cost money to build, and where to get it?
Ex-PAR minister Jesus-Leito says she deplores it roads are in such a bad condition. "But since Road Fund was canceled, where by the way there was 'also'" (literal quote) "much fraud going on" (really? do tell) "there is hardly any money left for roads." So now you know: since 2016 the money you pay (or not) for car tax is not used for the roads. The proceeds went to Algemene Middelen instead.
But in 2020 parliament voted for a return of Road Funds to road maintenance. Maybe it helps. Ya think?

Good Question! Or, You Might Well Ask
In gaming tax, the Ministry of Finance ought to receive ANG 784,000,000 to 1,140,000,000 profit tax per year. That's excluding gaming license fees of 1 billion to the Ministry of Justice.
Oh, where did it all go? Right, very good question. Knipselkrant Curaçao has some more and lists them all:
How many Curaçao offshore online casino operators are there?
How many websites do they run in total?
How much gambling profit tax has been paid to the Curaçao treasury since 1996?
How many license fees on average do they pay the state treasury each year?
How much employment and foreign exchange does the Curaçao offshore online gambling sector provide?
These are just the most important ones.
You wouldn't be far wrong to see this as just a prelude to more action.
By the way, how many billions is the government supposed again to get in Coho-help?
originally published by KKC in June 2020

Don't Believe It
It's just a rumor that says C***-Post has no money to buy gas for their delivery cars. Oh, where does it all go? Judging from the delay and dear lack of mail dropping in our own still private personal mail box, the rumor might well be true.

This Takes the Cake
And fast too. Deserves top billing (the rest goes on in order of date, below). The new government has only just been installed, but they've already decided that the money need is so desperate, when you have back taxes to pay you'll get a hefty discount: when you pay now, it's only 60%. You think the spoiled brats' salaries are reduced by 60%? Or the ministers' and MPs'? Not to mention their sumptuous pensions. And the bribes, don't forget the bribes!
Break out the pitchforks and cudgels, light the torches for a march to Ali Baba's Grotto, Fort Amsterdam!
This unholy idea has been proposed before, by MAN M*F*K Mudbelly Cooper if I'm right.
Too bad if you've paid already. Methinks it's time to sue the bastards, and to at least go on a tax-strike.
"Hey Mr. Tallyman, tally me banana."

Back in the Saddle
Boy, what a trip! We were greeted upon arrival in Makambia by hail; which was what we got as a goodbye gesture as well. But I'm still alive, if only after a fashion, and so is my computer. It's a new one. Now for the catch-up.
Boy, have the clowns been busy. May take some time. Happy readings! I Did It! Overtook them all. Girl, what a club.

That'll Teach Her. Maybe.
St. Maarten's PM Jacobs, after flying off to Holland to protest loan conditions, has returned. With empty hands.
Right, as long as she gets her salary... and pension.

Here's an Idea: Let's Just Start All Anew
Again, it beomes a Big Bore, medical specialists are in the clinch with CMC hospital. CMC wants the specialists to pay for things the specialists think SVB social insurance or private insurers should pay for. Off to court! and a merry time will be had by all.
Meanwhile, CMC is as good as bankrupt. There's no possible way they can pay for the incredible costs they were saddled with by Shorty's and Arsjes' fraudulent governments. Not that there are no other guilty parties.

Ten More Years? If That
For about ten years, the Rijkswet Koninkrijksgeschillen [Kingdom Disputes Act] has been held pending. Now it has been delayed again. Staatssecretaris Knops tells Dutch parliament there's no support for it in Curaçao's, Aruba's and St. Maarten's parliaments.
Nor will there ever be. Imagine, the Kingdom interfering in "our" governments!

I Thought We'd Passed that Point Long Since
The board of IMANA met with government reps. and say, the time to act is NOW to save the economy.
IMANA? I didn't know either, but it represents the Indian community of Curaçao. Maybe preferable to Chinese? (or, in reverse order of appearance, Portuguese and Makambas.) One of their solutions is to have banks declare a moratorium on mortgages, "just like in 2020" which will allow the economy to catch its breath. "COVID has weakened the economic base of Curacao and focus is on UNITY as the cornerstone to build back the economy."

It's in the Blood
Endemic... They just can't help themselves... Of the 4300 persons who applied for Food Packages to Red Cross, 1200 were fraudulent. They didn't need it, just figured some extra food would be welcome. Good point, of course! Too bad the Red Cross service had to be stopped for lack of funds.

Sheer Genius
After all the efforts of MAN's Pinhead Martina to replace the famous barkjes Floating Market with shops selling souvenir junk to tourists, which resulted in those Venezuelan boats first being moved and then totally refused, there's now talk of this decision getting reversed.

Drop Dead, Y'All
PNP states that ex-con (be it conditional) party head Ramon Chong, convicted for fraud, remains their candidate minister. After all, they're the (co-)Boss, so there. "It's all a conspiracy to subvert forming a new government" PNP says.
Protests come from CBA-television personnel, who know Chong from their jobs. They feel a guy with a criminal record and tax, SVB social security, debts, workers' and renters' debts (a list that strikes a familiar chord) shouldn't become minister.
But PNP thinks all that is no problem. Of course not! For politicians.

Nice Work, and We Got It
Stichting Belangenbehartiging Gedupeerden Online Kansspelen [Foundation for Advocacy of Dupes of Online Games of Chance], a club more or less led by lawyer Roel Bijkerk (rather famous for, among other things, his role in getting rid of ex-PM Shorty) and Nardy Cram (publisher of Knipselkrant Curaçao) has seized 1.3 million worth of Art Treasures of Antillephone, arranged garnishment of their funds at MCBank and lodged a complaint with CSBS central bank against trust office Emoore n.v.
This after a guy from Turkey won $548,000 from license holder Antillephone, only to have his account blocked. Antillephone is raging mad, ça va sans dire. Their take is, Bijkerk has only taken the measure because otherwise that Turk might have arranged some (lower) deal with Antillephone which would have cost Bijkerk provision. How like them and their way of thinking.
Bijkerk, on the other hand, says because Antillephone has sub-licensees they evade screenings.

Better Still, Shut Up?
C'est le ton qui fait la musique", for sure. Dutch Staatssecretaris Knops should change his tone, says some Dutch parliamentary committee.
Hey, how about those megalomaniac nitwits around here changing their tune?

Come to Think of It...
One of those ten &%$#@* wind generators ruining (not only) my view over the Caribbean Sea has not been turning for several months now. What's going on? It jammed? Too expensive to repair? Nobody's talkin'.
Well, it's not a lone case. In Maryland, USA, 90 Mitsubishi wind turbines have been blown up to pieces - demolished - not even salvaged. Go ahead, make my day!
"They had outlived their useful life" we're told. That takes about 20 years. "Ours" are now about ten years old.

Hiya, Gretha! How's Tricks?
Sorry, it made me laugh but it's really sad: that poor misguided Gretha! The Japanese meteorological Agency JMA, after looking at collected world temperature data, as is their job, concluded that since 2016 the world has not warmed, but cooled with 0.75°C.
That was the year Greta was born.
But in those few years, she made pots'o'money.

We Are Not Alone
No, this is not about that silly Spielberg movie. It's about the US thinking about downgrading Mexico's FAA status to Category 2. Hey, just like us! Welcome to the Club of Outcasts, Mexico.

It's Their Habit
See? Everybody does it? Why kick up a stink? Now it's the Dutch Navy holding exercises at Wacao, for all practical purposes a natural monument. At any rate a preservation area (to quote once again, "only marks on paper"). They've put buildings and everything. To be sure, the terrain owners didn't mind. Why should we? Or the Navy? Or anybody at all?

Here, Too
The Great Virus Scare may be as good as over, so let us think about those old people, helpless to defend themselves, locked up in 'institutions' (the very word makes me tremble). In one of them, 12 people in one of them died in a month, and now their relatives want to sue the director as he kept it a secret that one of his personnel had the Virus.

Successful Old Trick
My old parental home in Willemstad, a monument but almost a ruin by then, was sold recently. Located in a prime spot, the new owner had signed documents that it would be restored.
But just now, I drove past it and lo and behold! it had burned down. Musta been a choller, don't you think? Or, maybe not?

Good! If It Works
Those spoiled brats who get a VUV (voluntary early exit) from their jobs cannot return to them through a back door. This has happened before, but we're assured it can't happen again.

Great? Hmm!
Refineria di Kòrsou (RdK) and CORC B.V. signed a 'Draft Deed' in which they agreed on take-over of all the refinery's activities (refinery, utility and Bullenbaay terminal) by CORC. But first, CORC must comply with provisions stipulated in a 'Binding Closing Agreement'.

Hey, Everybody Does It!
Including the government. So why not? Is what a guy living in Jan Sofat (thus rich) must have thought, when he ordered at least 200 square meters of mangroves to be eradicated and replaced by rocks and sand.
Many of those trees were not even growing on his terrain.

She Doesn't Get It
We do, though. Ex-minister Alcalá-Wallé (what a bitch of a name to type in HTML-code!) doesn't understand why the public ministry O.M. is prosecuting her for having two jobs (and lying about it: "she forgot"—oops, slipped my mind), while others went free. Well, KLM-Wallé that happens to be the OM's prerogative. It's in the law, look it up.
Now she wants Staten/parliament to look into it. Your party lost, dearie. Forget it and please shut up.

So Stop
Holland has, again, stopped financial help to St. Maarten. Predictably, SXM PM Jacobs is besides herself with anger. "This is not fitting!" she exclaims, meaning using the old arrangements as an excuse to stop the money flow now. She even flew to Holland to protest (the island still seems to have money for that, business-class and all) but was sent back with several fleas in her ears.

Dick Drayer publishes an article that the M*F*K/PNP government might consider assuming a bit of modesty. Sorry Dick, they won't; but you're still right. He refers to and explains about the kiesdeler & restzetels, both systems embedded in our election system. I won't try to explain the details, he does it quite well (in Dutch). Just the result: almost 25,000 people voted for a party that never made it, and all these votes were shared by parties that did make it. If this hadn't been the case, M*FK would have won only 5 seats and not gotten 4 extra, total 9; PNP: 2+2=4 and presto! they have a majority. While only 40% of voters actually voted for them.
All of which is a mere artifact, but we're stuck with it. And good.

Banks Not Happy
They are supposed to be saddled with collecting ABB, the new form of OB sales tax. Means a lot more work for them, plus responsibility; not to mention costs. Not their task at all! Of course, this would be a (rare) smart move by the government; it avoids having the spoiled brats making a mess of the job.

Bon Mot of the Year
Or maybe 4 years (if they last that long, good point): M*F*K's Prick Pisas deplores Mudbelly Cooper's blabbering about a Plan B. They're still working on Plan A and this sort of statement will make people believe "we're not thinking."
Right for once Prickie, that's exactly what we believe.
He also denies they don't want to discuss Coho with Holland. He should have told us before, when the media published exactly that.

Sure, What Else?
CHATA tourism club says occupancy in April was a disaster. Like 10.5%, even worse than last year's March—which wasn't so great either, only 21.5%.

That's Rich
M*F*K's Prick Pisas says they want "less kingdom" and more responsibility of their own.
That would be a change for sure. Not the "less", it's the "more" I mean.
These guys also say that they're sure Holland will pay up anyway, despite statements by Knops they can forget it. You know, I suspect they really think that. Big surprise when they wake up: Knops has said all Dutch support will stop, not only that related to Coho.

Mud in the Belfry, As Well
Mudbelly Cooper says we don't need money from Holland; after all, he has "Plan B". He will not say what that entails, though. Just that 2.5 billion will be invested in the economy. Where that amount's supposed to come from, he doesn't say. Except he has experts working on it; which experts, he won't say either.
Reminds me of the South Sea Bubble, during which suckers were looked for to invest in a project that was so good, it had to remain secret.

Open Beaches
As from now, the beaches are open to everybody again. The government claimed there was a legal prohibition; well, how like them: it just ain't so.

What Is He Thinking?
Dutch Knops thinks M*F*K/PNP's plan to stop the Coho controls and instead start working with IMF "a good idea". Of course it would be one headache less for him. And maybe, like us, he doubts if IMF will go for it, and expects, like us, that IMF may be even more severe?
But Knops also states that not participating in Coho will result in a stop of the money flow. On the other hand, M*F*K/PNP keep yelling they do not want to discuss Coho with Holland.

No Money, St. Maarten
Dutch Staatssecretaris Knops has stopped all payments to St. Maarten as they still have an airport in ruins, 3 years after rebuilding money was paid. By Holland.

Who Did NOT See That Coming?
The state's coffers will be empty sooner then predicted. Is what Bhillenaath writes to his M*F*K/PNP successors. What a surprise! It's even worse than we wre told end of April, as extra costs for CMC Hospital and vaccination programs have been added.
And if Curaçao doesn't keep to agreed conditions, no more money from Holland.

Bye, Bhillie
PAR Ex-PM Bhillenaath will not take his seat in the new parliament. Who cares.

There You Have It
AAV Curaçao Contractors Association comments on the new rules to stop hiring foreign personnel. They say they will hire anybody and treat them all the same under fair conditions. They also wonder what's the use of coming with such rules now, when practically all [not only] building activities have stopped.
AAV says, "better tackle unfair competition by black workers"—and don't mean their skin color.

Makes Me Curious
On April 30, Curaçao and Holland have reached an accord on the contents and goals of the second Implementation Agenda. Which makes me curious to see how the new M*F*K/PNP government will react to that, as they have announced they will not accept same conditions.
One result for now is, Dutch Staatssecretaris Knops doesn't dare say when Coho-plans will be presented to Dutch parliament; it all depends on our governments here.

It's True?
ZBOs, Zelfstandige Bestuursorganisaties [independent administrative organizations]will now fall under the LV Code (corporate Governance) and thus will get a 12.5% salary reduction, plus staff will be subject to the Bhillenaath-norm.

Fifth Time!
In the court case by Clean Air Everywhere against refinery air pollution, in first instance CAE was proved right. But after appeal by Curaçao the verdict was postponed again, again, and again. This is the fifth time: to July 1. You might well ask.

What a Pity!
After the elections where they didn't get a single seat, K*NT is falling apart, with party members accusing each other of things you don't need, or want, to know about.

It's (Almost) Over
For now. Terraces may open to 50% capacity, provided tables are 2m apart. Take-out too is back. Catering must stop at 20:00. Plachi di dia [license plate permit] will remain in force, so you can only get take-out for 2 days/week. Why? Good question! Only people on their way to/from church may drive on Sundays. Curfew from 21:00-04:30. May 17 all that will be reviewed.
CHATA tourism club is still not content, what did you expect.

That's Good; Really, Good?
The new ABB tax will, after all, not be introduced. It will become a general 7% sales tax instead, while "the government wants to remove existing links in the OB tariff." Whatever that means, but it's supposed not to result in increases.

We'll See About That
Our new government announces they will stop working with the what they call "experimental" Coho-conditions for Dutch financial support; they'll turn to IMF instead. Agreed, for them it's experimental—if not revolutionary: thinking of the people first and of the government-apparatus later.
Hey, don't jump to the cpnclusion they don't want Dutch support, money si, but control no.
Lots of questions. First of which, the country has already signed. That was the former government, but the agreement still has been signed. By the country.
And did they think of asking IMF what they thought?

Gaah! So, Forget It?
Important laws which have to be voted in to comply with conditions for Dutch Virus-support have still not been accepted, with only 5 parliament meetings to go.
Wanna bet we can forget about them? And then, quite conceivably, about that support?

In South Africa, the monopoly position of Eskom Utility has been canceled by the government allowing private enterprises to enter the energy market, generating and selling electricity. Eskom just doesn't make it with their beurtkrag [load shedding]; has been going on for years.
Aren't you jealous?

Sure of That!
It's only because Holland supported Curaçao and St. Maarten during the Virus crisus that our guilder is still worth more than a fart. Is what we hear from the Central Bank.

Hold On There?
St. Maarten has been promised to receive 39 million guilders from the Kingdom "right after the local government has signed the first execution agenda to implement the country package." However, having a Crystal Ball of Delay I already read that they still haven't received it one month later.

Might Be
That's gonna be nice. All Dutch island airports, those in the Caribbean at least, have signed a agreement to cooperate on improvements. Even St. Maarten? you ask skeptically. Yes, even St. Maarten.
Dutch Virus relief money is being withheld from St. Maarten because, three years after that hurricane, the airport is still in ruins. Where the Dutch paid for to have it fixed.

It's a Tradition
And a strong one: this is the second time ARC accounting has rejected the 2019 island accounting. You know sump'n? They ain't seen nothing yet!

Plowing On
That oil terminal on Bonaire will go on, regardless. Goodbye coral reef!
But after all, the island is sooo green, it can afford a little damage.

Now, Already
Who cares what all advisers say? Our Great Leaders know better! If jobs become available (right now a very moot point), Curazoleños must be hired first.

Really? "Some?"
What a relief! There have been no violations of integrity at Cft financial supervision. So, all that was normal—to them. However, "some inaccuracies" have been observed.
Like, what? And the internal procedures must be looked into. I dare say.

Let's Have Some Quiet
For a welcome change. Schools will re-open on April 28. Once again, we're far ahead of the USA, where the Teachers' Unions still keep protesting that it's much too early, and dangerous. Over there, they'd rather remain sitting at home working on macramé, whatever. We, on the other hand, would rather have 'em take the kids out of our hands and teach 'em something worth while.

Makes You Think a Bit
Ever heard of ERSSTI? It means The Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature data (the floating ARGO buoys, Hadley, and other acronyms). Almost needless to say, these "scientific data" have been spelling doom for any number of years, or decades, now: we better take action or we'll all be cooked in our own brine.
Well, take a look at the black line at the bottom of all those graphs showing the real, measured temps from 1979-2021 versus the models' scary predictions, and you can't help thinking that there has been, ur, some slight exaggeration going on.

Not Funny: Plain Dumb
I put up my hackles against those ideas to Grow your Own Greens before. I now was reminded that the same sick thoughts were popular with Pol Pot and Mao. Remember those mass murderers? But their ideas on feeding the crowd were so healthy!

Just Can't Help Themselves
Plans for a new Bonaire oil terminal are right smack on top of a coral reef. Not just some coral reef, no, one of the healthiest around. They sure know how to pick those locations.
The crude oil is supposed to supply fuel for electricity. Which reminds me, hey, how about those fine green plans to grow algae? Windmills? Solar cells?

Crooked Cops
Four crooked cops, who were temporarily released, must go back to jail.

Fine, Go Ahead
Schools will reopen on April 28. Not before we were all ready for it.

Another Way to Look at It
The next cruiseship, a real one with passengers and all, is expected to arrive on June 5. Negotiations are going on. Because, and this may surprise you—it certainly did me—harbor officials want to make sure passengers and crew will not be infected while ashore.

A Word on Infections
Yes, Virus infections. Apart from the seemingly obvious fact that it would be unwise indiscriminately to open the borders for tourists, as we'll be doing at the request of The Industry, it is also a well-established fact that THE source of infections is in the home. There's no reason to stop people going to restaurants etc. The trouble is when your housemate picks it up and takes it home. For you.

Big Trouble Brewing
Once again, the ongoing quarrel between CMC hospital and medical specialists is flaring up. I won't bore myself and you with the details, but this seems the right time to make a point:
Do you really believe this monstrosity will serve us, like Sehos Sint Elisabeth Hospitaal, for over a century?

How Like Them
First, M*F*K's Prick Pisas asked Bhillenaath not to mess with negotiations on Dutch support (clearly not understanding that a government is supposed to give us continuity instead of crazily and impulsively reacting ad hoc); now, they ask ex-PM Bhillenaath to please keep on negotiating. Don't ask me why, I'm sure they don't understand that themselves.

Safest Traffic in the World!
Is what PAR PM Bhillenaath's government promised, remember? Duh. Maybe if they checked drivers' licenses? Anyway, most accidents are caused by drivers not giving priority. There's no teaching those, they just take it as their right.

Me Too!
In 2019, nine foundations have received over 256 million guilders in subsidies without a legal ground. You and me, no such luck: we only paid.
Bet you they were sporters, so healthy for body and mind. If not for budget.

Yes, We Know
ARC Court of Auditors says the country's finances are not orderly and out of control. We knew without ARC telling us, thank you. This time it's about over 843 million guilders, gone and lost forever.
All yearly accounts since 10-10-10 (what was that date again? when we were supposed to be dancing in the streets?) have been rejected by ARC.
At least they still do their jobs.

Oh Yeah? Really?
Aruba wants to reboot the refinery. That would save workers' town San Nicolas, it's said.
Or maybe, just a suggestion, they could all move and work for the tourist sector. Oops, forgot! Most seem to have left already, anyway.

That as Well
Those masks recommended to avoid Virus infections are not worth a thing. To repeat, it's like using harmonica wire to keep out mosquitoes. But maybe worse, they "can cause health deterioration and premature death." Did you catch that photo of a woman athletic falling down on her (masked) face at the finish line? I, with my weak lungs, sure noticed it on my last flight. It was at times impossible to get enough breath without physically removing my mask. Up there, in the thin air—so much for pressure cabins.
A punishment that only seems to serve a little lesson teaching us who's boss.

So Don't
SER social-economic council has good questions about the report on the Hipódromo Almirante Brion horce racing circuit. For starters (that's my take) what has an admiral to do with horse racing? But 1st, SER says, why should the government yearly pay 400K guilders of the 1 million needed to train jockeys, in a private enterprise? Then, the horses need hay which will be produced locally, 50% in the beginning and 80% later. Are we proposing to use scarce agricultural grounds to produce hay? This beats the pinhead Martina plans to start producing cattle for slaughter. The hippodreamers say that's work for 96 farmers, but SER figures 15 would be enough; and even then wonders if there's enough production acreage available.
We don't have to discuss the rest. The main thing is, it's part of the gambling sector. 'Nuff said.

Antigen Test Obliged
This is something all passengers arriving here from high-risk countries have to undergo, and pay for. At least, they have to promise to have themselves tested, and pay.
15% doesn't turn up.

Now That You Mention It
Remember that translation of the Staatsregeling [say, constitution] that needed to be made? Seems it has been translated already, mirabile dictu since 10-10-10. Or quite possibly, before then.

Why Could That Be?
PAR PM Bhillenaath refuses to publish the SOE's personnel salaries. It's a secret! We pay 'em, you say? Keep on paying.

The COVID Circus
Let us start off with a table showing how the virus came up and, thankfully, retreated. From here on, I guess I'll stop messing with it, unless something new happens. Hopefully not.
You'll notice some dates are missing. Hey, you think this is a funny job? You're wrong.

date number
At this point, I guess we all have lost acute interest.

So Sorry!
It's the humidity. Or the Sahara dust. Or both. Or unknown conditions. So, unable to work on the Clowns Show for a while: my computer goes BEEP BEEP on startup, and my trusty repairman is locked down. The bastid. Anyway, the only news there is goes on about the Virus, and we're almost ready for The End: Only 5% positive tests yesterday. So relax, take it easy and a rest!

That's 96 positive Virus tests, 13%. 95 in hospital, 37 in ICU; still 9 on Aruba. Total deaths now 85.
Measures are extended for 2 weeks. Or longer?
Here's the good news: Traffic accidents have been reduced by a quarter in 2019. So the last government fulfilled one of its promises? Not so fast: we still don't have "the safest traffic in the world" by any measure.

Look Who's There
Several people have been looking at the Plaza Hotel ruins the last couple of months. Among others, they were shown around by ex-PM Shorty. No doubt he smells money, as there are Plans... but he has a history of losing it.
In my unprofessional opinion, the building is a wreck, badly built with concrete cancer outbreaks all over; should be torn down. Now it's becoming one more way to throw money into a bottomless pit. Our Leaders are Great at that, I have to admit.

Who Cares?
Anti-Virus masks are for the little people! Amigoe newspaper carries a photo showing edu sinister Croes sitting face-to-face at less than 1 meter anti-social separation with artist Fifi Rademakers, both grinning broadly without masks and with a well-filled glass and bottle on the table in front of them for replenishments. Croes says he really enjoyed the get-together.
But the two may have had their vaccinations, who knows?

Too Busy Raking It In
The government promised a Papiamentu translation of Staatsregeling [constitution] last year, but hasn't got round to it. One of the reasons they're so busy, they say, is the negotiations with Holland about the salaries of sinisters, MPs and spoiled brats (in a nutshell: the government).

Five Times
The Appeals Court once again delayed the verdict in the process by Clean Air Everywhere against the Country. That's the 5th time. It was the Country that appealed, after the judge's verdict was in favor of CAE: "The country has not established a proper system of standards with regard to the degree of air pollution." It still hasn't.

That's News Now
A tanker moored at Curaçao Oil Terminal, Bullenbaai! "Long time no see." It's there to make use of rented tank storage facilities.

Just What We Need Now
The conflict between medical specialists and CMC hospital threaten to be escalating. We can only sit back and watch—and hope for the best.

How He Talks
M*F*K Mudbelly Cooper says we do not need millions but billions to get out of the economic doldrums. He may be right, but whose fault is that? He wants a jump start for the economy, which they ruined, and let Holland pay for it. Not even "please".
So our Great Leaders can go on spending to their evil hearts' content.
Taxes here are as high as in those countries who are still paying their debts for participating in various World Wars. Only, Curaçao made pots of money then. Where did it all go? We know!

M*F*K wants to introduce a new "system" where employees don't have to pay tax, social securities and all that for young employees, for half a year after they're hired. I suppose we all will thus be screwed some more, who else? But SER social-economic council wonders what's the difference between this and a former Lei di Bion, which was accepted in 1989 but only implemented in 2014.
So get prepared for this one being accepted and implemented much later, anyway.

MCBank may have made a (lower) profit but has gotten rid of about 10% of personnel last year.

94 New, 11%
100 Virus cases in hospital, 41 in ICU; still 9 on Aruba. Total deaths now 80.
Epi Izzy (who looks awfully tired) still blames the elections. He says normal capacity of the ICU is 16. End next week he hopes to reconsider anti-infection measures. Lockdown remains in force until April 30, with curfew hours 19:00-04:30.
Anyone can now get vaccinated without an appointment in Brievengat SDK stadium and WTC/Parasassa. There are now 4,000 vaccinations/day and 65,000 have registered.
The most important secondary death-factor is said to be obesitas.

Rough Season
It's predicted for hurricanes. But relax (even if you don't doubt it). This one is by Joe Bastardi, certainly not one who panics easily. And he adds, that goes for the more Northern regions, as the North Atlantic is extra warm this year.

Give Us More Money
There's a conflict between CMC hospital and medical specialists: CMC wants them to pay 4500 guilders/month for (compulsory) use of its facilities, adding that's only a fraction of the real costs. But the specialists say CMC already gets that from health insurance, so they would get it twice.
Remember, CMC will never break even anyway, so you can follow them alright.

He'd Better. But?
Staatssecretaris Knops says he's perfectly prepared to listen to M*F*K and PNP, our new Great Leaders. Of course he will! Looks like the guy is more reasonable than all his opponents together; which, admittedly, is not saying much. If they in turn will listen? Very good question!

They Don't Get It
Show how smart they are. The salaries of You-Know-Whom have been discussed in parliament, but it wasn't clear to our esteemed representatives if the problem was that they must go down or must go up (and in consequence remain the same).
M*F*K Mudbelly Cooper says the law must go back to the "drawing table". I never knew laws were drawn; in my stupidity I thought they were written.
Let's help the poor dummies out: the idea is you all make less, just like the rest of us. Capisce? Got it? Gesnopen? Glad to help you out.

Good for Them
MCBank has made fat profits last year, with the Virus and all. Still, at 83.4 million that was only 57% of 2019's.

There We Go Again
151 Virus cases out of 073 tested, 16%. 100 in hospital, 40 in ICU, 9 on Aruba. Total deaths now 78.
Over 40,000 people have had their first injection, 12,402 their second. On top of this, almost 12,000 have registered for vaccinations. So we're half-way to herd immunity now, 85% of those of 18 up. And the very King himself has called the governor, so we're all safe.
Police are worried about people sending out warnings on specialized WhatsApp groups for roadblocks. It's not illegal, we're informed.
We're also informed that after the second injection, outside the mask can be taken off. And I never wearing one at home! Tssk tssk. I yam a krimminul!

The Celebrity Millenium cruise ship will come to Curaçao, Aruba and Barbados, starting out from St. Maarten in the first week of June. No worries: all crew members have been vaccinated, just like the passengers—who'll also (as well) have to show a negative PCR test result. Better make sure, right?

We're Used to It
Still no news about the take-over by Corc of Isla refinery operations. That's 7 weeks late. As Antilliaans Dagblad wonders, how much money is this costing us, and how long will it go on?

There We Go
Lawyer Chester Peterson, one of the Peppie & Kokkie clowns duo, has been nominated as cabinet formateur. No surprise, and certainly not an agreeable one.
Too bad, I'd so much like to see Martha screened. But he may join the fun, later.

45 Cases, 8.5%
Getting better, definitely. 45 new Virus cases, that's only 8.5% of 527 tested. 109 in hospital, 39 in ICU, 9 on Aruba. Total now 74 deaths.
38,000 had their first vaccination, and 12,000 of them their second. 64,000 registered.
Just now, a law has been lengthened, or rather a ministeriële regelingministerial regulation, that Covid is an contagious disease. So now we know!

Not Wanting to Bore You, But...
CBCS has looked at the financial situation of the two islands, and the thing that jumped out and hurt my eyes is "reforms are needed in the area of laws and rules as regards intervention, enforcement and resolution." No doubt it's true; but when will we get them?
Ten years from now? Maybe...

Fancy Fish
15 months ago, 25 FADs (fish aggregating devices) were installed in the sea around us. It was a great success: 83,000 kilos of fish extra have been caught. Fishermenpersons are even afraid to go out as they may not sell their catch, there's so much on the market.
Now, 3 FADs must be replaced; costs per FAD 10,000 guilders. So all those kilos of fish have cost, on FADs alone, at least 2.75 guilders/kilo.
At first sight, it looks like an expensive hobby.

New Ways
M*F*K and PNP hope they'll have reached an accord next week. M*F*K declares they don't want to pick quarrels, they want to start stealing governing ASAP. But they still don't like Dutch conditions for a very soft relief loan.
A problem is the screening, hah! Informateur Martha is still living in the UK officially (after all these years?) so the screening procedure will have to be internationally arramged.

No doubt you've heard about the enormous explosion in Iran's nuclear factory, which set them back 9 months. Of course they blame Israel, or the USA. But I figured it out:
The explosion was caused by a short-circuit, so obviously, Iran must used Aqualectra's services.

Please Take Pity
CAP exploiters of Hato airport claim they will go bankrupt if tariffs may not be raised. Let them. If all these past years they'd not been spending money like drunken Mambo-beach tourists, maybe I would take them seriously. Like rebuilding the terminals less than 20 years after having built completely new ones, for 235 million guilders.
Lawyers and CAP are not talking, how cute.
Now they say the present contract runs out end of this year, but earlier they said that was 30 years after 2003: one year later.

As Usual
Three weeks after the elections, there are still propaganda billboards, flags and posters hanging around. Always the same. They were supposed to be removed two weeks ago. The parties have been requested to remove them (otherwise the government will have to it and SNAP! that costs us money).

New Virus tests: 30 out of 296: not even 10%. Getting there, not before we were ready for it. 118 in hospital, of whom 41 in ICU; 9 on Aruba. Total deaths now 96.

Fine Them All
No, I don't mean people who drive around in their own cars, windows closed, without a mask on. Ridiculous hysteria. Nor those with their windows obscured with much too dark screens (even if they take away less light than a pair of sunglasses may do), who at recent traffic controls were forced to peel 'em off.
No, I mean those who have a crucifix or a posy or a rosary or... the list is endless... swinging from their rear-view mirror. It's enormously distracting and once you get used to it, you are left with a blind spot in your vision. Just what you need, right? In some U.S. States it's forbidden, but here not. I guess from what I see.
Here's a recent press item: "According to Brooklyn Center Police, whose body cameras reportedly were functioning, a [20-year-old driver] was stopped for a minor traffic infraction (a deodorizer hanging from his rearview mirror)" and fled the scene, leading to him being fatally injured.
Which (he was black) has led to the usual peaceful looting and riots. 2021-04-12

Staten/parliament will discuss the ministers' en MPs' salaries today, after the government decided to raise them, so they wouldn't lose any of their precious mazuma. The name of the game after all. Even though Raad van Advies advisory council and Wetgeving en Juridische Zaken laws and juridical matters both say it can't be done.
So who cares?

Wave? Tsunami!
Not my expression, but a good one. Saturday, 272 new Virus cases out of 1455 tested, almost 19%. Sunday, 176 out of 966; 18%. 129 in hospital, 44 in ICU, now full: 9 more have been flown to Aruba. Total deaths 66.

Doesn't Mean a Thing
Aruba is Number 1 on a list of "Best Investment Climate" (in the Caribbean), compiled by Dutch researchers. Now really. Curçao is Number 4. Gee, I wonder how much those researchers have been paid. Don't they even follow the media?

Agreed—But How?
Trade Union Boss Calmes says the government must take care that more people get a job. Sorry Calmes, that's a ridiculous idea. How? By hiring more spoiled brats? Just look at how well they've been taking care of that the last umpteen years.
And interim PAR-PM Bhillenaath says the new laws on salaries of ministers, MPs and spoiled brats must be accepted ASAP. Hah! After his government having delayed them as much as they could.

Oh, That's Good!
No problem mon; the funeral houses have capacity enough to process all those dead Virus bodies. In fact, it's like 2 daily deaths which is sad enough but, let's face it, overall not that bad.
But still, the infection is carried over for more than 100% (1 person effects more persons than 1) and the lockdown may remain in force after April 16.

Get Serious
An Arubian lady says the people have to start growing their own veggies, or there'll be a famine ten years from now. She herself has a veggie garden plot of 42m2 which produces enough for her, hubbie and 2 "hungry adolescents". Most houses in Aruba have a garden or a balcony, so that's not a restriction. She says. I for one ask myself how many balconies of 42m2 (452 sq.ft.) there are.
A year ago, when the Virus panic started, we saw the same mistaken idea shortly take hold on Curaçao. It resulted in all garden soil being sold out in a jiffy; now there's plenty of it available again.
What all these well-meaners keep forgetting is that civilisation, ever since it really took off, was based on specialization of individuals, leaving more and more of agricultural production in less and less hands. You want to grow veggies as a hobby? Fine. But it will never again replace the horticultural industry, whatever forms that may take in the future, as a large-scale food source.
Not to mention water price. 2021-04-10

See? What Else?
Negotiations between Isla Refinery and Corc-consortium are still dragging on, and the signed MoU has meanwhile elapsed. Just as we expected. Now the government change and the Virus get blamed. As if the Virus hasn't been around for more than a year already.

Virus 23%: Third Wave
277 positives out of 1214 tests; 130 in hospital, 41 in ICU; 62 deaths.
Epi-Izzy announces new measures next week. Patients keep getting younger. Over 50,000 people have now registered for vaccination; next to Pfizer, as from Monday the Moderna vaccine will now be used as well.
Police have announced a "zero-tolerance" policy. I won't bore you with the details, but fines run from 250 guilders for not wearing a mask to 10,000 for businesses not keeping to the lock-down rules. And lawyers may only hit the road in emergencies.

They Burn Fine
One after another, the palapa straw-roofed beach huts are burned down by vandals. One of them costs 4000 guilders ($2200) to replace.

Old Story, But True?
M*F*K is not very content with Dutch parliament, where a member was going on about the way M*F*K's ex-PM Shorty and his goons have been robbing us here from 2010-2012. The country's reserves had not diminished in that period, claims M*F*K.
Be that as it may (may just be technically so while we've still been robbed, possibly of otherwise growing reserves), M*F*K makes a good point when saying following governments were just as bad.

Lawyers' Free-for-All
The lawyers get their exemption, so they can go and and fever to their hearts' content.

There You Have It
Many Caribbean banks are getting isolated, because foreign banks are afraid to do business with them. They're afraid to get involved with money laundering, drug trading and supporting terrorism (all the same to me).
Efforts are made to have Curaçao banks open a relation with Dutch banks, by Dutch law, to avoid these problems. As if Dutch banks are so kosher!

240 Cases = 26%
Out of 932 people tested for the Virus, 240 were positive: 26%. 125 people now in hospital, 39 in ICU. Total deaths now 60.
5 out of 16 controlled businesses were fined for not keeping to the anti-Virus measures.
Almost half of the population has now registered to get vaccinated.

Please Hurry
Within the foreseeable future, the deposit guarantee scheme for the financial sector will be introduced. At least, that's what we're promised after the Girobank debacle. Which we're gonna pay for, who else? But this might work.

Thanks, Judge
Court decided CAP Hato airport may not raise the already ridiculously high airport tax to $99. They wanted even more: $210. Presently it's $42, more than the world average.

In Style
There was only one speaker in the parliament meeting on the budget, and that was MAN's Plet. After all, who'd know a solution?

Prick Panics
M*F*K Prick Pisas warns that you can pick up the Virus in hospital via the airco-system. But the designers were, unsurprisingly, smarter than Prick; the air intake is from outside and the used air is blown out right back again.

It's the Cruises. They want to move their ports out of the USA, where Virus restrictions are not to their liking. They claim to have plenty of suckers passengers eager for a cruise.
As long as they don't pick us.
On Aruba, where tourists are explicitly welcome, the infection rate on Monday was 43%.

207 New Cases
Out of 971 teste; again 21%. 126 in hospital, 39 in ICU; total deaths 58.
44,000 have registered for a vaccination; 23,500 have had the 1st prick and 8,833 the second one. Since Monday 7-9000/day have been registering. The idea is to have 80% get their first dose before end this month, which amounts to 10,000/day.
Epi Izzy says it took two weeks for the Dutch to find the UK variant in samples from here.

Afore I forget
The deal about lowering salaries of ministers, MPs, spoiled brats and SOE managers has still not been realized. It's an essential condition for the Dutch loan. Which we all, except the aforementioned, can agree with.

No Lawyers on the Road
The lawyers complain that their exemptions have been canceled: they are not allowed to drive around, just like the rest of us. Which is not so good for their clients.

Less Taxes
2020 has resulted in half as many taxes as 2019. Especially gas tax for cars went down to next to nothing. Small wonder, only ambulances and cops on the road most of the time. Total is 5% less than predicted with the positive shrnk.

Informateurs Martha and Peterson have delivered their final report for a new cabinet at the governor's. 6 posts for M*F*K, 3 for PNP.
But Staten/parliament is on its toes. They'll have 3 meetings this week, mainly on VVU voluntary outflow of civil servants.

115 new Virus cases out of 769 tested; 131 in hospital, 51 in ICU. Total 56 deaths.
Hundreds of care workers from Holland have applied to come over here; a team of 40 doctors and nurses has been assembled on top of 20 who came over already.
22,000 people have been injected, of who 8,000 had their 2nd shot; almost 39,000 have applied.
100 cops (16% of all personnel) have been infected.
All beaches have been locked down, with a guard. At least those guys have a job! And the Royal Navy deplores the party that was held last weekend on the Parera basis.

177 plussers out of 822 tested, 126 in hospital, 37 in ICU; total died 52.
Oh, and it wasn't the elections per se that caused that wave, more like party meetings with lots of yelling and sweating going on.

Elections Is Bad
At today's press conference our tame epidem dr. Izzy explained how the last elections were a super-spreader event, which is how the troublesome present Virus explosion started. He expects it to last for a month, which means it should be over 2 weeks from now.
And all that to get saddled with M*F*K and PNP as winners! Dios ta grandi! [god is great]

That's 255 positive Virus cases out of 1400 tests. 117 in hospital, 46 in ICU. 48 deaths in total.
4 doctors 16 and nurses are coming over from Holland to help.

465 Virus cases out of 1907 tested; 120 in hospital, 44 in ICU; 44 deaths. Police have announced they will start controlling more strictly. People don't care, just drive on whatever day with entire families in the car. Officially, only 1 is allowed.
Like next door to us regularly entire parties are thrown, in a for rent place. I'm no snitcher, but this is definitely going too far. Apart from the fact they're awfully noisy.
From now on, those on the road on a wrong day will get a 750 guilders fine. On Sunday it's 1000; also in curfew hours. You can only hope, for once, they really will get fined. Until April 16, only "vital" businesses may remain open. Which excludes hardwares. Too bad if you have a water pipe bursting! Which brought the number of exceptions back from 30,000 to 20,000.
The idea is to get 10,000 vaccinated per day; as from next Monday everybody from 18 years old can register.

337 positive virus results out of 1281 tests. 103 in hospital, 36 in ICU. Total deaths now 42. Happy Easter!

It Smarts, So Smart Up
Private businesses in St. Maarten are imploring and begging their government to please, pretty please, withdraw the not-so-smart petition to the UN, once again claiming that the Netherlands are once again guilty of racism and (EEK!) neo-colonialism. It does get boring.
On which petition the Dutch reaction was to stop relief and wait to see how this works out.

Everybody Agrees, All Over the World
Except our governments. The Red Carpet our successive Great Leaders kept promising for tens of years just isn't rolled out. The bureaucracy is one of the worst in the world.
Why? Because they think they make hard-needed money on all those restrictions. Companies have to apply and pay for settling, foreign exchange and all sorts of permits. Result is they'd just rather not come..
Also, much time and effort is spent to keep trying to get more from short-term taxes, like ABB and OZB; vide Laffer. But nobody in his right mind ever said politicians have to be smart.
And the salaries! I know, you didn't.

431 positives of 1493 Virus tests. 103 in hospital, 34 in ICU. Chock-full. 38 have died now.
CMC hospital director says people just don't follow reasonable precautions. 16,500 people have been vaccinated; not even 10% of the population. 24,000 have registered; less than half of the people wants to be vaccinated.
Holland has called up all Dutch residents to leave Curaçao right now.

Thanks, We Knew Already
ARK (court of account, says Google translate) says that from the beginning it was obvious that the new CMC hospital would never be able to pay for itself. So thanks to ex-PMs Arsjes and Shorty (and then some more thieves politicians) we're stuck with this white elephant.
Says ARK, the costs are 40% higher than originally budgeted, and even now it's impossible to say how much actual exploitation will cost. They call it an "Utopia". Nos mes por!

Help! She Escaped?
Photos on social media show how the Queen Emma pontoon bridge is now situated far offshore. Nobody has been explaining how it got there.
Maybe the "Swinging Lady" is disgusted with the goings-on in Fort Amsterdam, AKA Ali Baba's Grotto, and decided to get away from it all?
April Fool! But you thought that already.

Agreed, 100%
"Naamsveranderinge doen niks aan slaggate" [name changes do nothing about potholes] we read in a South-African newspaper. Hear hear. A regular home away from home, it's starting to get.

I Read This Story Before
The extension of Royal Pain Resort? Business as usual. They have already been ripping out mangrove trees with bulldozers and replacing them with concrete structures. As far as is known, without permit. But who cares? Certainly not pinhead Martina and sinister Jesus-Leito. Quite in style for those two.
But permits may have been given anyway. Jesus-Leito (well known for spoiling the Rif mangrove wood and erecting the since destroyed Kenepa beach ramp) says: "This has been going on for months. Why do people react only now?"

Free Advice!
For some reason, car rental agencies are fond of the Kia Picanto. So if you drive one, you're branded as a tourist and asking for atrakos. It happened to two tourists who were forced to stop by 5 men armed with machetes, who then robbed them and drove away their car. Curiously, they were driving a Picanto themselves.

It's a Record!
506 out of 1855 Virus tests positive! That's 27%. We're right there, at the top of the world—just like our politicians always want. 104 in hospital, 32 in ICU; 35 deaths.
Curfew now starts at 19:00; "vital" companies and institutions may remain open until 18:00; truki pan from 14:00-18:00. People and establishments are asked, please no local "staycations".
And no alcohol sales! What could possibly be the use of that? There have been 30,000 requests for car driving exemptions, which would make it have no effect.
Proof of vaccination will not give you any privileges. "Maybe" in the future when you want to fly away; says our always alert sinister Jesus-Leito.

When You Start a Fire, You'll Get Smoke
The Aruba government has resigned, after unstoppable allegations of corruption. Which they tried to deny for much longer than they possibly could. But you understand, all that time the meter kept ringing its little bell.

Who Cares? They Do!
The Royal Pain Resort, which was planning a dependance on the western Rif lagoon, acclaimed and abetted by who-else pinhead Martina, is now in a struggle with the occupants of their first development, who say the name "Royal Palm Resort" is exclusive for their gated community. Further, they are afraid the new development will build a road through their part, which will result in much more traffic.

red line=80%
courtesy SMOC

For Sure, SMOC!
SMOC figured it out: all the time when Isla refinery was as good as switched off, the air pollution was as good as negligible. SO2 kept below 10 µgram/m3.
This while Isla was convicted in court to pay 75 million guilders if their pollution exceeded the norm of 80 µgram/m3. But Isla kept saying this was not proved, as their exhaust fumes were indistinguishable from those of traffic etc. SMOC declares we must insist on keeping Isla, and take-over Corc, to the norms upon reboot. Notwithstanding the efforts by Health Ministry to let them go ahead, for now.
Check out my reaction to the Sinistry's report (in Dutch) here.

Saw It Coming
Thought yesterday, must write a remark for the Circus about that the government had money enough, not needing any from Holland until QIII. As if they'd know, I said to my immortal soul. And this morning, opened up Antilliaans Dagblad to read, lo and behold, the government does NOT have enough money to last QII.
And from then on... forget it.

158 Virus cases out of 1301 tested. 92 in hospital, 33 in ICU.

Better, But Not Good
13% of Virus tests positive, 183 out of 1397. 69 in hospital, 22 in ICU. 3 more died, total 33.
Other sources say there are 24 in ICU, which just enlarged capaity to 30. Oh wait, that's the evening result, with 74 in hospital.
20 people have been fined and 3 businesses fined and closed.
Amigoe newspaper announces it may have to stop publication, partly and temporarily.

It's a Habit
Although they deny it, rumors are there's trouble in the new party Trabao pa Kòrsow [work for Curaçao]. Leader Calmes threatened to leave the party and go on as an indie after he gets his parliament seat.
He did the same thing as a member of auntie Sushi's PIN.

Why Not? Make the Brats Work
K*NT MP Rojer demands a recount of all voices. That might just be sour grapes as he wasn't elected; but it is weird that the electoral commission keeps maintaining that not a single B/W ballot form has been found. They're supposed to be printed in color; the LBQRT or whatever flag can't hold a candle to it!
It's weird because both my partner and I did receive a B/W ballot to vote on; so I easily believe there will have been more.
Auntie Sushi's PIN party wants a return to voting machines (that may have caused so much trouble in the USA during the last presidential elections). The system followed here, before we got rid of them, was you voted electronically, checked the print-out and deposited that in the ballot box.
Too late for auntie anyway. I hope.

A Bit Late
CBCS central bank announces it will start much stricter control of financial institutions. Right. What we needed.
Which is confirmed by the recent debacles of Girobank and Ennia. For them, or rather us, it's too late.

Virus Results
Saturday 27: 278 positive out of 1563 tests; 58 in hospital, 16 in IC; 2 deaths, total 30.
Sunday 28: 223 out of 1176, 68 in hospital, 19 in ICU.

Just a Rumor?
Still, I shouldn't wonder: the story makes the rounds that an important high up member of MAN party has committed suicide by jumping down from the high Juliana-brdige spanning the harbor. No telling who, especially since the media here generally follow the custom of not publicizing suicides. As if people can't get the idea themselves.
Anyway, this, here starts speculation: this might well have to do with the elections result. Or not, very possibly.
Don't write me letters, of course there's a copy-cat danger for everything, including suicides and crimes.

We just Knew It
Curaçao still doesn't meet the demands coupled to Holland's Coho relief. The PAR-MAN government has merely been sitting back and doing nothing. Not that we're surprised in any sense. Nor were the voters; even though they've been fooled again, in other ways.
Ministers, MPs and spoiled brats have not delivered a cent of their precious incomes. In fact, they have been guaranteeing that these wouldn't shrink. You think M*F*K will do something about that? Think some more.
Besides, they now for sure think they're okay: three more months to find money elsewhere. Only, they won't.

Oh, That Explains It
Read somewhere that M*F*K at first count had 5 parliament seats, but got 4 restzetels extra, coming from those crumble-parties that didn't make it.
Thank you, you bunch of self-important losers!

Boy oh Boy
M*F*K wants "respect" from the Netherlands, the party leaders say. One does get tired of them uttering that word, rèspèt so often. But they're looking for a good relationship, they say.
They'd better, because Holland announces the money-flow to St. Maarten will stop since the island complained with the UN that the Dutch act of help was racist. That's telling 'em. But we'll get an "adapted" Coho-proposal before the summer. So will Aruba and yes, St. Maarten.
For now, Curaçao has plenty of money, plenty! to keep going until July 2021.

So, Where Did They Go?
The black-and-white ballot forms were valid; there's nothing that says they should carry colors. But it's still weird there supposedly were 4000 of them and not a single one has been found.

That's 409 Virus cases out of 1417 tested; a record. 56 in hospital, 15 in ICU, 28 deaths.
Schools will close next Monday until Easter holidays, which end on April 12. Before then, we will hear more.
Aruba doesn't want a lockdown, you'll never guess why: because of tourism. All's well that ends well? Wait and see...

Lock Him Up! for that Terrible Crime
The guy who committed arson at the tax office has been convicted to ten years in jail. Not really the actual arsonist, the Haïtian was only the "intellectual author". Also found guilty of money laundering, theft and fencing.
The Tax People are now "working" at the WTC (world trade center), so after all those years it may now be making money.

That Virus
224 new cases out of 1017 tested, that's over 22%. 50 in hospital, which assures us there's room enough, 14 in ICU. 27 dead.
PAR PM Bhillenaath tells us to remain calm; the government has been preparing for a year. "Don't spread panic!" I won't.
And CHATA hotel club is concerned; what else is new. The "trial holiday" of TUI Corendon has been canceled on the same day it was announced.

All Ready? Not So Fast!
M*F*K and PNP are all ready to start their new government; ministers' seats have been divided and today they're all ready to go. They say.
Alas, after all the criticism on the Coho deal, it looks like Holland wants another go at it. Things must be changed—which feeling M*F*K and PNP share—but a new Dutch government will take a bit longer.
So are we left in the lurch? Nobody can tell. As far as I can see, for now it's still Coho.

Let's Throw a Party!
One (1) cruise ship is back in business. It's the Celebrity Millennium, which will visit Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten. Among others. As from June.
It's all "safe and regulated".

Over 23%
250 new Virus cases out of 1066 tested. 38 in hospital, 13 deaths. Total deaths now 27.
But not to worry, we'll get extra care personnel, paid by Holland, from the USA. Rings a bell.

B/W or Color?
There's a problem with the voting ballots. Some have received a B/W instead of a full-color (hah!) form, which should make their vote not valid. But this is denied a priori by the voting office. It's impossible!
Well, I happened to get a B/W one myself. So did my partner. So there.
Question now is, will we get a recount and/or new elections?

Inbetween: Just a Remark
For some reason, I started rereading 2 1950s books by Dutch WWII resistance fighter J.B. Charles, Volg het spoor terug [follow the trail back] and Van het kleine koude front [from the small cold front]. As it turns out, good timing.
The main message from the book is how the NSB-collaborators with the Germans were taking over in Holland after the war, just like many ex(?)-Nazis came back in their old functions in West Germany under Adenauer. Then, Charles keeps warning how that former enemy will turn into our great co-fighter against communism.
This was long before the €U, so Charles was unable to see how that community fulfilled all the wishes Hitler stood for: Jetzt steht ein großes Deutschland da [now, there stands a great Germany]—led, behind the screens of course, by the progeny of Krupp and Junker.
Except for slaughtering Jews, gypsies, homos and other entartete people—yet. And not only KUMUN wants to hook up to that community, the most anti-democratic and neo-colonial entity in the world? Small wonder moslems are welcome with Merkel!

Slightly Better
"Only" 15% of people tested yesterday had the Virus, 133 out of 848. 33 in hospital, 12 in ICU.

Good for Prick?
The Dutch figure that the Coho measures do contradict the deals made in the Kingdom between the divers partners. So some of the conditions the "new" government (which I feel is pretty old already) protests may be turned back a bit. But will this help our New Impotent Leaders?
Meanwhile, Rutsel Martina (in my opinion a real sleazer) and Chester Peterson (half of the famous Peppie & Kokkie lawyer clowns duo) have been appointed as "informateurs" for the new cabinet. Ever more promising!

For Once
... I believe him. Mudbelly Cooper says Isla refinery all of a sudden had 12 new demands during the deliberations with Core, supposed to take over. How like them.
So much for the MoU signed March 17.

Guess It Will Be Worse
Central Bank figures that the 2nd lockdown will result in even more economy shrink. The optimists had been figuring on a negative shrink, to speak their lingo: growth; but now they're talking about "possibly" 2.5% negative growth.
Possibly? Betcha it will be worse. Good luck, Prick!

That Will Work
In the new cabinet, M*F*K wants the following ministries: VVRP (transport and space planning), Justice and Education. For VVRP, mudbelly Cooper is indicated; after all, he had the same function in the infamous doomed Shorty cabinet 2010-2012. Until now it was that woman Jesus-Leito.
Justice! Makes me tremble right down to my toes. And Education, sure, indoctrinate them ASAP.

New Lockdown
We saw it coming, of course. So a new lockdown with curfew and restrained car use has been announced. For now, for two weeks.
Yesterday, 45 new cases out of 245 tested, still over 18%. 28 in hospital, 12 in intensive care.
And big surprise, last year's business review indicates business went down. Restaurants are back to their customary act of whining and screaming: they say that the December measures "obviously" had positive results. Yeah, we can see that.
Tourists complain that the government should have taken them into account. Let them eat cake.

That's how many votes Almier Godett got, who was killed two weeks ago in a family quarrel.

No Predictions
So M*F*K won the elections in a proverbial landslide. Now they have to make good on their promises to "renegotiate" the Dutch relief conditions. As they're sure to partner with PNP, who promised the same thing, let's see how that may work out.
It's surely replete with interest. If anything, the Dutch will (as far as I can see) keep their leg stiff, as they say and not move an inch. They've just had elections themselves, after which essentially the same government will come back. It may well be that their conditions will grow heavier instead. Like, cut the MPs' and ministers' salaries. And the spoiled brats'.
And what then, Prick Pisas? Your turn!

Nothing more was heard about the negotiations between Isla Refinery and Corc, after they told us last week they were almost ready to sign a MoU.

Up! Up! Up!
158 new Virus infections out of 628 tested, that's over 25%. None of them traceable. 22 in hospital, 10 in ICU. 24 deaths.
79 people were fined for breaking curfew, 6 businesses were closed and fined and 91 of their unmasked clients were fined as well.

It's a Wave!
163 new Virus cases out of 737 tested; that's 22%. 19 in hospital, 6 in intensive care.
1 from Bonaire in Curaçao hospital, of which 2 are in ICU, we read.

New Virus cases: 156 out of 841 tests. 11 in hospital, 1 in ICU. Total deaths 23.

We're the Losers
M*F*K won the elections with 9 of the 21 parliament seats; PNP got 4 (up from 0), PAR 4 (down from 7) and MAN 2 (down from 5). KEM and TPK won 1 seat each.
Good news is, auntie Sushi Römer is out; so are dr. Moses, K*NT and PS™.
Better prepare for hard times, as M*F*K and PNP are willing to form a government together and both are against the Dutch relief conditions.
73.5% of potential voters made use of their right. I'm waiting to read how many votes were not valid. (Not many.)
In my cubicle, I read that if you wrote, for example! ladron [thief] on the form, your vote became invalid. Nice choice.

What I Thought
The Group of 6, which has been critically following the developments with the Rif mangrove wood, doesn't agree at all with PAR sinister Jesus-Leito's raving description of how beautiful a park it is being turned into.
The Group says they only see one unfinished concrete road, budget 26 million, while CMC hospital gets 50 million less and announces that therefore care will have to stop 3 or 4 weeks from now.
There are still mosquitos, which shows that water refreshment is insufficient; and with a budget deficit of 800 million the Group wonders where the money for the announced sewage works is coming from. And the sinister's cut? Good question.
Elections today? Remember, Jesus-Leito is part of PAR.

Go On, Gijs & Bertha, Then Please Go Away
Sinister Gijs & Bertha still wants to appoint Carolina as interim-manager of Curaçao Lotteries, even though his advisor is against it. Who cares? Who's boss here?
As long as it lasts.

So There
St. Maarten has protested with the United Nations, that Holland putting conditions to the Virus-relief is neo-colonial and (you know... racist, you name it). So Dutch Staatssecretaris Knops announces this act may endanger that relief.

Big Day
Who'd dare to predict anything about today's elections' outcome? But PAR PM Bhillenaath takes his leave with a smile, he says. He's brought "stability" and I guess he's naïve, or stupid—take your pick— maybe both? enough to believe that himself. That would explain the enormous number of new parties participating, for example?
Privately, I wonder in how many new Virus infections the elections may result. So does Epi Izzy.
You keep reading guys saying we ought to refuse further Dutch colonial help and to proceed on our own. With same old gang of crooks and thieves Leading us Lemmings.

That's Too Late
Isla hopes to sign the final documents for the refinery take-over by Corc today, election day. Too late to influence the election's outcome. I hope. But I don't think the signing will take place, as they say "they've reached an oral accord on most points."

Pinhead's Latest
Pinhead Martina proudly announces the opening of a commercial website Tropicshopping.com, meant "as a local platform that specializes in purchasing." Meant is selling, sure. It's supposed to promote export (of what? you ask) but if you check it out, seems the present merchants are from New York. Wonder how much we, you and I, have invested in that thing.
(It's s-l-o-w...)

More and More
Yesterday's Virus harvest: 140 new cases, over 22% of those tested. 9 in hospital, 4 in ICU. One more died, total now 23.
Good thing we had our 2nd Pfizer shot yesterday.
And in Israel, the Health Ministry calls the reopening of Tel Aviv airport "a stab in the back." No tourist money is better than more deaths.

Hahaha, Once More
That was just bragging by Ennia. There are many, well, not that many more electric cars on the island, and charging stations.

Please Control that Uncontrollable Laughing Fit
We read that the first electric car has arrived on the island! It is owned by Ennia insurance company, who plan to replace all their cars with electric ones. And they'll give you a 10% discount on your insurance.
Because as everybody knows, electric cars have less accidents.
You can "soon" charge your car at their charging station. For now, you'll have to visit the Dynaf charging station, which has been open since April, 2019. And not getting many customers, you'd guess. And what happened to the 20 charging stations Dynaf planned to open way back then?

One Good Thing
PAR PM Bhillenaath (for just a few days more, it seems now; good!) joined a Hawai'i conference on Green Stuff: the Sustainablity Summit 20201. That good thing is, it was only virtual so we "only" paid his salary, not the flights and hotel. He was going all on about how green we were with the latest health craze, the Moringa (benbom wonder tree.
I guess he forgot about the refinery. Somehow slipped his mind.
He then went on about the island as a Living Lab, which idea some people (described to me as "overpaid losers") have been trying to sell to our Leaders. Successfully, of course; politicians love free lunches!
I uploaded my withering comments, in Dutch, here.

Break Out the Beer!
Most account holders at the bankrupt Girobank will get most of their money paid back. Too bad if you had more than 1.2 million stashed away there.

Depends on how you look at it. But Isla Refinery and Corc bv yesterday signed a MoU Memory of understanding yesterday. Finally. But it only means that today a 'definitive understanding' will be reached.
Or rather, should be reached.

We're getting there. 142 new Virus cases out of 622 tested. 8 in hospital, 3 in ICU.

Spelling Corrected
That's not an EcoResort but an EcoEyesore.

Come to Think of It
Say, weren't the negotiations on the Isla take-over supposed to be finished last week, after a delay from earlier announced March 1? Did you hear anything at all about it?
Neither did I. Uh oh? After the elections, then? Hmmm.

Oops, Plum Forgot
A lawyer friend (yes, I do know such people) asked me to write a comment on a document published by sinister Jesus-Leito, and Knipselkrant Curaçao saw fit to publish it. In case you're interested, here's the link.
It's not a kind take.

Something Good
The mangrove wood at Rif, which has caused many problems, is being turned into a park, after cleanup. Sinister Jesus-Leito says she doesn't hear any more protests, so everybody seems to be content.

Him Again, Sure
MAN pinhead Martina has declared the development ruination of the Rif/St. Marie landscape is a good thing. How like him! But the initiators of the petition "No Ecoresort at Saliña/Rif Sint Marie" have announced they will continue their action after the elections.
There are now 11,000 signatures, and people without internet can go sign a printed form at Toko Williwood. A foundation "Kòrsow pa Curaçao" is in formation to continue this and more similar actions.

Hey! Lock Him Up Again!
Ex-PM M*F*K Shorty, not so long ago released from jail, does participate in the party's election propaganda. And we here thinking he was forbidden to take part in politics for a couple of years. So what's going on?
Arrest him! Lock him up!

Out of 602 tested for Virus: 17% again. 8 in hospital, 2 in ICU.

Some Vision
Political Party Vishon wants to stimulate Curaçao's air industry. The airports hould become a hub (as has been planned for over 8 years) which will attract more flights. One condition is to get the FAA status upgraded.
Vishon in a recent poll was not expected to get a single parliament seat.

That's 28 new Virus cases out of 154 tested. 8 in hospital, 1 in ICU.
During the weekend, 83 (or 93, depending where you read) businesses have been fined, and 7 closed because of curfew violations.

Nice, Not
The government is reducing the CMC new hospital subsidy by 39 million guilders, in spite of a court order not to do that. Who cares? Now the hospital foresees operational costs will be only covered for 4 more weeks. Who cares? As long as the ministers, MPs and spoiled brats get their money.
The hospital once more went to court against sinister Jesus-Leito. That woman, again!

More of the Same
Kinderoorden Brakkeput [children's places] is about to collapse. No money from the government. This is where boys between 9-15 years old are taken in. Casa Manita and Huize St. Jozef are in trouble as well.
Who cares?

Chutzpah Galore
PAR ex-sinister AlKLM-Wallé, who was kicked out of her post because she had fraudulently input her screening-law data, is now considering to sue the government for damage. Because court decided not to punish her.

Heavy, Mon
Now that Virus Vaccs have started (I'm getting my 2nd shot next Thursday) the thing is exploding. March 13, 91 (count 'em!) out of 527 tested; March 14, 59 out of 390. Both 17%. Now 8 in hospital, 1 in ICU.
Curfew from 21:00 to 04:30. 40% of cases is between 25 and 39 years old, who were figured to be as good as immune; so there.
But PAR PM Bhillenaath assures us elections will not be canceled. It's all malicious "social" media rumors. More people than ever say they will vot this year.
And epidemiologist Izzy assures us that the UK variant isn't deadly. Good to know.

They Deserved It, But we?
A poll has shown that PAR and MAN, present coalition partners, will fall flatly on their faces next elections; while M*F*K and PNP will go up. Respectively 9, 8, 26 and 18%. Out of 62% who gave their opinion.
UKPK and KEM got 9 and 8%. The rest is below 4% which would not be sufficient for a parliament seat.
Maybe we'll explain the acronyms later. If these guys make it.

As good as: 46 Virus cases of 471 tested. Still 4 in hospital, 1 in ICU.

Aqualectrocute Them!
Just kidding, hear? I'm not one of the Wielses. But Aqualectra utility is prepared to pay back part of the damage they caused during the 4 recent blackouts. Go to their website and hit the Danki na Bo [Thank You] button, and start figuring how much you can claim. The first 6 hours of blackness don't count. Most people may expect to get about 25 guilders back.
You can also choose to have the money transferred to 1 of 4 categories: youth, art & culture, sports or environment. If you want to get some of that, there's a long way to walk. Good luck!

Aqualectra for half a year hasn't had any accreditation for the production of water. Hope for the best. But no worries, the management says they have a fall-back system (Landslaboratorium) to check the quality. They don't say if that's used. In February they applied again and aberrations were found. Which ones? Sssst.
Pinhead Martina, responsible, not available for comment.

Much Too Late, Too
An agreement has finally been signed to renew the sewage system between, say, the new hospital and Klein Hofje sewage plant. Will take a year to finish. We'll see...

Too Late, as Usual
Staten/Parliament has voted to lower OZB (say, land tax) as from 2019, after 5 years of public protests and mismanagement. By a coincidence, our case serves in the Court of Appeal next Tuesday. We received 2 different assessments, both crazily high. Hope this helps.

Throw the Key Away!
After locking her up, that is. The government is waiting for juridical advice on what to do about Fräudlein Wiel's malversations around the Curaçao Huis in the Hague. PAR PM Bhillenaath says in the past action has always been taken against that sort of thing.
Don't make me laugh, Bhillie, it hurts.

Pinhead, Shut UP!
Pinhead Martina has the chutzpah to declare in a radio interview that our economy was doing so great before the Virus. Only, it went down all the time, in spite of the steps in the right direction he mentions. Like 1000 cows, space travel, Hato airport, refinery? Which reminds me, will we really be hearing about a Corc-Isla agreement today?

Bright Idea? Maybe
M*F*K wants Selikor to reduce prices for dumping trash at Malpais landfill and raise fines for illegal dumping. But SER social-economic council thinks that doesn't go far enough. Better pay people to dump trash at Malpais! Will save Selikor (and thus, us) money, by not having to clean up illegal dump sites.
Problem here seems, dear SER, Malpais is much farther away than the mondi around the corner. But SER has a point that Selikor might well offer better website info on how many articles can be dumped free.

Uh-Oh, Holó
53 new Virus cases yesterday out of 382 tested. That's 14 fornicating percent! 75% of them are the UK variant (against which Pfizer vacc helps, just like against the Mexican strain, around as well).
4 in hospital, 1 in ICU.
Restaurant Association is against another dry law. Great timing! Even better PR! They want it to stop after Election day. "Where the rules are applied, virtually no infections take place, according to CRA." There's the rub, kids. Also, that's only "according to CRA."

Yes, Kindly Explain
UTS/Flow wonders how government can have signed a agreement with Digicel to provide paid high-speed internet facilities to al 118 schools. After all, UTS has been doing this free since 2019. But edu minister Croes says Digicel is faster and at a better price. Better than free? Well, Croes says UTS/Flow isn't free at all. Hey, what do I know?

Typically Tiresome
So we had to send off some booklets and a package. Went down to the post office. There was a keep-your-distance row around the block. Reason is, people are forced to go there to pay their car tax; there's almost nowhere else. So if you happen to have only a letter that needs a stamp, join the line.
The window clerks have to check all car tax payers on their insurance, car test, and if car tax was paid over past year. This takes time. And the line isn't even divided per window: you just wait your turn.
It seems too difficult to ask the insurance companies to send the tax names of people who have paid them; or the government test facility which cars have been tested; or themselves who has paid last year—and check all this against your car plate. Just so to enable us all to transfer the money by bank.
Try and figure out how many working hours are lost this way, every year. But hey, that's how the government crumbles.

That, Too
... we knew all the time. The former owner of giant bordello Campo Alegre, our thankfully bankrupt national pride, is now prosecuted for human trafficking. Of course. Aren't all pimps guilty of that, come right down to it?
There are still people who clamor for reopening "the CA" as it used to be called discreetly in the media. Missing their prostitute nookie. Let them go to the snèks, plenty of cheapo whores oops, not correct: ladies around there.

Cover It up: It Stinks
Journalist Yves Cooper has been trying to delve into the documents relating to the downfall of InselAir, using LOB (comparable to FOIA). But he's getting nowhere. PAR sinister Jesus-Leito (her again!) claims some of the documents are not available because they concern "personal policy views". I dare say. Same for the 33 million loan to InselAir by the government, of which everybody could know it would never be paid back.

Guilty as Hell
4 of those 6 cops who "allegedly" stole during (illegal) house searches are locked up now. Can't tell you if they're still being paid their salaries.
But the public ministry has started a grand investigation into Corps corruption and deviation from norms. And we thinking corruption was the norm! Whatever made us jump to that conclusion?

The Virus, of course. 32 out of 330 tested; 4 in hospital, 1 in ICU.
We now have the Mexican variant as well, but the Pfizer vaccin is good for that one, too.

The usual throngs at party centers (I mean Political Parties) on election night are forbidden. Virus. What's the use of having elections if you can't party?
Parties react with "especially in times like this, we have to give the correct example." Otherwise, not so much.

Another Confidence Builder
At least, that's how it's presented: in future developments, terrains will not be sold to project developers, but will remain the property of Curaçao island.
Controlled by the likes of Pinhead Martina and sinister Jesus-Leito. See? Kosher all the way to hell.

Still Bad
17 Virus cases out of 333 tested, well over 5%. 5 in hospital, 1 in ICU.
For travelers from here to Holland, no PCR test is needed anymore; nor is quarantine upon arrival. Kaaskoppen who want to come here get a negative advice until half april. But will that help? Us?

Much Ado about Nothing?
Remember all that brouhaha about PS™ Fräudlein Wiels and her machinations with the seat of our plenipotentiary minister, the Curaçao Huis [house] in the Hague? Well, after she spent all that money to move to Prinsengracht, it has now been decided the House will move back to its original location, Badhuisweg in Scheveningen.
Burning question now is, how much did Wiels spend on the useless move? And how much did she make herself on that, so the move wasn't useless—for her at least?
No answers. But she should be prosecuted. Criminally.

Could Be Worse
Then again, could be better... much better. Our national debt now equals the GNP, but in the USA it's 27 trillion now, while GNP is "only" 21 trillion dollars.
Not be mention Zimbabwe, or Venezuela where they just started printing 1,000,000 bank notes.

Badder and Worser
6 out of 95 Virus test were positive; that's over 5%. 4 in hospital, 1 in ICU.
Also, out of the batches from 16-21 February, 3/4 were infected with the new UK variant. Thank you, horekaffers!
The curfew has been changed back to 22:00-04:30; other measures have been extended for 90 days. But elections will proceed; maybe: it's called a "superspread-event".

With an Android app you can now check when the next ABC bus will arrive; they all have GPS installed.
Name is ABC Curaçao app.

Almier Godett, candidate for TPK political party, ex-convict for 4 drugs crimes, has been killed in a gun battle. He can't be taken from the list.
Apparently, his appeasing efforts in a family quarrel were not appreciated and he got riddled with bullets.

What Else Is New
The number of cruiseships visiting the harbor as gone down from 2019 313 to 2020 about 100. All in the first 3 months. Tankers and freighters (which have been going down since 2017): 2319 to 1670.

Almost 5%
4.5% to be exact new Virus cases of those tested. 4 in hospital, 1 in ICU.

That Was Fast!
The Madero beach club, which was forced to close for 3 days last Wednesday because they organized a party trampling all Virus regulations underfoot, reopened yesterday. One day early, am I right?
The management has discussed the situation with the proper authorities and has promised to clean up their act. And maybe some money changed hands? Surely is a thought that might come up in some nasty minds. But that's libel!

Before I Forget
A document has been circulating on the "Doughnut Economy". At the request of some friends I've written a reply, called Fisking the Donut. This nonsense should and must be throttled before our Great Leaders start throwing money, our money, into yet another bottomless pit. You can trust 'em for that.
You can download it here. Sorry, as the original was in Dutch, my reaction is in that language as well.
Just so you know, I first sent this out several weeks ago and have been told it was transferred to the original document publishers. As I predicted, never heard a peep from them. But then, what can they possibly say?

Here's Another One
The Royal Pain Resort is planning an extension, complete with yacht harbor, building 8 towers of 6 to 9 floors. The lagoon will be opened up to the sea, which is sooo good for nature. A start has been made with removing dead trees (before a permit was granted; just my nasty mind) which resulted in the remaining ones starting new fresh growth.
Small wonder, that, as we've had an extremely rich rainy season.
We're presented a photo with the project developer flanked by Pinhead Marina and sinister Jesus-Leito—which tells us more than enough.
We also read that a really fine monument, the Aqualectra Mundo Nobo plant, will probably will be demolished to make room for the yacht harbor.

Congrats, Roel!
Lawyer Roel Bijkerk is the one who did all the hard work to get ex-M*F*K PM Shorty in jail. And he did several other good things. Now, he's won against a Curaçao internet gambling institute, after he started a court case against GSP Gaming Services Provider NV.
To quote KKC, "GSP and its management are widely guilty of criminal offenses by not legally verifying the identity of players on web casinos operating under the banner of GSP. That duty is to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Violation is punishable by 4 years in prison."
GSP owner Abreu de Paulo then filed a complaint with the Disciplinary Board of the local legal profession against Bijkerk, who had been "had been unnecessarily offensive". But the Board thought that Bijkerk was quite right and sent Abreu de Paulo home to remove the flea from his ear.
Bijkerk has meanwhile fined a complaint against Abreu de Paulo with thePublic Ministry, and also with the Central Bank.

21 New Ones
That's almost 4% of those tested for the Virus. Rest unchanged.

Social Housing
FKP says there now is a waiting list for homes 9127 strong; only last month PAR sinister Jesus-Leito said in parliament there were 8000. FKP claims every year the number goes up with 300-500 people, while they can't build more than a hundred houses.
A project in Tera Kòrá has been waiting more than a year for 204 building permits. Same sinistry!
Free advice for FKP: just go ahead and start building. Doesn't everybody else? Well, almost everybody else; only the suckers wait.

Bonaire Farce
There are problems with the ruins of BOPEC oil terminal, which was left behind in a really deplorable state. Full of leaks and unreliable; has to be dismantled. Says one of the trade union bosses, and it's worth quoting him:
"Be strong and tell Holland they must help."

That's Good, Giri
Justice minister Girigorie says the police corps has shown to be self-cleaning and he has all confidence in it. Wish we had.
What price those 600 keys of coke, Giri? Right, they were cleaned out very efficiently.

Get Ready for Feast
On the next Vlaggetjesdag/Dia di Bandera [flag day] the government will proudly present our new escutcheon. This is supposed to help Nation Building, by making us forget all the rubbish and filth our very own Leaders have saddled us up with since independence. Phooey on you, PM Bhillenaath!
My heart cramps when I think of possible horror designs they can come up with.

Over 5%
18 new Virus cases have been reported as a result of 356 tests. Lock the borders! 4 in hospital, 1 in ICU.
Just when CTB has written to USA media that our test ratio was 3%, so we're perfectly safe. Good news is, vaccinations are proceeding faster than expected.
In Bonaire, the situation is much more serious than thought until a few days ago. So what do they do? Limit travel from Curaçao! Figures, right? And just now, KLM announces Holland has lifted testing restrictions for all six islands. Such wonderful timing.

Ex-M*F*K sinister of finance Imalootin has been sentenced to 30 years in prison, for his part in the murder of Helmin Wiels. His first sentence was for 28 years, but the court added 2 upon his appeal.

Immer Höher!
30% of the 2020 budget deficit has been moved to next year government. That's called "taking the easy way out"; except for us who have to cough up the money. That's why the deficit of 640 milllion really is 811 million guilders.
Cft financial supervision asks sinister Gijs & Bertha to come with a "numerical substantiation" before March 11. As if he could. Elections 1 week later.

Locked Up
Director Garcia, the crook who stole so much money from Girobank that it went bankrupt, for which we're gonna pay, has been locked up, in spite of his protests that he was too old and sick to stand detention. But his term has been brought down from 5 to 4 years.
I hope he croaks in there. But I'm not a real Christian. It ain't always easy, ya know.

She Got the Job
PAR Capriles has finally been installed as MP by governor Wout, after parliament again had no quorum. Enjoy the dough, Capriles!

Borrowing Cop
A cop who had confiscated 15,000 guilders after a home raid, decided to "borrow" it without the owner's consent. He then promised to pay the owner back in installments; only, he never did.
"Police have indicated that they will take steps"— but what?

Hato Airport and ABC bus transport finally discovered it was not so smart to have a bus stop at the West side of the airport, and installed a second one, it so workers and visitors can take the bus without walking... walking... Now, they are "very proud". Took 'em only years and years.

Up Again
11 new Virus cases out of 319 tested; more than 3%. 3 in hospital, 1 in ICU.
The Madero Ocean Club on Mambo Beach must close for 3 days as they held a giant party: over 300 people, none of them wearing masks. 50 is the maximum. It's unknown if they were fined, 250/each for public and 2000 guilders for the exploiter.
If you don't fine, what's the use?
Oh wait, the Club did get a fine. How much we're not told.
And the USA thinks you have a big chance to be infected here. That's a joke, it's much worse over there. Of course, it's tourists who join those parties; a Dutch visitor remarked on how the Curazoleños were much more disciplined.
We need more tourists!

Wanna Bet?
The new Aruba partner arrangement for LG... (who knows) will give them more rights than an actual marriage would. Good, of course.
Still, wanna bet they still will want to get married?

No Tourists, Anyway
The 'Swinging Lady' Emmabridge, famous pontoon bridge crossing the harbor to connect two parts of Willemstad, will be closed for a month. So we'll have to take the ferry. Too bad for the tourists.
What am I saying? What tourists?
Besides, one of the top tourist attractions in Hong Kong was taking the ferry. But I imagine not many tourists go there these days, either.

Well They Might
Teachers' club DOEN complains that the government is spending less and less on education. Many schools don't even have airco, but that's only one point.
The teachers even go as far as to wonder if the government doesn't want well-educated people as voting cattle. It definitely is a point.
Like, Papiamentu?

That's Fine
Political parties have less and less money to spend on propaganda. Businesses are more and more reluctant to sink their money in party funds. Figures, they have much less money to throw away than 4 years ago. This contradicts a report by UoC university, claiming each party spends 560,000 guilders. A "connoisseur" calls this hogwash: in the past, yes; now, definitely not.
The investigation was done by Quirindongo, Manuel, 'Bicho' Justiana and Cijnthje. So much for their scientific approach.

4 New Cases
No further Virus news; same old.
But there have been more fires, say the intrepid men persons of the Fire Brigade; which they blame on the Virus.

Short Story Long
No quorum in parliament. What happened to the Dutch "intervention"? Don't even ask. Might still be applied by the governor.

"Ik word communist en ga staken voor de kost."
I'll become a communist and go on strike for a living.
Daan ZonderlandJeroen in Hazevoet's Rijk

Mad Teachers
A sight to behold! Seriously, teachers are protesting (like all spoiled brats) against the 12.5% salary cuts. But they seem to have better points: because of the virus, they have been working 100 hours longer without payment; education structure has remained the same for 15 years already; teachers often pay themselves for materials.
All this while our Great Leaders keep clamoring for better education to fight crime.

No Money, Stinks
Selikor garbage utility has stopped sewer maintenance and will not order 6 sorely needed garbage collecting trucks. Reason, their government money is not coming in.

5 positives out of 278 tests; 3 in hospital, 1 in ICU.
Hospital patients as from today may receive daily visits.
And hey! If you're older that 60, you can now register for a vaccination online, www.bakuna.cw; or by phone 9345.

Not So Good
Would make me laugh if it wasn't so bad: the national debt will this year reach 100% of GDP. Because of the Virus and Girobank.
This includes a 3% growth this year, which will become even more in 23/4. Hah! We'll see about that.

Nice Going
Public notaries are supposed to pay part of the money charged for transactions like selling/buying houses to the government. Only they seem to have developed a nasty habit of pocketing it themselves.
Now a committee must look into how serious this is. Gee, I wonder how much the committee members will be paid.

Amazing! NOT
6 (or maybe less, or more) cops have been arrested because of illegal house searches, during which they confiscated drugs and weapons, but never transferred them for registration. They were members of the P5 crew of Otrabanda, which officially doesn't exist. Hey, don't ask me.
Nice huh?
We're not told if they still get their salaries, only that they are forbidden to enter the police stations.

Pretty Rich
If you had an AOW welfare pension on 10-10-10 and happened to live in another island of the then Netherlands Antilles, the government is not allowed to cut you down to size, something they've been trying to get away with. You're entitled to the full amount.
It's a different case if you moved to another island after that date, or to another country. Unpatriotic traitor! Then I suppose they may kick you out. Too bad!

Only One
Virus case out of 89 tested. No further changes. We're getting there?
But no online registration for vaccination, in spite of earlier promises.
A guy who was arrested during curfew just before Christmas got a 500 guilders fine, half of what was asked; the judge took pity on him with his 1666 guilders/month minimum wage.
Restaurant De Gouverneur got a 3000 guilders fine for serving customers during curfew. Which they deny, sure.

No! Really?
Isla refinery announces that the date of 1 March planned for signing agreements between Corc and Isla has not been realized. Quelle surprise! But it's still expected to happen this week.
Haste makes waste, kids.

Work to Do
A 214 pages report has been prepared on the causes of Aqualectra utility's black-outs, and more to the point, what to do about it. I haven't read it, but it can be downloaded on the Aqualectra site. I didn't find it. It's a fireball! Here goes:
Short term "firefighting": retrain the operators. Ouch; what training did they get? The 3 blackouts were caused by human failure. Then, all production units must be revised to be in optimal condition (so now, they're not), and the "backstart procedure" has to be amended. Plans must be ready by March 31.
Mid-term: an extended study on safeguarding the net on high-voltage levels. Freely translated: so it will work.
Long term: the net must be looked at thoroughly to guarantee stability in connection with the planned expansion of wind- and solar production uses. Deadline July 31.
I told you so.
We'll get two more studies.
Wind generators are switched off immediately, but in one black-out they were switched back on too soon, resulting in a new black-out disaster. A fat lot of use they are.

Good Enough
10 new Virus cases on February 27, 3 on 28. 2 in hospital of who 1 in ICU.
Holland does not want tourists to visit foreign countries, among which the islands, until March 31. At least, I'd guess. These dates have a habit of getting extended.

64.5% of Curaçao households has internet access; 51.3% of those not having it blame it in high costs (hear that, Flow?) and 40.7% on high costs of computers. Frankly, I see so many tablets and smart phones when walking around that I strongly doubt that last figure. 31.8% says "we don't need internet" which, to me, can only mean they don't know it.

Maybe Yes, Maybe Not
IMF says tourism will make a come-back second half of this year, to 38% of what it was before the Virus broke loose.
If we don't get new surprises en route.
In January, hotel occupation was 20%.

10 New Virus Cases
Out of 428 tests. Not bad. Rest unchanged.
The musicians' union doesn't understand why they can't perform in public. While I can, they do have a point: large sports events are allowed.

The Kingdom has given a so-called aanwijzing [instruction] to our Great Leaders so there is no quorum needed in parliament, for the time being. Next meeting is planned March 8.
Hear the opposition gripe and grouse! By now you know what they're screaming: neo-colonialism! undemocratic! intervention! So you don't have to listen.
The real reason for the aanwijzing is a bit doubtful, though.

9 New Cases
Virus, you got it. Out of 357 tests, 2.5%; 3 in hospital, 1 in ICU.
And the curfew is now from 00:00-04:30. As we now have a working parliament, this will become official.
A second case of the UK-variant has been found.

Love Story
A couple got into a traffic accident, because the wife, during a car chase, bumped into hubbie's bumper. She then got out and told him she'd kill him, and (like they write in film scripts) a fierce fight ensued, during which she got wounded.
The guy worked for Landsrecherche [criminal investigation department] and was taken away by his colleagues. We hope and expect they treated him right.
You might well ask, where, or who, was the guy driving to? One does get, no doubt over-excited, fantasies.

Mama Moved
The Mighty Kingdom has seen to it that parliament can take decisions without a quorum. How? Don't ask.
So PAR's Capriles can take her seat in Staten one month before elections, following which if she doesn't get in she's entitled to a year on redundancy pay. Nice huh? Thanks, Bhillenaath; we'll pay up, as usual.

Turn on the Screws
Just a couple of notches more. Gasoline will go up in price (all in guilders) to 1.98/liter; diesel fuel 1.55; a kWh will cost you 59 cents, and a ton of water 8.28. The last 2 are maxima, as from Monday.

We've reached the 10th time when there was no quorum in parliament, because the opposition willfully stayed away. Let us all celebrate and 3 weeks from now vote our Great Leaders back to their comfy seats!

Virus News
Yesterday there were 3 new cases out of 309 tested. 3 in hospital of which 1 in ICU.
Curfew has been changed until 24:00 hrs, which means restaurants and cafés may remain open until 23:00. And casinos may offer alcoholic refreshments again. Now you're talking!
This will remain in force until March 8.
In Holland, though, the Dutch are advised to stay in Europe until March 31.
Some really good news, and surprising if not amazing: herb witch guru Dinah Veeris has taken the vaccination to convince the sceptics that they should as well.

They Never Give Up
Trying, you'd think. Alas, they often succeed. Now it's some MAN MP saying the EOP island development plan must be adapted. "Modernized" is the word she uses. It hasn't been changed since 2017 and, she says, must be adapted every 5 years so we'll have a proper balance between ecology and the forces of... whatever may bring in money.
Translate: if somebody wants to "develop" a preservation area, let them go ahead. Be our guest.

"Reparations is the extraction of money
from people who were never slave owners
to be given to people who were never slaves."
Larry Elder

More Virus
9 positives out of 241 tested. 2 in hospital (1 in ICU).
Tourists will get a new test 3-4 days after arrival, even if vaccinated. Hear the horecaffers whine; not totally without reason.

But Who's Counting?
A marihuana plantation was mopped up; the cops found 1598 plants. Must have been a job.
They also confiscated 2 cars and arrested 2 men.

Sure Kids, Why Not?
After all, we have plenty of money, plenty! MPs will go up to the highest pay rate for spoiled brats, 18, contrary to SER social-economic council. The government doesn't like that advice, so forget it.
Total salaries 2021 will thus be higher than last years'.
Say, who actually pays the SER's salaries? Good question, huh? Why not throw 'em out in the darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth?

Virus: Update
2 new cases out of 223 tested. Good. Rest unchanged.

Save Yourself
And hope we'll have enough wise guys, both for voters and votees. 115,000 voter's cards have been sent by mail.
Almost forgot: hope we'll get them!
I got one!

Won't Help Them
Well, maybe it will. The people in Venezuela's harbor towns are sick and tired of dictator Maduro's closing down the borders with the Dutch Caribbean islands. They can't make a cent that way.
As if Maduro would care.

Sure, Always Higher
The tax on an airport ticket will go up by 4.50 guilders ("about") to pay for the FAA upgrade. But no worries, passengers will never notice because the airlines will include it in the price of the tickets sold.
Is what they figure. Now they discover, after all these years, they have to change the laws? For which we supposedly pay our regular taxes.

In its impotent impotence, the government considers requesting the Kingdom's Raad van Ministers [ministerial council] for help in the opposition's recalcitrant attitude in refusing to turn up for parliament meetings, so there's no quorum.
Mama! Mama! De maat is vol! [enough is enough] says PAR PM Bhillenaath, our resolute Leader.

More and More Like Us Here
South Africa has been an English colony, and then independent, long after it was a Dutch-speaking state. It never has been Dutch, except as owned by the Dutch VOC East India Company. Agreed, the distinction is not super-clear.
Anyway, just like here after Independence, the country has gone down since Apartheid ended. It was therefore no surprise to read today that TLU SA party says "Begrotingsrede is nutteloos" [Budget speech is useless] as the whole budget is a joke anyway. Hear hear.

Freedom of the Press
A lot of agitation these days on this subject. Is the press here really free? Theoretically, yes, but looking at the results does make one doubt. Also, it's for sure many of the pressers are pressured (hey, some pun, huh?) by politicians; and by others from the commercial world, as well.
But at least just as often, they don't need to be pressured. Except for some, among which the alas departed Marjo Nederlof, they act like weaklings who want to go on enjoying free snacks and drinks at press conferences.

Our Great Leaders
The police have arrested a man and his spouse, who are said to have had a terrific fight after she found him with a proverbial "other woman". (I wonder what they were at.) Their children were around as well. The guy is an eligible party member of Trabao pa Kòrsou, party set up by a guy who thought himself too good for auntie Sushi's PIN.

That's Really Bad
Unemployment went up from 17.4% to 19.1% last year; 4500 jobs were lost. Youth unemployment reached 42.2%. But that's only an interim count.
No telling what will happen this year.

Nobody Screamed Here
I read: "Hamas has not yet vaccinated a single person from the batch it received Wednesday, after the world screamed about a 36 hour delay from Israel."
Well, here they won't start vaccinating before Wednesday. Thanks to Jesus-Leito and her motley crew. But in Gaza, they'll start a day earlier, tomorrow. Aren't you glad you don't live under the cruel yoke of Israel?

Don't Say, We Knew
The problem with upgrading Hato airport is that the government lacks the money, says air traffic expert and former boss of Curaçao air authority CBA de Jong. He ought to know, he's been busy spending a lot of it; to no avail. But the ten years of failing to get a decent country year budget have been a factor. Hard to disagree with that.

Fine With Us
The new abb sales tax has been postponed, again. Good. Nobody likes it but our Great Leaders, and now it's announced that it may be introduced 2nd half of the year.
If the new government is just as foolish; which of course would be no surprise.

Over the weekend, 6 new cases per day, on Feb 20 and 21. Still 2 in hospital, 1 in ICU.

Wait Some More
Well-informed people have told Amigoe newspaper that it will take some time before all laws, needed to upgrade Hato airport to FAA category I, are adapted.

Lock Her Up?
The public ministry wants ex-sinister (well, she's ex-minister but still sinister) Alcalá-Wallé to get 150 hours of community service plus 3 months conditional punishment, 2 years of probation. Alcalá-Wallé committed fraud when applying as a candidate minister.

Three's a Crowd
Two new companies plus the old one are applying for management and exploitation of the parking meters. One, Willemstad Parking Benefit District consisting of downtown business owners, want to start with new parking meters, which will accept plastic! PBD says 25.5% of receipts, minimal 230,000 guilders/year, will go to the government. Another one is Securitas (hey, isn't that Imalootin's old company?) says they will pay the government 30% up to 1 million guilders received, 35% up to 2 million and 40% over more. The agreement will last for 5 years.

Viva the Virus!
9 new cases out of 433 tests. 2 in hospital, 1 in ICU.
Vaccinations will start the 25th. Many loud complaints about the inaccessibility of appointment phone line 9345. Can't that woman Jesus-Leito anything right? Always accepting giving jobs to her family.
The info-website Bakuna is only in Papiamentu, sorry kaaskoppen! and Anglos, and you can't register for a vaccination appoitment there.

Whoopee! Let's Celebrate!
The maximum budget deficiency allowed is 685 million guilders. But last year's deficiency, in how far we can trust their crummy accounting, was 811 million; this year's will be 822. Still better!
You know what? Let's ask those dirty filthy neo-colonialists in Holland for more money. And no COHO to control it; it should, ought to be a gift. Right?
Oh and by the way you know, costs for monitoring government spending of the loan are 1.1 million guilders/year. Well spent as it is, but if those guys could be trusted, unneeded.

Oh, That Virus
There have been 8 new cases yesterday, out of 308 tested. 2 patients in hospital, 1 in ICU.
The Pfizer vaccin arrived here last Wednesday; 1 day after Aruba. Aruba started vaccinations one day after the vaccins arrived, but we will have to wait until the 24th.
Then, we'll have to go, in turn, to the old SEHOSpital, where there's hardly any parking space. All thanks to the perfect organization led by sinister Jesus-Leito; so what do you expect anyway?
Meanwhile, K*NT Amparo dos Diablos showed off his utter incompetence (apart from feeding his belly—yes, that's ad hominem) by advising us not to take the vaccination; instead, drink aw'i lamunchi [water with lime juice] and swallow aspirins.
We should export the guy to South Africa, where people are told to eat garlic, ginger and (for HIV) drink red beet juice. Good luck!

Dushi Hende
The term often used to attract tourists: Sweet people. So a guy who stopped his car to help a friend with a car breakdown was knocked on the head by a fiend coming by, who disappeared with a bag full of valuables. Very sweet indeed.

Took a While But Here We Are
The American court system has, finally, made it possible to liberate lottery boss's Robbie dos Diablos funds from Swiss (USA) UBS bank, as a foreign forfeiture judgment. The money is expected to be deposited in the Curaçao criminality fund in April.

Well They May Be Worried
Oldtimers are worried about the plans to lower AOW welfare pensions. One is quoted as: "These days, politicians have no conscience." It's a moot point if they used to have any, but too late to do anything about it.
But the government has declared the pensions will not be touched. Maybe we can believe them, this time? Because, for one thing, the spoiled brats are raising hell at the very idea.

Hahaha! [BIS]
Das gesundes Volksempfinden hits again: after the government told old political parties to remove their illegally placed billboards, or they would do it for them and charge the costs, some driver took the initiative and knocked down some of K*NT's Amparo dos Diablos billboards.
He said he didn't do it on purpose. A pity.
Now to wait for dos Diablos sending him a bill for damages.

Some Dreams May Come True
(Tesla's) Musk's SpaceX has launched 60 new Starlink satellites. SpaceX now has more than 1,000 Starlink satellites in orbit. And there are many more launches coming; SpaceX's initial Starlink constellation will consist of 1,440 satellites, and the company has sought approval for tens of thousands more, we can read on space.com.
The idea is to enable everybody on earth to get internet access via Starlink.
Goodbye Flow! and don't slam the door on your way out.

Virus News
02-17: 3 new (out of 192 tests), 2 in CMC hospital, of which 1 in ICU.
Finally we'll get a press conference today in which it will be explained how vaccinations will be organized. Nobody knows a thing as yet. Maybe, hopefully, the organizers do?
As for now, it's not even known (by us) when vaccinations will start.
The hospital will have increased security, technicians on site for the airco, and it has been cleaned. Good to know!

"Scum usually floats on top."
Desmond Bagley, The Golden Keel

You May Have Noticed
Got my desktop back after some days of forced non-activity. You want to know, it was a corroded contact. Now for catching up.

They Don't Care
The government. They do care about their own wallets, but... this time it's about the monuments. Just let 'em fall in ruins, even if they already own them. It's private persons who work on maintaining and restoring them.
I don't really know, but wouldn't be surprised if the Tax Persons will try to clobber you even harder if you own a monument and restore it to prime condition. Hey, it's worth more, so pay more real estate tax! Logical, ain't it?

Sheer Genius
CFT financial supervision has an idea: the country's expenditures for the coming years must be lowered or we'll never get there.
Also, what Gijs & Bertha say about this year's budget is just rubbish, says CFT. I dare say. CFT has a whole list of things to read; I betcha our Great Leaders are too tired to continue before they've finished reading it; let alone following up.

Just What They'd Figure Out
SVB Social Insurance has another bright idea: cut the welfare old age AOW pensions! Would save millions in these hard times. Too bad they'd become even harder for those old farts, who haven't had a raise for years and years. Who cares?
Well, they do. For once they're complaining loudly. Maybe, for once, they'll make their complaints known at the elections. There's a lot of them. One problem: who to vote for?
K*NT promises them, when they win the AOW will become the same as in Holland—which is ridiculous and can't be done anyway.

Doing Fine!
Costa Rica is... they're back at the FAA Category I status after having struggled about as long as Curaçao's Hato airport to get upgraded.
But of course, Costa Rica wasn't handicapped by hiring 2 expensive foreign consultants who were supposed to get the job done, and had to take their leave with no results achieved (but their pockets full). One can't help wondering who else's pockets they helped fill in return.

Small Wonder
Those tourists that do arrive here, despite all Virus troubles, hardly make use of the hotels: only 31%. From Holland, the number of January tourists was only 3000, 83% less than last year.
And then, figure most of those must have come over for family visits. Small wonder they don't stay in hotels!

Virus Updates
02-16: 4 new cases of 122 tested; 2 in hospital, 1 in ICU;
02-15: 2 new out of 77 tests

À Propos...
A guy has been convicted, on appeal, for trying to import 71 keys of coke from the Curaçao Parera Koninklijke Marine [Royal Navy] basis, into Holland. 71 keys! No shit mon.
Say, could that be the way the 600 keys disappeared from the Rio Canario in 2018 left the island? Trying to sell 'em here would have ruined the market. Just a thought.
This was in 2019

Color Me Flabbergasted
After all the ups and mainly downs around Hotel Otrobanda it seems that they're now actually renovating! After buying the hotel for 7.1 million dollars, renovation for $4.9m was supposed to have been finished end 2020. But the Virus, you know.
We're not told when it will be finished.

That Helps!
Not only K*NT party has put op propaganda billboards for the coming elections on illegal locations. So they got a sticker on them that they'd have to be removed within two weeks, or the government would do it and charge them for the cost. Now "unknowns" have removed the stickers. Do they really suppose that will help?

No Quorum
Yesterday morning Quackie Constancia was ill, so no Staten business resulted.
Net result of selecting PAR member Capriles would be, she'll get 2 years of redundancy pay for having made it as a MP for a week.

Tough, Auntie
SVB announces that all payments to auntie Sushi's "Wellness Project" have been stopped. That was almost 20 million guilders over last year. Which is 10 times what was figured. It was stopped to be evaluated. Translation: watch it or they'll be back to paying auntie.

Gone! But Where?
The remains of the Kenepa Beach monstrosity, dumped along the road, have now been cleared away. Only after the media started asking nasty questions.
Only, we're not told where that rubbish has gone to. Nor do the media seem to have asked.
The perfect solution? Dump the lot on top of the Peter Stuijvesant statue, so it will disappear with him. Too bad almost nobody knows where it is; and those who do know are not talking..

So Do It
SVB social insurance proposes that healthcare institutions personnel hand in 12.5%, just like the spoiled brats. That would save SVB 18 million guilders per year.
Too bad the spoiled brats haven't done so. And come to think of it, did SVB personnel?
Director Martis makes about 1 million/year. Persistent rumors are, so he'd do what auntie Sushi orders.

Educations Chaos
The combined school boards tell us that the current mess dates from before the Virus jumble. The new minister, who took over from PAR PM Bhillenaath, tries to give a different impression—like the rest of government. Ain't so. School boards ask for "honesty". Would be a real change!

Firus Vigures
5 new Virus cases out of 289 tests; less than 2%: good. For the rest, unchanged.

That Should Shut them up
Some people on Saba are worried the volcano on which they live may have another eruption. But Dutch KNMI metereological institute tells them not to worry: "Mostly there are strong indications, before it happens, that an eruption will follow."
Mostly, got it? Not always...

Another Delay
You have to get used to it. Court has, again, postponed the verdict in the appeal case of the Cuntry against KAS [Clean Air Everywhere] to March 9. KAS, who were judged to be in the lower court, claims the results of measuring station Kas Chikitu should have been within the norms as from September 1, 2020. Upon which the Cuntry published a new Landsverordening [law] with appreciably higher norms than indicated by WHO and European countries, among which Holland.
Even worse, according to this proposed law the soon-to-be-booted Isla refinery may be allowed to continue working under even worse norms, until (are you ready?) September 1, 2035.
I apologize for being rude, uncouth and vulgar. In fact, you'd better believe I love this island and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
But we deserve much better than these no-good buffoons telling us how to live.

Where Else?
The rubbish resulting from demolishing the Kenepa Beach monstrosity have been dumped along the road to Klein Kenepa. Sinister Leito-Jesus has told us the remains will be used for other projects, but I lack the imagination to guess how.

Just Mentioning; Not News
The Cuntry's 2019 yearly account isn't ready yet, so it can't be shammed through parliament. Ministries haven't delivered the needed figures. Another fine tradition.

Let's Try this Way
Proposed by pinhead Martina and Girigorie: tourists will be allowed to stay half a year in Curaçao, so the country can skim part of their earnings. All together this would apply to 625 people, who would contribute 125 million/year to our economy.
The sinisters say Curaçao is an ideal place to live and work for those filthily rich; we have good infrastructure (like roads and internet?) and banking systems (like Girobank and Ennia?)
If you think you belong in that group, check out at home in curacao.
They call these people "digital nomads"; why not "hobos" or "chollers"? Impolite, I guess.

No Papiamentu in Dutch Schools
That's putting it too strongly, but Dutch parliament has decided not to use it as teaching language (in mbo 3 and 4, not that it means much to me). But of course, this does not apply to schools in Holland but to Bonaire. It would need a special law.
Which not everybody thinks a good idea either: youngsters should learn to communicate in the Kingdom's language. Hear, hear.

Travel Shame
Next to CHATA, we also have CASHA (nomen est omen): Curaçao Apartments and Small Hotels Associations; in other words, more horekaffers. They are lamenting that potential travelers will not book air trips and lodging, because of "travel shame". Which they might well have, let's face it. Anyway, bookings are below all thresholds necessary for them to survive.
So, you'll never guess, they ask for government's financial support. Nice if you can get it (I can't).

Big Surprise
M*F*K Quackie Constancia turned up in parliament, which suddenly had a quorum and could get down to business. Whatever motivated her remains a riddle, as another PAR member may now be installed.
It's still a point that may have to be decided by court, whether PMs may be allowed to skip their duties like that. But may judges get involved in politics? Good question.

Too Smart!
Those "smart" LED street lights Aqualectra is bragging about, that are being installed on all roads. Why are they "smart"? It's because they're not simply LEDs; they can be used for different things as well. Not all bad; like traffic counting, speed checks, you name it.
And also to check who's around where. Not to worry though; that's already easy enough for all those who have a cell-phone. But alas, ideal for a totalistic dictatorships, wishing to check what their subjects are about. "They Need Watching." In China the thinhs quite popular—except with the population, perhaps? Makes those video survey cameras superfluous.
Say, didn't we buy those from China? But the LEDs come from Philips.

8 New Ones
Out of 176 tested, almost 5% are Virus infected. We're getting back up there! 1 in ICU. 22 died.

Too Bad
Tourist organizations all over the world are beating their brains out to find ways to get around the Virus travel restrictions. It's even compared with 9-11 when all travelers from some countries were restricted. Come, come. Besides, Israel showed us all the time how to get around that is.

Please Restrain Your Laughter
Justice sinister Girigorie says that Curaçao is one of the safest places in the Caribbean and Latin-America, so what are we whining and nagging about? The sinister is doing just fine! we just are to obtuse to see it.
Need I say numbers are not mentioned, at least where I read?

One of the distributors of food packets to needy Virus victims, 24 year old Jason Vic has been arrested, because he used funds collected to buy food with to gamble away instead.
Vic is told to be very popular on the so-called social media, and a few years ago came out number 1 in Youth Parliament or so. Right on the dot, I fear. Now to become a member of the official club, Vic! I predict a long and successful career among the other Ali Baba gang members.

So PAR Has One?
Blow me down! PAR's action program has been leaked. Nothing new there: they continue with the election program of 2017, and meanwhile we've seen where that took us: nowhere FAST.

Good Point
Amigoe Newspaper analyses the COHO-plans, part of the deal for a loan from Holland. Once again the government's plans are full of sentences like "we need more research"... "an integral screening will be done"... instead of tackling the problems.
Why not take action? Amigoe asks. For once, I add.

Bending under the Pressure
... of neo-colonialism. People of Aruba and Curaçao die at an earlier age than those of the BES-islands, which have tighter relations with Holland.
It's mainly heart and vascular diseases, murders and traffic accidents.
But we do have less depressions here, so who cares? Except about neo-colonialism, of course. That's a disgrace!

The dismissal law is up for review again. Year after year the same bore; okay, some years it may skip. The unions don't like it; they'd rather see an employer go bankrupt by being forced to keep paying bad actors; who then go on welfare, which we pay for. But Holland made it a loan condition, the neo-colonial bastards.

Good. Fine. Great.
0 people infected with the Virus. That's 0% as well—out of 26 tested yesterday. Wait a bit...

InselAir's (remember them? Wish I didn't) last Fokker F50 has left the island. As far as I know, no such luck with the MD8Xs still sitting on Hato airport. Say, who's paying for them being parked there? All in all, you and me I fear.
Hey, let's dump in the sea for the divers! The coral reefs are used to that sort of maltreatment, and worse.

You Betcha
SER [social economic council] says, what the country needs is a "targeted economic policy" for the next ten years, instead of the ad-hoc running after the facts (my take) we are treated to now. This in reaction to a PAR proposal to arrive at a targeted poverty policy. Plenty of knowledge and even laws around to get that fixed, and that just has to be applied, SER says.

Up Again!
8 new Virus cases out of 141 tests. That's over 6%.
The horekaffers, this time CHATA, want to apply all forces to get back to code Yellow for March, so the tourist flow, complete with Virus-mutants, can start up again. Occupation rate lies between 0-20% and most hotels are at the toppling point, they say. Rather they than us, right?

"Show me an ambitious politician and I'll show you an evil bastard."
Duncan Kyle, Green River High

Cft financial supervision has received anonymous complaints about their own Curaçao secretariat. Three of them regularly pay non-business visits to Holland, flying business class of course at ANG6000 each, paid by Cft. Other tips say management team members have received luxury presents, paid by what I guess is Cft. Personnel complains about a sick work culture; several have quit because of favoritism, a "culture of fear", and integrity violations.
And this club is supposed to watch our government. Which does need watching.
An inquest is announced. Sure.
Those presents: designer accessories (whatever?! succulators?) and musical instruments.

Try, Try Again
Staten/parliament will have a try at two meetings next week. Hopefully they'll get a quorum, for once.
You just have to ask, what do we pay those no-goods their extravagant salaries for?

Virus Import
The British variant mutation of the Virus has been found here. You'll never guess: it was imported by a Dutch tourist, who managed to infect two local workers in the tourist sector. Thank you, CHATA, CTB and all horekaffers! Keep 'em coming.
5 new cases in total, 2 still in ICU.

No Way, So Shut Up
Römer, head of the electoral council says there won't be a recount of the pre-election votes. We have done it this way since 2003 and if your voters don't get it, tough, he says (not literally). The fact that you lack a small number of votes is no reason for a recount, so there.

Crooks Galore
A gang of car thieves has been getting pretty busy, again. Last couple of days (how many) eleven cars have been stolen and left stripped down in the mondi [bush]. Seems they have a liking for certain models.
Nobody seems to be taking any action. We're quite used to that.

Got Dough, Will Spend
We are all invited to help out with designing a new coat of arms for Curaçao. Just what we needed! An ideal opportunity to waste a lot of money on new sedulas [IDs], driver's licenses... you name it. The 1964 design should be replaced, says PAR PM Bhillenaath, "to unite more inhabitants and create a feeling of patriotism and deep pride." In KKC it says, in Dutch, "depth pride" but that must be a typo.
The government is now looking for 7 volunteers with expertise who'll form a committee.
I never designed a coat of arms before, so I'm out as regards expertise. Would you think there are 7 who do have that to be found on the island? Let alone one less than 30 years old, as stipulated.
The committee will work 8 hours/week for 6 months; 7x8x6=336 man person hours. Gee, I wonder how much they'll get paid.

The Virus
3 new cases, less than 1% of those tested; 2 in ICU.

So Spend It, Fast
Thanks to the Dutch loans, Curaçao ends the year 2020 with a positive balance of 158.8 million guilders instead of the negative 852.7 prognosis.
How's that for neocolonialism?

That's the Twist
According to the harbor master of Bonaire, the protests against a new cruise ship terminal come from people who're afraid their houses will diminish in value.
So will the island; just my feeling.

Welcome! Please Come Over!
The first case of the more deadly British Virus variant has been found here. He/she has had contact with "someone who came over from Holland". Just what we were waiting for.
2 new cases out of 203 tests; 2 in ICU.
27,000 passengers from Holland last months; but it looks like most came for family visits.

MAN MP Cleopa thought... yes, what? That he'd get away with it? The road repairs that have started, just in time for the elections, did include the road his house lies on; but stopped right there.
Now Cleopa says, it seems like he arranged that, but that isn't true. Really?

Throw Him Out!
... and I want to see him bounce. Gino Campbell of the Gaming Control Board has been fired. He wanted severance pay, but the judge didn't allow that. Probably figured he made plenty of money, already.
Campbell got his job through the intercession of then M*F*K sinister Imalootin. At the same time Luigi dos Diablos, Robbie's brother, was appointed as co-manager. And now still there?! How about Luigi? Good question, huh?
The Gaming Control Board wanted to continue with Campbell, but Gijs & Bertha fired him anyway. Who'd have thought it.

Only Marks on Paper
The terrain which contractors Janssen de Jong want to "develop" at Rif St. Marie has been reserved as a Conserving Area in the EOP [island development plan], but they got their money-grubbing claws on it anyway. They call it an "eco-reort"; it only hurts when I laugh. Who cares?
Then, the saliña is a protected RAMSAR area; free for ransacking! Just like with the Dolfinarium—who cares?
The popular feeling is that somebody has been bribed (could it be the sinister? and then...) They never have enough, do they? That would be libel, so I don't mention names; can't prove a thing, but it's all highly suspicious.
The petition had 2,400 signatures yesterday afternoon and needs 4,000.

Implementation Starts
Por fin! you say. But what PM Bhillenaath comments is not very comforting. What does sound good is that Dutch and Curaçao governments, also the new ones, have to follow the conditions of Landspakket. Then he starts about the spoiled brats, and doesn't sound like he agrees with the 12.5% 'cheese slicer' deal (neither do they) but admits the salary structure needs a good look. We've known that for tens of years; but he sort of promises it will be evaluated in 5 years from now. Five years!
And then, he admits the tax system must and will be reformed; and first thing, he mentions the dreaded abb sales tax.
The guy's just hopelessly worthless.

They Would and They Will
The losers in the pre-elections are nagging and clamoring for a recount. The number of refused votes was much higher than in former pre-elections; so was the total number of votes. I don't think it will really help them, and it's sure to cost.
Being aspiring government members, why should they care about that?
One of the bad losers is KAS Mudbelly Cooper.

Glad to Hear That
The public Banda Bao beaches will not become privately exploited. Fine. Those guys are asking for trouble. Recently, a diving school at Daaibooi cut down a couple of fine old Indju trees (Prosopis juliflora) and put in an ugly combi of containers. Without permit; and without any fine resulting; of course!
And a petition has started to stop "development" by a greedy contractor/real estate conglomerate of the Saliña Rif/St. Marie; a protected Ramsac area where flamingos feed. Like 450 villas for the well-off will be built to spoil the landscape that way! They have the temerity to call this an "eco-resort". The same scene was spoiled by an oil spill a few years ago, but was finally saved and cleaned.
Nobody cares? Well, we're starting to. Please add your support!

Wise Bonaire
A petition has started on Bonaire to stop the building of a new harbor, for which a coral reef has to be damaged. People start to wonder if tourism is really worth it. Hear, hear.

No and Yes
The judge has not given permission to demolish Cinelandia's façade; but the monstrosity at Kenepa beach has finally gone. Both good and a smack in the face of sinister Jesus-Leito, even better.

Covid Cases
6 new out of 199 tests; 2 in ICU.

Keep Them Coming
People who ought to be in the know say the Virus was grown in the Chinese Wuhan laboratory; but regardless it gave rise to yet another term: "Climate Health Emergency". You see, it's the Climate that's now blamed for the Virus, improbable as that sounds at first sight. But anyway, the measures to be taken for fighting the Virus have a strong resemblance to those for combating the Climate Change. (But hardly any of the voting public turned out to have an interest in that, so there.)

Hot Party Warning!
FOØL may be out, but Baby Godett is second place on the KEM-list. Who are in.
May be 3rd place, makes no real difference.

Caught My Interest
Sorry, can't give you a link, but last week or so I read that Aruba island can't build any more wind generators: there's no space for 'em. I imagine it's the same story for solar panels, which take up even more room.
A good thing, too. How could it be that, with sun and wind energy being "free", everywhere they're growing power tariffs go up with them? Makes you think a bit.
There are 592.2 people/sq.km in Aruba (2020); here 368 (2019). Granted we here have a few more sq.kms. to ruin, do we really want to?

Smart Twist
What a trick. You just have to grudgingly respect it. Those institutions that can't get their budget fixed, don't get subsidies, but instead support and guarantees. Which come out of the country budget as well. So pay up, you suckers all.
By a coincidence, it's mainly Sports that profit here.

A Curaçao online gambling company refuses to pay the €200,000 debt, a fine by the Gambling Authority.
One of the stakeholders is that model of integrity, politician Betrian.

Easy Does It
The government announces a start will be made with implementing the measures of the Country Packet [landspakket]. They only date from November 2 last year, so for them that's ultra-fast.

That's Steep!
The interest on micro-loans is max. 27%/year. But if the term is 3 month or less, charge is up to 45%. Thus say the courts, in appeal. And I here thinking the credit card interest of 18% is usury!

Zero: Ø!
Virus cases... 2 in ICU. 1 patient died, total 21.
All preventive measures are extended to February 22. Vaccinations, starting 2 weeks from now, will be completed before June 1. Now let's wait for the new, terrible, mutant variations.

Counting the Sharks
Research is going on to count the shark population. Don't forget to include our Leaders!

Hello, Emergency
The fact that the opposition boycotts parliament meetings does not have any influence on the emergency measures [Noodtoestand]; parliament head can call up a meeting and if there's no quorum twice, he can just prolong it for another 90 days.
The net effect of the opposition's attitude is that the government in many cases can act as it pleases her.

They've Had Enough?
A record number of people have gone to the pre-selections: 19,226; which is 7000 more than in 2017. Result, of the 16 candidate parties 8 will join the real election spree, which brings the total to 15; also a new record.
PNP is back in business; Mudbelly Cooper, who after quitting MAN walked out of M*F*K to start his own PAN is a loser.

The Virus Figures
Jan 29: 5 new cases, 4 in hospital of qwhich 3 in ICU.
Jan 30: 3 new, 2 in hospital; both in ICU.
Jan 31: 3 new, 2 in hospital; both in ICU.
Canada has stopped as good as all foreign flights, including to/from the Caribbean.

New One
Climate Alarm has joined the list of Deadly Dangers; it keeps growing. Don't panic! Keep cool.

Old Problem
Not only Dutch ex-colonies are clamoring to get their "robbed" art treasures back, but the problem is, for now they're much better taken care of in the colonial mother countries. Like the British Museum, where so many Egyptian artifacts have been collected.
Long ago Holland returned a priceless batik cloth to Indonesia, only to have mrs. Sukarno make it into a dress which she wore on a subsequent visit to Holland.

Oh, Where Did It Go?
Aqualectra claims that in the last ten years they've invested 585 million guilders (over $320m). Among which the wind generators, and also new diesel generators. Because of the green winds, they are less dependent on market fluctuations. Yes, and more dependent on weather fluctuations.
Their argument that Curaçao's tariffs have to be higher that Aruba's is made mince-meat of by Amigoe Newspaper, which points to other small and just as hilly islands with much lower tariffs.

He Might Well Worry
Ex-sinister of justice Imalootin is worried about the outcome of his appeal case currently in court, concerning the Helmin Wiels murder—and then some. "Shock and fear have struck him" he declares.
The rest of us, on the other hand, look at it from a different angle.

Front Page News!
On Klein Curaçao a palapa will be restored. Put up for tourists to enjoy some shade, which otherwise is totally lacking there. But locals who are camping over there also make good use of it, by burning the roof cover leaves in campfires.
A palapa essentially consists of 4 poles on which rests a roof covered with palm leaves.

Why Not?
Plenty reasons why no! Some Dutch CDA politician, name of Jaap Jonkers, wants to put up statues to honor Curaçao politicians, and has started a petition. The two "heroes" he mentions are Juancho Evertsz and (are your ready?) Maria Liberia-Peters, both ex-NLP PMs. Heroes?! At least Juancho had his points; I remember him saying "if Holland wants to impose independence on us, we will accept that honorably." Holland had a socialist government at the time which wanted to avoid getting a bad name in the U.N. because of "colonialism".
But MLP?
At least the pigeons will get some more free toilets.

Sounds Realistic
Reading between the lines you may have noticed I tend to maintain a, I hope healthy, skepticism towards a lot of "green" actions. But this one sounds okay: take your empty plastic bottles and/or aluminum cans to Sambil shopping center and for 25 bottles/cans you'll get a stamp which you can trade in for "nice prices". Hey, please don't blame me if you don't think them nice!
The plastic will be recycled into sea turtle key rings (which is where I get a tiny bit skeptical again), among other unnamed products.
This is in cooperation with Coca-Cola so I don't know if they'll accept other brand bottles/cans. I also don't know if a total mix of 25 bottles + cans counts.

Still Peanuts
The reward for a tip leading to arrest(s) of the police office drug thieves has been enlarged from 20,000 to 30,000 guilders.
Compared with the street value of 600 keys of coke, ridiculously low. Not to mention a death sentence by some drug gang.

That's Better
6 new Virus cases, less than 2% of those tested; 4 in hospital, 3 in ICU.

Fer Chrissake,
Gimme a Break!

A lot of hot-air palavering going on of turning Curaçao into a "doughnut economy" where the money and efforts are "circling"; that will surely end all our problems. The first thought that comes up in me, sorry, is that's like the fabled island where people eke out a living by doing each other's laundry. And what to do with our harbors?
Then, we are told that plan is "inclusive, distributive and regenerative", who could find fault with such pretty-sounding terms? especially when nobody could tell what they'd exactly mean. Except those in the know, sure. Also, they have had good talks with the sinistry of Economic Development. That's Pinhead Martina! Say no more.
Finally, the model has been implemented in Amsterdam, Portland and Philadelphia. Portland? Isn't that the hotbed of those bloody riots peaceful demonstrations? Just what we needed. And fancy, we could be the 1st nation doing this. (Like the Space Program, remember? or rather not?) Please outclude me in.
Please note, this is just what I know (except for the link) from what I read in the media. They, and thus I, may have got it wrong.

I have mentioned it before, I'm a fan of our numero uno national resource, Marguérite Nahar. And I don't even know her. But now she's written a raving article on the new party KUMUN's program, which made me download and peruse it. Some points of interest, to me.
First, I do have to admit some people have put some honest and solid thought into that program. But:
KUMUN wants us to become a Dutch municipality and thus, part of the €U. After having lived in Holland for about 25 years, I went literally out of my skull and got out while the going was good. It's another country; Curaçao is another country, and 'never the twain shall meet'; at least not on an "equal" basis. Then, how long does KUMUN think the €U will last?
Another thing is their pipe-dream on green energy. They don't seem to have taken note of the problems with it. Like, where to trash the windmills and solar collectors after they've served their time, about 20 years? Nobody has a solution. Also, despite all the hype, for example the wind generators need a 20 knot average wind to work efficiently; we have not even 10. And in the hours the sun does shine, we have a cloud cover of 65%.
KUMUN also wants us all to start driving electric cars, starting with rental outfits. I don't know how they want to achieve this; by force? Consider that the price tag is 1.5 times higher than that of a gas/diesel car and think again. Also, our rickety Aqualectra couldn't possibly handle charging all those batteries. Even in the UK and Germany it's becoming a problem: blackouts-while-U-wait.
And that's the most solid party program around...

And How About...?
Indie MP (formerly auntie Sushi's PIN) Calmes wants to raise welfare from 364.80 to 1100 guilders/month. He thinks that's not enough, and no doubt he's right. On the other hand, a large lot of people who get it have other illegal income over which they don't pay taxes. Methinks this should be checked thoroughly (by a new group of spoiled brats).
Also, how about the old-age welfare that's still sitting at the 2013, if not earlier, level?

Who the F Cares
Not our Leaders! After having had 3 SER [social-economic council] advices on the soon to be introduced abb to replace the present sales tax, they decided to ignore them.
Question comes up: why then waste money on that SER at all?

7 new cases (2.5%), 4 in hospital, 3 in ICU.

The Emergency Plan for road repairs costing 736,000 guilders, introduced very quickly after new KUMUN party stared fixing potholes on their own (they were stopped in a jiffy), shows successful results already, says sinister Jesus-Leito. One pothole hasn't been filled yet, we're told. Must be a real beauty to deserve mention! How many have been filled, we're not told.
I'd say, KUMUN's action is the successful one.

No VVU—Yet?
The idea was that VVU, voluntary outflow of spoiled brats, would have started January 1st. By now it's painfully clear it didn't work out, but sinister Kroket promises this will come as soon as possible. Please wake me up when it's there?

Pinhead Said It, So It's True
You can't compare the energy tariffs of Curaçao with those of Aruba; the infrastructure is different and makes the product more expensive "per definition". So says Pinhead Martina, who never lies.
We don't care what Pinhead says: we still compare them.

Up to Date!
Amigoe newspaper offered, for her paper subscribers, also an online edition. For this you had a choice between HTML and an Adobe Flash version. But Adobe stopped and uninstalled Flash January 15.
Too bad if you'd opted for Flash: no online newspaper until yesterday, almost 2 weeks later, when Amigoe finally got it, came to its senses and switched over to HTML-5 only.

Bus Tickets
It's been decided: the bus tickets will become 30 cents more expensive. You can now ride from downtown in direction Westpunt, no matter what the distance (max 36kms), for 2.50 guilders.
A subway ride in NY costs $2.75 or 4.95 guilders. Downtown-Harlem is about 12kms.

9 New Virus Cases
That's back at 5% of tested people. 5 in hospital, 3 in ICU.

That's Nothing
1000 complaints totaling 70,000 guilders have been lodged with Aqualectra for damages caused by the recent black-outs. As far as I understand, that's only for physical damages to equipment; you won't get a cent for missed working hours and other business damages.
Aqualectra complains they've lost 1.7 million in missed delivery of electricity. What a nerve! As if we cared.

Will That Help?
No! SMOC wants clarity on the "new" norms for the refinery. They're in fact not new; just bypassing and ignoring the court's decisions.
Isla refinery says it's not they to grant permits, that's the sinister of health. I'd certainly hope so. On second thoughts, that's Jesus-Leito, need I say more? Forget it, they'll get their permits.
Smoc concludes, maybe a bit premature, that'll mean another court visit.

Sic 'Em!
Finally, how many years later? 2015! Staten/parliament is showing some interest in prosecuting PS™ Fräudlein Wiels for her manipulations in selling the old and buying the new Curaçao House in The Hague, Holland. Wiels then was plenipotentiary Curaçao minister in Holland, without any power to deal in those matters at all. She just went ahead regardless and did it, and only the devil—no, not even then-PM PS™ Arsjes— knows how much she made on personal account with those deals.
But will this result in actually prosecuting her? I strongly doubt it.
I read a remark that ex-PIAS leader Rosaria, who now regularly writes articles about the government's misbehaving, never lifted a finger to stop this thievery when he was in power. Hypocrite.

Doesn't Mean a Thing
The appeal of ex-M*F*K minister of injustice Imalootin is now serving. The prosecution has asked for heavier sentences.
One of the things coming to light is that the cell-phone then Intelligence head Gumbs, who was fired by ex-PM Shorty's cabinet, was supposed to have handed in, is not in the Intelligence's possession. Conclusion: Gumbs never gave it up.
You think? Just may it possibly be that Intelligence Bureau made a mess? It definitely is a thought.

Bright Thinking
The Tumba-Festival, starting off the Carnaval hysteria festivities will be held without an audience. That will sure save us from the usual unwanted pregnancies and AIDS infections.
Not to mention the Virus, which is mentioned as the reason. We're told the Festival is a "present to the people".

There's the Rub
Voting bureau head Römer says it's hard to prove votes are bought; the receiver of the bribe would have to file a complaint. Let's face it, he'd be a fool to do that.

New Migration Policy
PAR PM Bhillenaath announces a new migration policy, so the (mainly Venezuelan) illegals will have to start paying taxes and their health insurances. Let's hope they'll like that.
Just kidding? Something obviously has to change, Bhillenaath got that straight.

10 New Cases
Out of 178 tested, well over 5%. 5 in hospital, of who 3 in ICU. No new measures have been taken. It's not deemed necessary to stop travels to/from Aruba, where the new British variant has been found.

New One
That is, I can't remember hearing this one before: "Climate Chaos". I always thought climate/weather was pretty chaotic, apart from 4 more or less reliable seasons per year. Run and hide! Crawl into your cellar and pull it up after you!

Oh So
I found out why: those three quitting FKP board members can't get along with the chairman. I'm sure they have their reasons.

0 Cases, 35 Fines
People just don't seem to take it seriously, they keep clustering maintaining anti-social distances. So 35 fines were given last Saturday for Virus curfew violations.
But people may have a point, as there were 0 new cases; albeit out of a mere 7 tested. 6 still in hospiral, 3 in ICU.
Vaccinations will only start half February. We backward islanders, where we'll all ready for it since about ten days, have to wait for the Dutch burocracy.
In Holland, riots à la USA BLM/Antifa "peaceful protests"broke out because they got a curfew there; burning cars and all like they saw on the news. I remember when a "riot" was where teenagers rode the streets on bicycles, ringing their bells and shouting in chorus "Rock and roll! Rock and roll!"

Uh Oh, FKP
Fundashon Kas Popular [public housing] finds itself in trouble again. 3 board members have taken their leave four months after they joined, but I haven't found out why. The unions complain that a screening of the (government owned) foundation is necessary, but the board manager says everything is fine after they've done some years of hard work: look, the year accounts of 2017/18 are almost ready!

Back Up
5 new Virus cases out of 228 tested, 1 import; from where we're not told. 6 in hospital of who 3 in ICU.

Heavy, Mon
In 1982, before Apartheid ended, a South-African Rand was worth about 1 US dollar. Now, forty years later, it's not even 7 cents (0.06585). I don't think Apartheid shouldn't have ended: just thinking that the integrated state should have been set up as a democratic republic. Instead, the advice of Jimmy Carter to establish a democracy was followed, resulting in deterioration, fraud, corruption and genocide of the Boers.
In 1990, the exchange rate already had dropped to RND3=US$1.

Asking Myself
In the USA, the federal gas tax is 18.4 cents per gallon and 24.4 cents per gallon for diesel. How much here? I have no idea but it's, let me say, kinda inneressin'. Just paid almost 400 guilders for my car tax which makes the question more poignant.
As we drive maybe 20,000kms/year, that's 2 cents/km. Plus gas tax, hey.

That's More Like It
0 new Virus cases (200 tested); 7 in Hos2021-01-24pital, 3 in ICU.

Only Now Noticed
This guy Hans de Boer, sadly expired recently, praised all over because he supposedly would help "save" the ruins of Plaza Hotel, was one of the signers of the infamous letter to the Dutch government to take pity on Curaçao as our poor Leaders really couldn't help the situation the Virus brought them into.

The Fuck Hell's That?
An article in Antilliaans Dagblad is full of remarks about how zij-instromers [side-entrants] can save our educational system; such as it is. However, no explanation whatever is given on what's meant with that. As far as I can find out, for you, dear reader, it's about people who haven't followed an educational education and want to switch over to being a teacher. So now you know.

Is That So?
The refinery is on course with the take-over schedule, says PAR PM Bhillenaath. Fancy that! One for the history books.
He also says "We can't afford to have the negotiations fail once again."

6 New Cases
Virus slowly going up? Hardly worth bothering about, that's out of 218 tests. 7 in hospital, 3 in ICU.

"Bad Part"
That was the cause of all those black-outs. Now, 5 years and umpteen failures later, they've found out about it! The maker, Schneider, is asked to look at the "little part" in its lab.
It's also because the load pattern has changed, they "explain". The refinery fell away, and use has grown. And I thinking that would be the other way around.
But no worries, Aqualectra has taken measures that it won't happen again. Didn't we hear that before...? Director Jonis says he's responsible and will accept that. By retaining his job, I suppose.

What a Trip
24 parties have announced they'll participate in the coming elections, March 19. 17 of those are new and will have to come up with 789 signatures before they're allowed to.

Go Covid!
Yesterday 2 new cases, less than 1% of those tested. 7 in hospital, 3 in ICU.
Now that the restaurants have some more freedom to serve guests, KLM announces all international flights may be stopped. Count you blessings.
Is because Dutch government requires negative tests before the crew flies back. So quarantine them, already, right?
Update: both KLM and TUI will fly on regardless. "The islands are safe" they say. But will they remain safe with the to-be-expected influx of tourists?

Writing on the Wall
Germany is considering electricity rationing; because its green sources have been such a great success, leading to grid instability. You may get cut off for two hrs/day.
Which reminds me, we here stuck with Aqualectra's black-outs, and prices as well, do not have to be jealous any longer. Come to think of it, howzit with that testing? Nothing but silence since...
In Germany, the first measure looked at is cutting off e-vehicles' charging stations when things get tight. Guaranteed to help get rid of all gasoline/diesel cars and truck before 2030!

Now Let's See
We're gonna get a just fine test of the Green Dream with the new USA president, Biden. He wants to end all fossil fuels and replace them with alternatives. So do his cohorts.
This surely is going to be very interesting; no matter what you, or I, think.

A Big Help
Central Bank gives the inflation figure for 2020 (2.2%) which doesn't tell us a thing about comparing it with 2019. Elsewhere, you read that was even higher: 2.6%; 2018 was 2.58%, 2017 was 1.59%, a 1.63% increase from 2016. So economy turning down18.6% takes inflation down as well? You can cut me off a bit fat piece of that.

Back Up Again
We had 8 Virus cases yesterday; 8 in hospital and 3 in ICU.
Vaccinations, originally planned to start half January, have been delayed a month. For now.

Always the Same Problem
You give people something free for which otherwise they'd have to pay, they just don't, can't appreciate it. Remember that so-called free education? Now it's going on with the free drinking water. It has been observed during the distribution of free food packages (because of the Virus) that many people have no water nor sanitary facilities, even though they're supposed to have been reconnected. Of course those three factors tends to coincide.
Aqualectra says that those who can't pay their bill may arrange a deal via the Social dept.; but many just seem not to.

Education is not going very well; need you be told? Now we hear that part of the problem is, the function descriptions date from 15 years back which results in quantitative and qualitative personnel shortages. So pay 'em more and that will be solved.
You can see that in our PMs and ministers; obviously works!
Yes, I know I'm oversimplifying. I'm not the only one.

Hear, Hear
Famia Planea [family planning] asks for contraceptives to be included in the SVB social insurance packet. Though the number of teenage pregnancies is going down, more and more abortions are committed, by MDs as well as DIY at home. Downright frightening, that.
Famia Planea says their contraceptives are very cheap anyway, which somehow seems to undercut their argument.

Who Cares...
After all that brouhaha about a new PAR member for parliament, where the opposition refused to turn up and left the coalition without a quorum, now PAR PM Bhillenaath doesn't bother to reply to a letter by member Ayoubi, who's leaving. As long as he doesn't answer, we're left with a dead parliament: 10 coalition and as many opposition members. Remember, they all follow the party line when voting; logical, as thinking seems beyond them all.

5 New Virus Cases
That's 2.5% of people tested. 7 in hospital, 3 in ICU. Total deaths now 20.
Restaurants are again allowed to serve inside, but only to members of one household. So if you want to take your dushi sweetheart to dinner, you'll have to sit outside.

1st Things 1st
Now the argument to pull the Cinelandia ruin down right away is, it's dangerous for people walking by. So put a fence around it; you see that in all cities around the world.
And when you're at it, start with demolishing the Plaza Hotel ruins. When that monstrosity starts a'tumblin', the walls of Jericho can't hold a candle to it.

3 new Virus cases, 5 in hospital, 4 in ICU. Things are looking up! Let the tourists come? Warda un rato [wait a bit].

No Carnaval: Elections
Just as good, maybe better: 27 parties have indicated they want to join the elections feast. January 21 they will be trying to get their candidates listed; trying to, because later, there will be a pre-election where new parties have to show signatures of 800 voters by Jan. 31.
The term may be extended because those parties are not allowed to contact each other. Virus, you understand.

6 New Cases
5 in hospital with the Virus, 4 in ICU.

I Call This Weird
16% of Curaçao people don't have a bank account. Reason, you have to show proof of a regular income to apply. My highly educated guess is, those banks have too much money. Why otherwise send away customers?
A while ago, a relation who as far as I know may be called a millionaire, wanted to open a local account and came asking me for a declaration he was kosher. It was one of the amusing high points in my life.

All the Same
A video on YouTube tells us how the SIM cards here (and I think I remember, on Aruba) are twice as expensive as they are all around us. Don't make no difference if you buy them from UTS/Flow or Digicel—which I already suspected to be together in robbing us all along.

I may have called them like that before. Darn foolishness! Because they want to hold up voting in a new PAR parliament member by taking care there's no quorum, the opposition in one fell swoop arranges that new loans from Holland to relieve the Virus problems (and then some others) may not come through.
This includes laws to fix salaries/pensions of ministers, parliament members and managers of SOEs. Boy, they're so smart.

More Power to Us
There's a new consumers' union, Consumentenbelangen. The web site is both in Dutch and Papiamentu, oops, wèpsait of course. Looks good, set up by the lady who started suing UTS/Flow last year; no sissy, she. Maybe we can make a real fist. Membership 50 guilders/year. Check it out.

That's Rich
New political party KUMUN, who want us to become a Dutch province, started repairing potholes on their own. Which is a welcome new variant of a fine old tradition, the election road, where people were treated on new roads by politicians hoping for votes; at our costs of course.
But sinister Jesus-Leito made KUMUN stop. She said only DOW public works is authorized to repair roads, and you can follow her feelings. Would be a nice mess if it became a trend: how could sinisters and spoiled brats get their bribes from contractors?

Spend Not, Waste Not
An agreement has been signed to study in a "living lab", what's the prevailing term again? oh yeah, sustainable energy, on Curaçao: ten years from now we're supposed to play a spearheading role in that realm. And in twenty years we're gonna export energy! Imagine.
What exactly is a living lab? you might well ask. Wiki explains it's "a research concept, which may be defined as a user-centered, iterative, open-innovation ecosystem, often operating in a territorial context, integrating concurrent research and innovation processes within a public-private-people partnership." Clear now?

She Must Be Kidding
Former education minister Alcalá-Wallé has filed complaints against Parliament head Paulette and secretary Ascension, for having forced her to commit fraud.
How? I couldn't say.

Only 1%
There is actually something being done about spoiled brats where something's wrong with. Only 215 total? In fact, 134 cases are 'disciplinary', whatever that's supposed to mean. 33 are still in the works and 7 have died before the thing was done.
'Only' 1% of all spoiled brats is sitting at home while getting paid.

Goodbye, Cinelandia?
Looks like it, but not so fast. The old monumental landmark, still distinctive in Punda, must be torn down. Says sinister Jesus-Leito; but that's just what she says. The judge 'recently' said otherwise; and first, a demolition permit has to be issued—and published.
It will leave downtown with a big empty space, just like when Brionplein's West-End was demolished.
Cinelandia's name was taken from a Rio de Janeiro theater. It was the first cinema here showing, way back when, CinemaScope movies, for which they installed a giant screen covering the wall holding the old proscenium. When I first walked into the Rotterdam Cinerama theater later I thought "is that all?"

Oh, that Virus
10 new cases on Thursday, no further developments. 8 more on Friday.

Tiresome Games
Once again, there's no quorum in Staten/parliament because the opposition does not want a new member to be accepted. This despite the fact that last time, they were forced by court to participate; and, no doubt that will happen again.
Just costing us money.

As far as I've seen, down here I saw the first allusion to the notorious Berlin Reichstagbrand, and allow me to say I'm rather proud I was the first one to see it. Next was Pamela Geller, unstoppable fighter against the dark forces of fascism. Now a week later, I notice that perception is, gradually, taking hold elsewhere; not exactly to my joy, believe me.

Look at It this Way
The goat keepers on Bonaire complain that it's almost impossible to continue that vegetation-denuding activity. Too many get stolen. That's progress for you! The same thing happened during the last 40 years on Curaçao and the result is, people who've been away for a while hardly recognize the island: it's so green!
Now for the donkeys. Those sentimental Dutch even send money to buy them feed.

Oh Wow!
Everybody gets a free red pencil with the coming elections. Because of the Virus. Is gonna cost 965,500 guilders, over half on top of the regular 1.9 million budget.
You think that's a lot, for (2017) 120,430 voters: 8 guilders/pencil! and so do I. But it's also to pay rent for 10 extra voting locations.

And Up Again!
19 new Virus cases. 5 in hospital, 4 in ICU.

HIV/AIDS Prevention Down the Drain
Because of the Virus, there's hardly any interest for that part of the population any more: there are 2100 of them on the island. 2018 registered ones, that is.
But the sinister, Jesus-Leito, says the government has no money.
A worker at GGD once told me how much AID medicines cost per case per month. I've forgotten the exact amount, but it was downright frightening: higher than the minimum wage; much higher.

Crooked Cops
Six have been made inactive and had to hand in their uniforms and weapons, because they stole confiscated goods. Among which drugs. You think, maybe?

ABC Bus on Strike
This has going on for a couple of days already. The large konvoois' drivers protest against getting 1.7 million subsidy/year less. They have a point; on the other hand, everywhere else I come you pay much more for a ride. Which doesn't take away from the fact it's a hardship when you have to get around on minimum wage.
Update: they'll get (how much?) more subsidy and ticket price will go up with 30 cents, from 1.70 to 2 guilders (US$1.10).

Would That Help?
Several politicians have asked questions about the fact that Aqualectra utility doesn't have a technical director. Sure, why not hire one? We'll pay his salary—if not gladly.
But if it will help against future black-outs is another question.

Permit My Sarcasm
Finally, after having been in the works since 2011, the concept law for a "Small Claim Court" has been sent to Staten/Parliament. It's meant for consumers who have a problem with a supplier, up to 10,000 guilders. If, eventually, you want to go to court you'll "only" have to pay 50 guilders before they look at it.

That's Better
5 new Virus Cases, 7 in hospital, 4 in ICU.
CASHA apartment owners club complains that bookings have gone down by 100%. Tourists don't want to travel ("shame"), resent being tested/quarantined on return home, and want to drink alcohol. Well, except for the last item which has been solved already, what do you want our government to do about it? Whiners.

No Road Money
Roads are getting worse and worse. Potholes so deep, you fall right down to China. The sinister says there's no money; oh, where did it go? Better not ask (besides, we have our suspicions. Strong suspicions). She also says "it can come any moment."

Always Bitchin'
There were 6 new Virus cases; 7 in hospital, 4 in ICU.
Curfew has been eased: now from 23:00-04:00. Restaurants may remain open until 22:00 and serve alcohol. But of course, they're not satisfied yet: they want more. It does get tiresome. Only casinos still may not serve alcohol.
And Randy Neuman's Punda parking monster is running a loss; he says he has a deal with the government that parking tariffs will be the same as in there, 2 guilders an hour; but outside the is only 1/hour. Tough, Randy. Let this be a lesson to you: look out who you make deals with.
Randy must be getting desperate: he came out of hiding after, last time, sending a deputy to whine.

Won't Help One Bit
Dick Drayer writes in KKC how the coming take-over by Corc of the Isla refinery is nothing but an election stunt. Same old business will continue with the same old stench resulting. Take your medicine while pinching your nose.
Court will give a verdict on pollution today. Hold your breath.
As for election stunts, this may backfire. Or it may not.

The Other Side
While M*F*K's Mudbelly wants to forgive all those who didn't pay their taxes, the public ministry has started prosecuting them. Wonder who'll win.

Potholes Explained
20% of all car taxes over last year have not been paid yet. Any street controls have not been done. Because of the Virus, got it?
New license plates? Forget about them for now.

Now That
Klesch Group has not yet started to try and collect money from Isla Refinery after the misfired try to take over. Neither has Isla started a counter-action. Isla claims the costs on its side were much higher.

So Are We
SMOC is worried about the plans to restart the Isla refinery by Corc; there is no guarantee at all that and if, when, the pollution will be reduced. "Gradually"—sure. SMOC's van Leeuwen says transgression of pollution norms, as laid down by court, may not be tolerated; not even temporarily.
Use of asphalt (from that infamous lake) as fuel must stop and replaced by clean fuel; which, SMOC claims, would be only a very small part of total costs.

Week-End Crop
January 9, 23 new Virus cases; January 10, 13. 7 in hospital, 4 in ICU; total 19 deaths.
It's now legal for the airlines to ask for a negative PCR test before you're permitted to fly to Holland.

45 Fines
For Horekaffers and their clients, for not keeping to the curfew or selling alcohol regardless. (What's, bynow, the good of prohibiting alcohol? you can only ask. Or that curfew...) 21 people in cars got a 1000 guilders fine. Total since X-Mas 273 fines.

For Once...
M*F*K's Mudbelly Cooper comes out with a good idea. Why must oldies pay Health Insurance over their scanty AOW welfare pension? Instead, charge the casinos 9% sales tax. They can afford it.
Now, they pay a big fat Zero.
On the other hand, that same party (again) proposes to let off people who haven't paid their taxes. This unholy satanic proposal is nothing but a smack with a dead fish in the faces of those who did pay.

Sunday of Suspense
Tomorrow, Aqualectra will work on their is-dissa-system and try to fix it. So be prepared: collect water, charge your batteries and buy some candles. Hit worst will be those in Band'ariba, to the East. At least, that's what Aqualectra says so it's probably the other way 'round. Also, who knows how long it will take?

Good Question
Newspaper Amigoe asks, as the end note of an article on the financial mess around CMC/new hospital (I'll spare you the details; you know it's bad) if we need a restructure of the health care. Yes, and I have several suggestions.
Amigoe also wonders if those responsible will be prosecuted. I can give you the answer to that as well: "No."

Look Who's Talking
Several MPs participating in the Ipko conference emphasize that they have to give a good example.
Don't make me laugh, please? It hurts.

Oh Really?
Preferred bidder Corc wants a "gradual improvement" of the refinery's environmental conditions. Now that is so vague, fill out how you like to—or don't like, more to the point.
Crude is supposed to come from Brazil, Nigeria and Russia. Operations will be in cooperation with "one of the largest oil concerns in the world" and Unido, United Nations Development Organization.
Keep in mind that Corc is described by KKC as being led by one of the greatest money launderers in the world, mr. Elias.

17 New Cases
9 in hospital, 4 in ICU.

One Word, One Year, One Place
Reichstagbrand, 1933, Berlin.
Blamed on Dutchman Marinus van der Lubbe by the Nazis, who used it to grab power.
Washington yesterday may have been a repeat performance. Deplorable, yes.
Read Erich Kästner. Please.

I'll Wait Patiently
The government has started up 20 new projects, part of the "action plan". No cracks please.

27 New Virus Cases
Out of 707 tests; 8 in hospital, 3 in ICU. Total death count 18. 29 fines.
But there has been less crime because of the Virus last year. Only 13 murders, lowest in 17 years; 8 resolved same year. Still pretty high. Atrakos went down from 407 to 270 to. Car burglaries down by 61%; less tourists! But domestic violence up from 120 to 190 cases. Figures, with the lockdown? but growth started in 2018.

Come Off It
The IPKO conference on independence between parliamentary reps of Curaçao, Aruba, St. Maarten and last but certainly not least the Netherlands has started, on Aruba. The Dutch were slightly irritated, we read. Small wonder. Here, parties are planning to enter next elections on the premise of becoming a Dutch province, but the conference soreheads keep whining. About colonialism, what else?

Not Only Then
In the process for building the new CMC hospital the Parliament budget rights have been "hollowed out". True enough, but only further: that has been going on ever since the Statuut was adopted, and it's their own fault; they're all complicit.

There's now a 20,000 guilders/€10,000 reward for info on the thieves of all those drugs stolen out of a police station. They say they know who did it, just want more proof. "To conclude the investigation." Oh yeah? Last thing we were told, there was no progress.
Do you believe that? If so, call or WhatsApp on +5999 521 3865. Or anonymously +5999 679 2896
First, we were told it was 500 kilos worth, but now 600.

36 New Cases
Virus, yes. That's 5% of those tested. 9 in hospital, 3 in ICU; now 17 have died. 2 businesses have been closed by the cops; 10 fines.
But here's the good news; or is it? Mandatory quarantine for Curaçao arrivals has been lifted; and passengers from high-risk countries like Holland or the USA don't have to ask for permission to come in. They do need a negative PCR-test not older than 3 days.

Don't Let the Door Hit Your A$$
... on your way out. Or, good riddance. M*F*K Quackie Constancia has finally left parliament. Now for jail! But she plum forgot to tell her party about it.

Big Bible Deal
For Aruba, the bible has been translated into Papiamentu, using the Paratext program. One good advice is, stay away from it: "It's full of language and writing mistakes. That stands in the way of reading." Despite extra advice from 'experts'.
Why bother, anyway.

That Virus...
19 new cases out of 472 tests; pretty good, that. 9 in hospital, 4 in ICU.
But in Aruba, where tourists are as welcome as ever but curfew has been re-introcuced, there are about 100. Now that quarantine has been stopped here, wait and hold your breath.
Next elections will cost 3 million instead of the budgeted 2 million. It's a start... Because of the Virus there will be 10 extra voting places and we'll have twice as much time to go and vote..

Preferred Refinery Bidder
Turns out to be Corc, as expected. Final agreements should be signed first of March. God help us: Corc has made deals with Brazil and China; yes, China! But nothing is final.

Do Tell
Aqualectra can't guarantee no more black-outs will follow.
Is what we all figured, anyway.
They say they were lucky to have another black-out as (are you ready) it enabled them to look for the cause(s). Well, we don't feel so lucky at all. Supervisor BTP (Telegraph/Post) is "powerless" because of obsolete laws. Is what we all figured, too.

Yes, But
Amigoe newspaper asks what's with the urgent measures to restore the economy, which were supposed to have started "at once" two months ago. Since then, nothing much. "Nos ta bezig kun'e" [we're working on it].

Virus News
6 new cases yesterday out of 201 tests. 16 deaths; 9 in hospital of which for in ICU.
To celebrate, all USA tourists are welcome again! TUI expects 80% of "normal" flights this year.
20 fines, mostly for curfew and alcohol.

Good Work, As Usual
After we got the news that we'll all get new Sédula IDs, we're now told that the old ones will remain valid for 7 months after expiration date. There's no personnel to work on them.
Same for driving licenses.

They Did It—Again!
Aqualectra "Utility" gave up all over at 14:15 and came back here at 18:30, give or take. The very same afternoon they sent out a message that they were doing what they could to avoid this. Also, no water.
I'm afraid they can't do very much. Director Jonis declared yesterday that the investigation into the causes had been finished and "measures have been taken".
900 people have signed a petition asking for reliable electricity supply. Too bad they go on about the superstition of sun and wind energy.

2:5, 3: 23
Virus cases. 9 in hospital, 5 in ICU. 16 deaths (2 new), 34 fines.

CBCS central bank expects a positive growth, or is that negative shrink? of 4.5% next year. Depends on the "political uncertainties" because of the coming elections. Plus they wonder about the Virus and the refinery.
So why bother predicting nonsensical figures at all?
But take heart, PAR PM Bhillenaath is optimistic as well. On the other hand, he's always wrong; so... And in case you hadn't noticed, our purchasing power went down last year.

That We'd All Noticed
Of the 28 million vehicle tax estimated next year, 16.8 will be used for road maintenance.
Don't think that only works for vehicle tax.

Here We Go Again. Happy New Year!

He Maybe, But We?
Finance sinister Gijs & Bertha is "proud and satisfied" with the prompt acceptance of his crummy 2021 budget by parliament. No worries, Gijs & Bertha, you won't be around by the end of the year. Fair guess.

30 More
Virus cases; that's over 12.5% of those tested. 13 in hospital, 5 in ICU. 16 deaths up to now. .
Total infections last year 4260. That's all for today, folks
The info I get is rather, umn, contradictory. Sorry!

Just for the Hell of It
I checked how large all these year files are, Kb-wise. Except for the first few years when my mind really wasn't at it yet, the trends are obvious:
2003 - 14.4; 2004 - 59.3; 2005 - 72.4; 2006 - 180; 2007 - 166; 2008 - 239; 2009 - 177; 2010 - 199; 2011 - 301; 2012 - 643; 2013 - 475; 2014 - 449; 2015 - 504; 2016 - 704; 2017 - 597; 2018 - 434; 2019 - 503; 2021 - 857
Mark how the figures more than double after 10-10-10: and just keep growing.

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